KPOA Board & General Info

Kenmure COVID-19 Alerts 10 16 2020

The Kenmure Property Owner’s Association (KPOA) was formed in 2002 under the provisions of North Carolina statute 47F, Planned Community Act. Under that Act, if 67% of the property owner’s in a development cast an affirmative vote, a property owner’s association may be formed. Property owners are automatically members of the organization once they purchase real estate in Kenmure and can terminate that membership only by selling all real estate owned in the development.

The mission of the Kenmure Property Owners Association is to enhance the Kenmure residential community under the leadership of an elected Board of Directors. The Association is organized to fund and provide essential services and is guided by respect among members, high regard for its volunteers and interest in the ongoing development of Kenmure as a premier place to live.

— Provide essential services to the development such as road maintenance, security, trash removal, and others as appropriate

— Oversee programs to enhance property values such as architectural review, beautification, etc.

— Manage common elements such as the roads, entry gates, and Rail Pen Gap Park.

— Provide an umbrella for community organizations to function such as Welcoming Committee, Emergency Management, and Kenmure Newcomers & Neighbors and others.

The current Board of Directors and Officers are: