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Haywood Appliance – For those who have despaired after dealing with the big chains who sell appliances, I recommend going to Haywood Appliances, 1378 Hendersonville Road, Asheville.  They will tell you the promised delivery dates of all major manufacturers, and will stay in touch once you have ordered to let you know when the product has actually shipped, and set a delivery date.  Pre-covid service. We dealt with Joe Barber, a service oriented salesman  –  828-417-9650 who was honest with us about supply chain issues.  Delivery was on time, down to the hour. Price was slightly less than Home Depot and Lowes.    Pat Bissonnet and Stan Christman  Posted 10/8/2021

Appliance Repair

Blue Ridge Appliance and Hearth    –   Recently my LG refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling.  I called LG to report the problem and they suggested Blue Ridge Appliance as an authorized repair service.  I called Blue Ridge and described the problem and we set up an appointment.  During the initial call I was told I would be charged $128 initially and over $2.00 per minute after the first 30 minutes.  I agreed.  The repairman and helper showed up at 9:40 am.  They pulled the refrigerator out and the repairman placed his hand on the lower section of the frig.  He said, “not good news!  The problem is with the sealed system and we don’t work on sealed systems.”  What????  That is what a refrigerator is—-a sealed system:  compressor, evaporator, condenser.  I pushed back to no avail.  I called Blue Ridge and complained and was told Mike would call me back.  No call! The repairman was in my home 15 minutes. I was charged $128.10.  Never again!!  BEWARE!   Jim Heavner   Posted 10/9/2023

Mountain Appliance Services – Our refrigerator was leaking water on the floor the defroster function was no longer working and we were convinced we had to spend $3,000 for a replacement.  Jamie Thompson, the owner of Mountain Appliance Dervices, fixed the problem for $153, so we can’t possibly say nough nice things about hid excellent service.  WE had to leave a message for them.  Jamie was the only one of four who actually called back.  He e showed up when he said he would, he called before he came, and he had the problem fixed in less time than he expected.  Jamie is the kind of person you”ll enjoy meeting either way, but his experience with appliances makes it obvious that he knows what he is doing.  Call Jamie at 828-595-5879.  Offers 10% military discounts.  Dave Ascani   Posted  5/26/2023  

Mr. Appliance – Our dryer had no heat, so I called Mr. Appliance after reading these reviews. I chose them because they were noted to have excellent communication with clients. They not only confirmed a time, they sent the name  and picture of the technician. They even texted when the repairman was on his way.  I called on Monday and Kyle arrived during the specified 2 hour window on  Tuesday. He was very forthcoming about repair versus replace, indicating that newer dryers are not as well made as the Maytag that came with our house. He made an appointment to install the needed part the following Monday.  The part was delivered to us on Thursday, and the company contacted us on Friday morning to install it if we were available. Once again, Kyle arrived during the agreed upon time, was efficient in his work,  and even took the debris with him.   I highly recommend Mr. Appliance, 828-333-9339  Susan Kasper   Posted 3/4/2022

AS Appliance Repairs – I called 828-385-8649 to have the door gasket replaced in my front loading washing machine. They were backed up about a week, so we the appointment. They ordered the part in advance, then arrived on time with a call before and a reminder text the day before. Brennan did a very good job and took his time with the replacement and checked all other parts while he had the machine apart. He alerted me to watch a couple of things.  He worked very hard to eliminate a squeak that occurred with the new gasket and explained that there was still a minor squeak that would work itself out. Running a load now and so far no squeak. He also checked a noise in my dryer and was able to diagnose. My total bill was $370 with parts and I thought that was reasonable at this time.   I am very pleased with the service and will definitely use them again!    Amy Scholz   Posted 10/19/2021

Mountain Appliance Service   –   on Duncan Hill Road  Call  828-513-1400

– They Know what they are doing and if they are not sure, they promise to get back to you.
– They are Clean and Respectful.
– They Keep their appointments as scheduled and call before they arrive.-
– They are LOCAL.
– They are FAIR and do NOT overcharge.    Joan Kinney   Posted 6/11/2021

Pearl Appliance –  Excellent service, very reliable.  They show up on time, priced reasonably and are respectful and careful with the property.  828-697-0350  –  Ruth Klug – Posted 4/24/2021

Mr. Appliance –  Today is November 30, 2020. I just got off the phone with Blue Ridge appliance as we need someone to look at our icemaker which no longer functions. The person taking the call was somewhat indifferent and seemed confused. First available appointment was 12/9/2020. She said they currently have only one technician making calls. I took that appointment for insurance purposes.  So… looking at the link for Homeowner Services I found a recommendation for Mr. Appliance. The person taking my call was very professional and efficient. They use e-mail and text messaging to communicate with customers. We got an appointment for 12/2/20. They send out an e-mail the day before the scheduled appointment to confirm and offer a window of time within which the service call will take place.. They charge $99 (?) for the diagnostic service call. If the customer then schedules the actual repair with Mr. Appliance the diagnostic fee of $99 is waived and applied to the cost of the actual repair. They will only give a service call time of day to clients who schedule “first call” for the day. No “first call” openings were available anytime soon. This strategy enables them to organize the calls efficiently. Very impressed so far. I will update following the diagnostic visit.  Update We had our initial Mr. Appliance visit from a very polite/efficient service tech. The e-mail and text message that preceded his arrival had his photograph and bio so we knew who he was when he showed up at our door right on time. He spent some time examining our deathly silent ice maker before concluding it was, as a legal instructor once described, “Deader than Kelsey’s nuts.” He then initiated the process to have the new ice maker sent directly to our house and made a follow-up appointment for installation of that unit. I received e-mail confirmation of all of that. The ice maker arrived the other day and our scheduled service call is for tomorrow (12/8).  Then the miracle happened – the existing ice maker kicked into life and began producing cubes once again. If we were dealing with a competitor like Blue Ridge Appliance I’m sure they would have had us ship the new ice maker back. But that didn’t happen because the earliest date Blue Ridge could even give us for the initial service call is still a week away as I type this. So, Mr. Appliance has said they’ll keep my service call date and use it to pick up the newly delivered ice maker. They will then ship it back to their supplier and credit our account.  We’ll still pay their service fee of some $90 but we’re happy to do that after the professional manner in which this was handled.

Mr. Appliance’s strong points are many. To list only a few:

  • Speedy, efficient service
  • Communicating by text message and e-mail (no annoying conversations with a disinterested scheduler)
  • Continually keeping the customer informed

We heartily recommend Mr. Appliance…. Even though they’ve yet to do any work for us!  Harlan Frymire   Posted 12/10/2020


Auto Mobile Detailing

Parker Gooding of Final Touch Auto Detailing at 815 Mt Airy St, Hendersonville,  phone  828 708-9114.  He does an excellent job inside and out.  He is a young local man that takes pride in his work.  He will pick up and drop off. I have used him on both cars for several years.    Rob Wright   Posted 1/16/2024

Auto Services & Dealers

Bath Remodeling

Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor – Leslie and I can’t say enough or add more recommendations than what is already posted on the website. Jack, Chris, and Nick are very professional and work efficiently to complete their work on a timely basis.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   Jacks number: (828) 243-5587  or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.   Posted 10/1/2023

Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor   –  Jack is contractor that my wife and I highly recommend for any bath remodeling job.  He has kept our 30 yr plus old home’s baths updated and functioning well.  Jack will inspect your bath area, tell you what you need (perhaps even talk you out of unnecessary “wants”) and give you a written quote on what it will cost you (at least, until your spouse starts making revisions).  Be it a big or little job, Jack and his assistant, Chris, will professionally complete your project in a timely manner and leave you with a smile on your face.  Jack lives here in Kenmure and can be reached on his cell (828-243-5587) or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.  Highly recommended by Sylvia (252-521-0968) and George Tennille (252-521-0136).    Posted 1/19/2022

Building and Remodeling

JWW Builders, LLC   –   We had the great pleasure of working with James Wilson, owner of JWW Builders LLC, on several projects this summer. He did a fabulous job converting our screen porch into a sunroom so that we can use it year-round, replacing leaking skylights, and installing a new front door. Not only does James have a wealth of knowledge and do excellent work – he is honest, reliable and committed to making his customers happy. We highly recommend James. James can be reached at  828-388-1338   Carol & Jack Spencer  Posted 10/23/2023

Classic Builders of Hendersonville  –  Stewart Nicholson, recently completed the remodeling of our master bathroom, guest bathroom, and lower level food pantry.  Our master bath work included significant enlargement of the existing shower as well as replacement of a garden tub with a free standing soaking tub. The lower level work included finishing drywall, painting, installation of a drop ceiling and floor finishing.  Stewart is very professional at all times and cost conscious.  He and his sub contractors competed our job with excellent communication as work progressed.  Call Classic Home Builders of Hendersonville at  828-329-6390   Ned and Carmen Curtis  Posted 7/3/2023

Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor   –  Jack is contractor that my wife and I highly recommend for any home remodeling job.  He has kept our 30 yr plus old home updated, more livable and functioning well.  Jack will inspect your project, tell you what you need (perhaps even talk you out of unnecessary “wants”) and give you a written quote on what it will cost you (until your spouse starts making revisions).  Be it a big or little job, Jack and his assistant, Chris, will professionally complete your project in a timely manner and leave you with a smile on your face.  Jack lives here in Kenmure and can be reached on his cell (828-243-5587) or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.  Highly recommended by Sylvia (252-521-0968) and George Tennille (252-521-0136).  Call us if you want more specifics on Jack’s work on our updated deck, screen porch repairs, house repainting, basement gardening area addition, wood floors installation, roof leaks and the list goes on.   Posted 1/19/2022

Construction Specialties Design Builders, Inc.  Terry Baker/Anice Pryor.  Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Cabinet Refinishing

NHance  –  We would like to second and update the endorsements of Nick  Weedman and Bryan Wesselink for the work performed by NHance.  They were easy to schedule, provided a good estimate, were on time, performed the extensive work in two days, and our cherry cabinets look new.  They also performed some repairs and upgrades.  As the plus, the crew (supervised by Tom Terrana) are friendly and engaging.  They cleaned up after all of their work.  Tom Terrana at 262-893-1065 or tom@nhancingcabinets.com.   Greg Newbold   Posted 8/9/2023

NHance  –  We recently had kitchen cabinets in a rental condo refinished and the company did an outstanding job. The condo is 30-years old and while the cabinets were sound structurally, they were looking worn and dated. Either television ad or an internet search put us in touch with NHance. The project took the best part of a week but the time was well worth it.  The team removed doors and took them to their shop where two coats of paint were applied as well as a clear seal coat. The cabinets themselves received the same treatment in place.  We have had other cabinets refinished but the job done by NHance was excellent. The contact person is S. Tom Terrana at   864-558-1000   or email   nhancingcabinets.com   Quality was excellent and the timing of the job fit well with our needs. The firm is highly recommended.  Nick Weedman   Posted 8/20/2020

NHance –  We had kitchen and master bathroom cabinets refaced in our home and NHance did an excellent job with an eye for the details that make their work product pop. The scope of work included removing the old cabinet doors and drawer front faces and replacing them with new, more modern doors and faces, adding soft closures to all drawers, adding various inserts to drawers and cabinets, cleaning and painting the outside and insides of all cabinets, replacing an old secretary desk in the kitchen with new drawers and a spice cabinet, replacing the crown molding above the kitchen cabinets, and installing new hardware.  The NHance team was professional and their work was of high quality, executed in a timely fashion.  The contact person is Tom Terrana at 262-893-1065 or email tom@nhancingcabinets.com.   Bryan Wesselink   Posted 9/29/2021


Elite Cabinetry   –   Buddy Murphy, Hendersonville  Call me for a review.   David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Cable Services


JWW Builders LLC   –  James Wilson, just replaced the flooring on our back deck with composite material.  He also completely rebuilt the back porch and the front porch with the same composite material.  He removed, fixed, painted and replaced all the hand rails. He also removed, replaced and painted the fascia boards as well as the trim strips around the entire house.  In addition, he installed a missing beam that had caused the right side of the house to slide a couple inches.  On top of all that, he helped with a few items inside the house.  He will return to replace the trim around the chimney and to install new windows that are currently on order.  Everything was done to our complete satisfaction.  We cannot speak more highly of James and his helper, Adam.  They are extremely professional, know their business well, are fair-priced and honest!  How could you ask for more?  James can be reached at   828-388-1338   –  Donna & Jim Jones   115 Founders Drive  djones5001@sbcglobal.net     Posted 8/9/2021

Cole Home Improvements   –   Since we purchased our condo in October 2019 Mark Cole has completed several projects for us, large and small, interior and exterior. He is so much more than a handyman. His carpentry skills are solid; he has a good aesthetic sense; he has a high attention to detail; he works efficiently; and he leaves the job site clean each day and at completion. My husband is an architect and has high expectations for contractors. Mark has met and exceeded those expectations in every way.  Most recently Mark and his crew installed planks on our 15 foot high vaulted ceilings. He started and finished the job as promised during a time when we were not in residence. The result is beautiful and everything we had hoped for. The installation and trim is precise and professional. When we returned to Kenmure there was hardly a sign that three men, two sections of scaffolding, extension ladders, and power tools  had even been here to do the work. No scuff marks, no scratches, no sawdust on walls or floor, just a lovely new ceiling.  We recommend Mark Cole, Cole Home Improvements   828-712-96490  , without reservation   –  Mary Bissey and Neil Strack   Posted 3/1/2021

JWW Builders LLC   –   I had two windows that “spontaneously” shattered in my home.  I checked the assorted Kenmure reviews and saw one written by Emmy Weissman back in 2017.  The review was for JWW Builders LLC owned and operated by James Wilson.  Immediately upon reading her review I knew James Wilson was a man of integrity.  I contacted James and he was excellent in his communication back and forth with me as we tried to find a day to complete the work in which the weather was cooperative with the needed sealing of the windows.  James and his assistant arrived promptly on the decided day and immediately got to work.  James encountered some irregular difficulties with one of the windows due to the original improper installation but he worked through the problems and completed the job professionally and in a very timely manner.  James even determined the installation of the second window was easier than he anticipated and lowered the cost of the job he originally quoted.  James has over thirty years experience in home construction and although it was a window installation for me, he said he primarily handles carpentry.  For me, professionalism, integrity, and quality workmanship is what I look for in hiring someone to work on my home….James is all of that.  His phone number: 828-388-1338  –  John Lucey   Posted 2/25/2021

Carpet – Vacuum

Carpet Installer

Carpet Cleaners

Reed Carpet Cleaning  & Stretching –   Hendersonville based business (828) 220-4660.   Reed is young gentleman that started up his business in late 2021, taught the business by his father.  He re-stretched the carpet in several rooms.  He was going to be delayed and he called me in advance to alert me, this was much appreciated.   We had thought the job would take a few hours but the job was much larger than either of us expected.  Reed stayed about 6 hours to get it done.  His pricing was about 3/4 of two other bids. – Steve Murray  Posted 1/2/2023

HSquared Carpet Cleaning  –  Deserves yet another recommendation.  We called Bryan, he called back, gave us an estimate over the phone to clean three bedroom carpets, made an appointment, then Brent came on time and estimate was what we paid.  Nice people, nice work and very tidy.  Bryan is at 828-329-6668.  Sharon Leiman    Z4Sharon@yahoo.com Posted 10/10/2020

Chimney Cleaner

Clock Repair

Computers/Printers/Audio Visual

Beth Engel – iCallTech   –    828-808-2300.  Certified Support Professional for Apple computers.  Beth has been servicing my Apple for 4 years and she is extremely qualified.  She has kept my Apple updated, answers my questions, troubleshoots problems and has resolved all of my issues.  I highly recommend her for all of your Apple products.   Ruth Klug   Posted  7/20/2022



Wayne Foss Construction  –  We highly recommend Wayne Foss Construction, who is a highly skilled General Contractor. Wayne and his crew tore out our old, rotting cedar deck, and replaced it with Trex. They also replaced the rotted wooden posts which held up the roof portion over part of the deck. They also screened the area under that covered portion, including adding a screen door. They also completely rebuilt a set of stairs leading from the backyard up to the deck. Although Wayne specializes in decks, he also does general carpentry. Wayne provided us with a written estimate that was reasonably priced within two weeks of his visit – just as he said he would. Wayne was very responsive during the entire process, offering ideas and suggestions that were innovative and even helped save us some money as well. He and his crew always showed up on time, were respectful and took great pride in their work. We now have a beautiful new Trex deck with cable railings. Wayne’s contact info is cell   320-293-1109, office   828-595-2958.     Woolsey Johnson    Posted 8/17/2023

Driveway Paving & Sealing

Hardscapes Unlimited   –  I debated on options regarding my still in semi decent condition 30-year old asphalt driveway and obtained quotes from contractors: continuing to seal it every 2 to 3 years, replace it with asphalt or pavers.  Finally I chose paver driveway and couldn’t be happier.  Hardscapes Unlimited was recommended by my colleague who lives in Cliffs Valley.   I drove around Kenmure looking and talking to neighbors who have paver driveways, several stated a different contractor, turns out Hardscapes Unlimited was the subcontractor that did the actual work.  David Byrnes/Hardscapes Unlimited is a straight shooter and knows his stuff.  He will help you choose the right pavers for your project.  He is based in Greenville, SC.  Hardscapes Unlimited has been in business since 2008 serving North and South Carolina and beyond.  His crews’ expert work can be seen in all high end communities such as all Cliffs communities and Kenmure.  David’s crew did an outstanding job.  My very long driveway includes a new 15″ culvert drain pipe (replacing the a bit rusty metal pipe) and a commercial grade channel drain (now required by Road Maintenance due to my long sloping driveway even though I never had water runoff issues).  The crew did an excellent job cleaning up when the job is completed.  Paver driveway is expensive but is much more durable and attractive than asphalt or concrete.  The result is worth every penny.  Now I don’t need to worry about heavy truck leaving a dent in the asphalt when the temperature is high outside or having to reseal asphalt every few years (it was a pain, the sealing contractor listed on Homeowner Services never bothered to return my calls, the guys who sealed my driveway 4 years ago now charge double).  Call David Byrnes (864) 616-0161 for your outdoor hardscapes needs and you will be happy with the result.   Vivian Adams   Posted  10/11/2023

S& J Paving –   Scott Ronson (owner) and his crew recently completed a patch and sealing job on my driveway.  The project consisted of approximately 30 sq. ft. of cut-out and replace asphalt, 345 lineal feet of crack filling, and 618 sq. yds. of spray on seal coat.  The job was completed as scheduled and at the estimated price.  Not only did they do an excellent job, the entire team was very professional and responsive from the initial quote through project completion.  Breanna Rogers (864.814.8743) of S&J was my initial contact.  She initially surveyed the project, did the pricing estimate, scheduled the work date, and follow up.  Terry Stein   –  Posted 5/1/2022

S&J Asphalt Paving Co., LLC–   Just had our driveway sealed by them. It was way overdue! They did an excellent job at a fair price. Communications with us were outstanding, kept us informed of scheduling and any weather issues  –   833-200-7105  –  Margot Eld  –  Posted 10/8/2020


Proimpact –   Daniel Villa from ProImpact did the drywall work in our recent remodeling project and we found him to be conscientious and reliable, and his work to be of good quality.  He had many seams and intersections to cover and make disappear when painted and he did a very nice job!  His company also advertises for painting, pressure washing, tile, wood work, and cleaning services, but our only experience was with his drywall work, and we were very pleased. Daniel can be reached at 828-458-7146 or proimpact84@yahoo.com   Flora Hobson 864-554-1101   Posted 7/2/2021

Elder Care Assistance

Mary S. Moody   –   I am recommending Mary Moody to anyone in Kenmure who is needing elder care assistance.  Mary helped me care for my husband for a little over a year, until he passed away in November.  I do not know what I would have done without her.  Mary has 25 years experience in home health care and she has extensive experience with Alzheimer’s/dementia patients. Her hours are flexible according to the needs of the patient and the family.  Mary is also available for house sitting and pet care; she is currently taking care of my two cats while I am out of town.  I trust her implicitly.  For further information, my number is 828-674-0996; Mary’s direct number is 828-674-7845.  I highly recommend her.   Carol Kemper   Posted 12/29/2023


Hannah Electrical Contractors –   I had a job to install several 3-way light switches in our home.  New switch locations were to be created, and this required attic access to snake wires through existing walls.  There were several new and different wall locations involved.  Greg Alexander and his helper accomplished this job neatly and in a very professional way.   No painting touch up needed.  I also had a large chandelier to be installed on a high (20 foot plus) ceiling.  Using scaffolds, Greg and his helpers finished the job perfectly.  I would not hesitate to contact Hannah Electric for any future electrical needs.     Greg’s cell phone 828-606-4163.   Paul Kriz   Posted 7/21/2020


Fireplace & Inspections

Chimney Solutions and More   –  Owner – Bob Kaufman.  Bob came out and inspected our gas fireplace both interior and exterior.  We were able to make an appointment with him within a week.  He was prompt, professional and less expensive than other businesses that we called.  You can reach Bob at 828-243-6331  Gayle and Jay Schwarz   Posted 5/10/2024

Blue Ridge Appliances    –   We haven’t always had success with Blue Ridge Appliances, but after failing with four other gas fireplace technicians, I called them.  The appointment was easy to set up, the wait for a service day was not long, and the rep was on time.   Zack is experienced, smart, and he quickly identified the problem and solution.   Call   828-693-1832    Greg Newbold   Posted 11/10/2023

Flue Fighters, LLC  –   Veteran owned by Ben Seidman.  He was recently featured in the Kenmure magazine.  He is fully licensed and insured. I called and set up an appointment with him to inspect the chimney and give me a quote on painting two fireplaces. He kept me informed on when he would arrive, answered all my questions and explained what he found in his inspection report.  He also cleans dryer ducts.  Price is very reasonable.  I will have him back to paint the two fireplaces and perform the annual service on them.  Call for Ben at 828-337-7444,   website   www.flue-fighters.com.    Robert Wright  Posted 9-1/2023

Mark Anderson   –   We purchased gas logs from PSNC when we moved to Kenmure in 2015.  When our pilot light wouldn’t stay lit we were recently dismayed to learn that they no longer provide service.  Etowah Fireplace put us in touch with Mark Anderson.  He was great.  He was prompt and friendly.  He serviced the logs and cleared the fouled pilot light in short order.  We highly recommend Him.  If you are interested, please TEXT Mark at 828-707-8290.  The folks at Etowah Fireplace were adamant in his preference to communicate via text.  He performs service calls during the day and responds to text requests in the evening.  It is more efficient for him.    Jim Herrmann   Posted 1/21/2023

Biltmore Hearth and Home–   Based on another homeowner’s recommendation we called Biltmore Hearth & Home 828-891-5200 (AKA Hearth Tech) to correct some of the mess left by the non responsive GC and “Designer” who had been remodeling? our home.   The serviceman came on time and cleaned parts and controls (of the sawdust left throughout our home) that I had thought would need to be replaced.  Reasonable and efficient. Worth punching a bunch of buttons to get a real person     –   David Leiman     Posted 6/14/2021

Biltmore Hearth and Home–   Excellent service. They serviced my gas fireplace and were very professional, on time and respectful of my property.  I now have a service contract with them to service my fireplace once a year.  828-891-5200  –  Ruth Klug  –  Posted 4/28/2021

Flooring Refinishing

Jorge Galindo  –  Very knowledgeable and professional workers. They stripped and refinished oak floors. Please call if you have any questions.  Jorge’s number   828-329-0010  Bill Robins   Posted 10/12/2023

Scott Sheppard Flooring– Has done a lot of flooring work for us and we highly recommend him.  He can re-stretch carpet and he also installs prefinished hardwood and luxury vinyl.  His workmanship is very good and his prices are very reasonable.  He can be reached at 828 329-0721  Linda Farrell  Posted 9/10/2022

Floor Tile

Tierney Floors –  Owned by Sean Tierney.  We had 20 year old wall to wall carpet removed from our lower level and vinyl plank installed this week.   It not only looks great but the workmanship is excellent.  Sean and JP finished a day earlier than expected, the house is completely put back together and we are delighted with the work!  We chose vinyl plank for its endurance (and 6 grandchildren) – they offer all types of flooring as well.  Call Sean at Tierney 828-989-1436.  Eileen Moore   Posted 6/1/2023

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Chair Caning   –   We recently found Greg Traywick to repair our 1980’s era desk chair with a cane seat that needed to be replaced.  In our case, it was “press in pre woven cane”.  He also does “hand-laced cane, French blind cane, slab rattan & binder cane, hickory bark, Danish cord and fiber rush & splint”,  Greg was recently featured in “Our State” magazine.  He is located in Shelby, NC.  We emailed him pictures and he replied with a quote.  Dropped off the chair (a 1-hour drive).  The chair was ready for pick up in 2 weeks. Totally pleased with the result.    Business name is Greg Traywick, Be Seated, 704-472-4657,  gregorybtraywick@gmail.com     Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland   Posted   2/26/2024


Miller’s Furniture Restoration   –   Craig Miller refinished 4 new chairs for us to match our existing furniture.  He did a great job on the colors and the finish.  We would gladly recommend him.  He’s at 828-329-9113  Doug & Suzanne Moe   Posted 9/7/2023

Miller’s Furniture Restoration   –   Craig Miller’s shop is off Highway 25 North in the Mountain Home area.  He did a beautiful job of refinishing a walnut table that belonged to John’s parents.  He understands the proper process of steps involved in removing blemishes, dents, etc.  He delivered it to us with a helper so we had to do no lifting. He has a listing on Google under Miller’s Furniture Restoration where one can read other good reviews.  Telephone    828-329-9113     If you need to leave a message, he returns calls promptly  –  Donna and John Crawford  –  Posted 5/3/2021

Garage Door Repair

Magnolia Garage Door  – Justin Knowles – Justin originally installed a new Garage Door opener for us last year with great service and competitive pricing. Recently we had an issue with the motor operating sporadically and then it failed. Rather than just refer us to the manufacturer which by rights he could have easily done, he came back out here to address it. Short story, he interfaced with the manufacturer and replaced the motor with a very nominal labor charge. Justin is an independent contractor who is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and of the utmost integrity. He has been installing garage doors and openers for 20 years. Highly recommended. Justin’s cell phone is 828-989-7991. Chris Sealy and Jean Crosson.

Superior Garage Door   On a Monday morning our garage door would not open due to a broken spring.  I called Hendersonville Door.  I was asked about the height, width and construction of the door.  They told me the door was very heavy and springs were quite expensive and quoted $525 for a pair, installed.  I called Superior Door and talked with Avery.  He asked the same questions and quoted $325 for a pair, installed.  He and his partner (dad) Jimmy were available later that day and we booked him.  We had a friend at our home who had a doctors appointment later that afternoon.  The person who was going to provide a ride had a conflict and backed out.  I texted Avery, explained the situation and asked if he had an estimate on when the would arrive.  A few minutes later he texted back that he could juggle his appointment and be there in a half hour.  They got the springs replaced promptly.  We got our car out, got our friend to the doctor and everyone was happy.  Especially us as we had a functioning door for $200 less than the other quote.  828-243-9747  Dave & Julie Johnson   Posted 11/1/2023

Superior Garage Door  –  Avery is a young man that knows his stuff when it comes to garage doors.  Call him at 828-243-9747   John Ely    Posted 7/4/2023

Garage Floor Refinishing

IronDrive Quality Garage Floor Coating  –   They use a two-coat epoxy process with color ‘sprinkles’ between the coats.  Their first step is to grind off about 1/32 inch of concrete to insure a good bond with the epoxy.  They use the biggest ‘floor sander’ I had ever seen, with a diamond grinder.  It is propane fueled with a big external filter to capture the concrete dust.  After the first epoxy coat, colored sprinkles are applied.  There are five color choices shown on their website https://irondrivegaragefloors.com/, or call Don Wilson 864-417-0997    A clear epoxy coat finalizes the job.  We were left with a timetable for:  walking on the floor (after 6 hours), completely closing the garage door (18 hours) and parking cars (48 hours).  The cost was under $4 per square foot.  Our 2-car garage measured 464 square feet.  All work was completed the same day and took about 8 hours.  Don and two sons worked carefully and delivered a beautiful and professional job.  We are delighted with their work.    Dick Roemer    Posted 2/7/2021

Gas Piping

Carolina Gas Piping – We had Jason Cable, 828-577-8166, install new cooktop and fireplace gas lines.  His price was very reasonable, they arrived when promised, worked efficiently, were safety conscious and cleaned up thoroughly.  We highly recommend. – Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer – Posted 9/4/2020


Golf Carts

Matt Custom Carts – I recently needed to replace the batteries in my golf cart.  I wanted to explore the pros and cons of switching to lithium batteries. I was referred to Matt Claudle through the pro shop and reached out to him. Matt was extremely helpful with information and I ultimately decided to switch over to lithium. Matt did a great job in changing the batteries out and installing needed gauges etc. Matt arrived on schedule and completed everything within the projected time frame. I was very impressed with his work ethic throughout the job, he kept everything neat and cleaned up areas in the cart that he did not have to, but chose to do so as he had the areas accessible. I am very happy with the improved performance of the cart with the new lithium batteries. I highly recommend Matt as someone to contact regarding upgrades and upkeep on your golf cart. He will schedule a time and come to you which is a tremendous plus over having to schedule transport to another location. Matt can be reached at : 828-450-4825 Matt@mattscustomcarts.com Website: www.mattscustomcarts.com Bob Bonner Posted 11/18/2022


Gutter Man of WNC LLC  –   I was pleased with the service, price and overall experience of hiring Gutter Man (Nathan = proprietor) to replace all my gutters in April 2022.  He was recommended to me by a neighbor (also had all his gutters replaced) and Nathan met all my expectations.  Good information provided to me as he walked the house while preparing his quote (written quote provided within 24 hours of visit).  Fair pricing.  Nathan runs two or three crews and scheduling depends on weather.  Competent installation crew, they even spent a few minutes and cleaned a skylight on roof when I provided cleaning materials!  During the first rain storm after the gutter installation, I noted an area of gutter that required another splash guard and Nathan happily made a return visit to add the splash guard.   Good company and staff!!    P.O Box 16156, Asheville, NC  28816, (828) 545-2750 –   www.guttermanllc.com     Larry Wesselink   Posted 5/12/2022

Carolina Gutter Helmet–  We had a damaged section of a 28’ run of original Gutter Helmet from the mid-90’s needing repair/replacement.  The product is still great in its original state and even better with today’s version of improvements.  The sales effort by Mr. Shade however, was absolutely horrendous with parallels to the movie “Tin Men” (vinyl siding scams).  After an hour of extolling the virtues of the GH system and much pontification, I had to interrupt him to obtain an actual quote.  Another 10 minutes and finally a quote of $1500 materialized.  Over $50 a LF!   I was incredulous and told him thanks but, no thanks and good day.  But, wait….  Another 15 plus minutes of blather and a phone call to the office, he derived at a “non-warrantied” price of $500, which he said was the minimum to walk on site.  This was closer to what my research had indicated ($20-25 LF, with warranty).  The product is great, the carnival sales process is abysmal.  Don’t accept the first price!   Kerry Shade (sales rep) 828-513-4289 (cell)  866-882-8292 (office)   –  Chris Sealy  –  Posted 12/13/2020


Mark Cole We endorse Mark Cole as a go-to handyman.  He has completed a few small jobs for us and recently replaced part of our upper deck.   The work was begun on schedule and the result was exceptional. We plan to use him in the future as the need arises.  mark.cole7337@gmail.com, 828-712-9649   Bill and Judy McNellie

Mark Cole  –  We hired Mike Cole years ago to do various projects and have called on him ever since to help reduce the “Honey Do” list that for some reason never gets done.  Mark is very handy and can do decks, painting tile caulking — you name it he can help.  Or he can recommend another contractor who can.  Very pleasant to work with.  Highly recommend.  Cole Home Improvement  –  mark.cole7337@gmail.com, 828-712-9649   Peter and Irene Hansen   Posted 7/19/2022

Michael Herbert   –    He inspected my problem, researched options, discussed them and the  prices. We agreed on a plan . And he was never late, worked straight through without bothering our routines. It was a 4 visit project. He gave me pictures before and after with details as to remediation. You couldn’t tell he had been there after his clean up. I couldn’t be more pleased. Very happy with his work. His phone is 352- 817-6665   John Butnin    Posted 7/13/2022

Mark Cole   –   I recently used the services of Mark Cole at 828 712 9649 to carry out several small jobs in my house.  He was more than expected in every way.  He returned calls promptly, was always on time, offered very well-though out suggestions, carried everything out with care and precision, and was always professional throughout.  Call me if you’d like to know the particulars of what he did.  I recommend him without reservation.  Ted Etherington, 692-4492   Posted 6/19/2022

Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor   –  Jack DeLuca is a NC Licensed contractor that my wife “loves” (because I can not fix anything); and, I “just like him a lot” for cleaning up my messes.  He has kept our 30 yr plus old home updated, more livable and functioning well.  Jack will inspect your project, tell you what you need (perhaps even talk you out of unnecessary “wants”) and give you a written quote on what it will cost you (until your spouse starts making revisions).  Be it a big or little job, Jack and his assistant, Chris, will professionally complete your project in a timely manner and leave you with a smile on your face.  Jack lives here in Kenmure and can be reached on his cell (828-243-5587) or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.  Highly recommended by Sylvia (252-521-0968) and George Tennille (252-521-0136).  So far, Jack has been able to fix all those “little” nuisances that afflict older homes plus get back into working order those things I have broken/made worse by trying to DIY (do it yourself).    Posted 1/19/2022

TrueBlue of Hendersonville  –   I found a GREAT resource in Rick James, owner of TrueBlue of Hendersonville.  One of his guys did a great job on a drywall repair in January and Rick and his assistant, Gatlyn just did a terrific job on installing our new wall oven today.  Both times I got a solid estimate, we scheduled an appointment and they were on time and did a very professional job.  Their website details all the jobs they can handle and I recommend them highly. Rick James can be reached Office: 828-595-2289 or his Cell: 828-777-5416  http://www.trubluehousecare.com/hendersonville/      Steve Craine   Posted 12/21/2021

Cole’s Home Improvement  –  We purchased a vacation home in Kenmure this summer.  We needed someone to help us hang mirrors and artwork – and to do several other small projects around our home.  After reading on this website the glowing reviews about Cole’s Home Improvement and Mark Cole, I gave him a call.  Thank goodness I did – we could not have been more pleased!  Mark did a great job – and he is such an accommodating and pleasant person.  We realized that we needed to winterize our home since we will be in Florida, and Mark said he could take care of that as well!  We are so happy to know Mark – and would highly recommend him.  Mark’s cell phone number is 828-712-9649.   Carol & Jack Spencer    Posted 11/23/2021

Paul Johnson   –   763-381-2277.  Paul is on time, comes ready to complete whatever tasks are needed, good communicator and nice person to deal with.  For us, Paul installed wall mount for tv, tv itself, replaced lighting fixtures, replaced outdoor receptacles and a few other jobs.  Paul’s charges are fair.  He volunteered to remove all the packing material (and old tv) for the installed items.  When asked, Paul indicated that he is fully vaccinated against Covid.  He has also done quite a bit of work in Biltmore Park.  He can be reached at the number above, texting initially works well.    Alan Van Ostenbridge   828-698-3599    Posted 8/14/2021

Cole’s Home Improvement –   We have used Mark Cole   828 712 9649   twice this last year and both times he did a fantastic job.  He replaced all the screens on our porch and designed a trim system so we can replace screens from inside when needed.  Recently he hung a new fan on a 12-foot ceiling, hung heavy artwork, and repaired outside trim on our living room fixed glass.  We would highly recommend him for any handyman projects.   Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer      Posted 6/20/21

Anything Goes   –  We have recently had major work done to our upper and lower decks that extend the full length of our house.  Besides replacing wood and siding around leaking sliding glass doors, many deck floor boards, railings and posts were replaced.  Both decks were also caulked where needed, pressure washed and painted.    Anything Goes is owned by Homer Jones.  Homer was easy to deal with and a thoroughly nice person.  He and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job and we will be having them on other projects.  Homer Jones – Cell:  828-777-3122   Email:  homer.heritagefletcher@gmail.com   Larry Price   –  Posted 2/5/2021

TRIPPS RENOVATIONS –   We recently purchased in Kenmure.  The home inspection discovered a substantial leak into our crawlspace.  Tripp Jeter (owner) gave us an estimate for that work as well as building two pantries and putting in a wet bar and icemaker in the kitchen.  Tripp and his entire crew — project manager, carpenters, painters and subcontractors were great to work with.  As it became apparent that the leak was worse than anyone thought, we were kept fully informed about what needed to be done and the cost.  I would definitely recommend Tripp Renovations for any work needed.  Very professional crew and a delight to have around my home.  Tripp Jeter  828-290-8264   Carol & Ed Battocchio   Posted  1/22/2021

Chris Farrell of Christopher David Services   – We’ve used Chris and Ron for several jobs now, and continue to highly recommend them. They’ve installed a front door, finished and painted our basement, and done a number of small exterior jobs. All done at excellent quality and reasonable cost. The things I like best about working with Chris and Ron are the attention to detail and the level of communication. They ALWAYS make sure to talk to us if anything needs to be changed or adjusted or if they encounter any issues, and make sure to get our approval ahead of time. I have complete faith in their abilities and the quality of their work. Please contact Chris at chris@cdsvcs.com or call (828) 707-1173  – Tony and Jhan Dunn –   Posted  11/20/2020

Handyman Services    –   Kevin Boak recently replaced a cartridge in a leaking kitchen faucet that we found impossible to remove.  He arrived expecting a quick job but was tenacious and ended up spending almost two hours because of the difficulty in removing the faucet.  His price for the repair was more than fair and he was professional and congenial.  His business card says Handyman Services but he’s also doing some major renovations and repairs.  Services listed on his card include repairs, installations, trim carpentry, drywall and tile.  I will have no problem calling him back for larger projects.  Kevin Boak   –  828-735-2642  –  Email wkb1265@aol.com Sandy and Jim Woodcock    Posted 10/12/2020


Heating and Air Conditioning

Sensible Heating and Cooling   –   Dustan Foster, former install manager at Horizon Heating and Air, has started his own HVAC business.  Dustan has 24 years of experience in all facets of heating and cooling system installation and service.  He was one of the two team members from Horizon who did an excellent job replacing my HVAC system in 2018.  Please call Dustan, Sensible Heating and Cooling 828-749-1050   If you need a competent HVAC technician.    Vivian Adams   Posted 3/11/2024

Home Caregivers

Home Care Services   –  I used them for my mother when she needed assistance.  They are very professional, prompt.  They were very compassionate and I will use them again.  Contact Laura at 727 512-2442 or 828 838-4515     Rob Wright   Posted 1/16/2024

Home Watch/House Sitting

Caron Costello  – We HIGHLY recommend Caron to sit (reside) with your pet and/or house while you travel. She is extremely conscientious, dependable, thorough, and a natural pet lover located in Flat Rock.  Caron took great care of our pooches and provided us updates with texts and photos, cared for our plants, and left the house clean. She thoughtfully got us milk for our first coffees back home.  Caron is a true Gem. caroncostello@gmail.com  828-243-4046.  Chris Sealy and Jean Crosson.  Posted 12/1/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter keeps an eye on our Kenmure home on a regular basis whenever we’re away. We have peace-of-mind knowing there has been no damage from wind, rain, ice, snow, rodents or insects and that he will quickly find professionals to make repairs or solve any problems that occur.  We highly recommend Peter Cornish.  Call  Phone 610-299-4668     Conrad & Rosalie Daniels    Posted 8/29/2023

Hawkeye Services  – We have used Peter Cornish and Hawkeye Home Watch since we purchased our home in Kenmure.  Hawkeye Home Watch is the ideal solution for part-time residents.  Peter keeps an eye on our home, has met with vendors when necessary and always alerts us about any changes at our home.  Hawkeye Home Watch has been a perfect fit for us.  We recommend Hawkeye Home Watch.  Call  Phone 610-299-4668   Mark Salmanson   Posted 8/28/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter Cornish with Hawkeye Home Watch, has been working with us throughout this year taking e care of our house when we are away. We can always count on him to take care of all of our needs. Like making sure to take out the garbage after we go back south, checking on the house after a storm. We love working with Peter and depend on him for all home needs while we are away. We greatly appreciate Peter Cornish with Hawkeye Home Watch for all your home watch needs. Phone 610-299-4668   Liliana and Ray Liotta  Posted 8/16/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  We have Hawkeye Home Watch, Peter Cornish provides an excellent service. He gives us peace of mind when we are down in South Florida. Peter is a professional, and very responsable. He has always been there to be the watchful eye and always called us immediately whenever there has been an issue with our house.  We highly recommend Hawkeye HomeWatch, Peter Cornish you will be extremely happy with his services! Phone 610-299-4668    Ray and Liliana Liotta  Posted on 8/16/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  We purchased a home in Kenmure 2+ years ago and retained Peter Cornish to make periodic visits to the home during the periods we are not here in order to ensure that all is well. Peter has done an excellent job for us and has been very flexible as to the timing and frequency of his visits. He has let workers into the house when needed and overseen taking delivered items inside at the time of delivery or soon thereafter. In short, we are very pleased with the services Peter has provided for us. Phone 610-299-4668   Carol Spencer   Posted 8/14/2023

Hawkeye Services  – Peter has been overseeing the safety and security of our home since 2020. Peter is trustworthy, scrupulous and swift.  He is truly our eyes and ears when my husband and I are away, or our home is occupied by long-term tenants. Peter consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of him (i.e., cleaning and repairing our grill for tenants, delivering items to tenants, opening the door (and often staying) for service professionals at varying hours of the day, picking up a late package etc.) for yearly routine services and reporting any issues regarding home maintenance needs immediately. When we call to ask for assistance, he always makes himself available. We are completely confident in Peter’s care of our home and its contents. Peter has been a total blessing to our family!  Phone 610-299-4668  Robert and Arlene Saum   Posted 8/7/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter Cornish watched our house for nine months while we were away and did a great job!  Phone 610-299-4668  Peter Faraldo  Posted 8/7/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter Cornish has watched our condo for a couple of years and been very attentive. He is recommended.  Phone 610-299-4668  Ward Litton  Posted 8/6/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter Cornish has watched my property in Kenmure for several years.  He is reliable, through and very helpful.  I recommend him without reservation.  Phone 610-299-4668  Norse Blazzard  Posted 8/4/2023

Hawkeye Services  –  Peter Cornish has taken care of my home for two winters and is very conscientious.  I highly recommended his services.  Phone 610-299-4668   Diane Colvard   Posted 8/4/2023

Hawkeye Services  –   We would like to put in a good word about Peter Cornish.  For the past four years Peter has been watching over our Kenmure house during our absences.  We get regular inspections and also get help when needed to supervise others for such things as storm cleanup and certain repairs both inside and outside the house.  We are pleased to provide a reference.  Phone 610-299-4668  Paula & Frank Szabo  Posted  8/2/2023

Home Winterization


Rosa Ramirez   –   I highly recommend Rosa and her excellent house cleaning services. She has been taking care of our home every two weeks for over a year and is extremely pleasant to work with. She always arrives on time with a big smile, works really hard while she is here, and does a very thorough job. She is happy to do any extra heavy cleaning I request. Also she is flexible about using her cleaning equipment and products or yours. When she leaves, our home is sparkly clean, such a wonderful gift!  If interested in Rosa’s services, she is adding a few more homes to her cleaning schedule. For more information, feel free to contact Rosa directly at 828-595-1406    Barbara Westmorland    Posted 6/24/2022

Shannon Wildermuth   –  I want to recommend Shannon, she is very detailed oriented and takes pride in her work.  Shannon is always on time and dependable.  She cleans our home every other week.  Best house cleaner I’ve ever had and I’m a perfectionist.  Shannon provides her own equipment and her rates are very reasonable.  She can be reached at 1-772-708-6335.  Judy and Bill Ashley   Posted 6/14/2022

Deb Henderson  –  If you need a home cleaner please consider Deb Henderson.  She is a great cleaner, polite, friendly, loves animals and has an amazing gift of being able to organize your home!  I hired Deb when we just moved in to Kenmure.  She not only lined the drawers in my kitchen, but also began to organize the kitchen by work stations.  She has a natural skill for this work and I’ve hired her on occasion to clean out a closet or two.  She is easy going, flexible and manages her time well.  I highly recommend Deb.  If you have any questions, please call me at 571-723-9733.  Deb can be reached at 828-974-1620  or deborahhenderson711@gmail.com   Eileen Moore   Posted 10/14/2021

Carol Bradley Macleod   –   I want to recommend my daughter in-law, Carol Bradley MacLeod for home cleaning.  She has helped me bring my house back to its original lustre (and even painted my kitchen).  She has owned her own cleaning business in Colorado for over 20 years and is an aspiring artist/sculptor looking for extra income.  She lives here in Kenmure with me and has been a godsend.  Carol is reliable, conscientious and has very good references. I would recommend her to anyone in Kenmure.    Carol can be reached at (970) 420-7214; her  email:  carolmacleod517@gmail.com     Ruth MacLeod    Posted 8/30/2021

Deb Henderson   –  Has been our housekeeper for four years.  I cannot speak more highly of her service.  She comes fully equipped with cleaning materials and products that are sensitive to allergies.  She is flexible in work assignments and scheduling.  When I moved in, she completely cleaned the kitchen cupboards, unloaded the dishes and arranged them to my complete satisfaction.  The house is always sparkling clean when she leaves.  Most of all, she has a very pleasant personality, is fair priced and always on time.  Deb can be reached at   828-974-1620  or deborahhenderson711@gmail.com.   Donna Jones   Posted 8/22/2021

Steven Jarvis  –   He recently did a great “move-out” cleaning job for us at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend him when you need a one-time whole-house deep cleaning or a periodic seasonal cleaning.  Probably not interested in weekly assignments but that might be a possibility.  Contact Steven at 828-702-2254   Bob Palmer 828-697-9429   Posted 1/17/2021

Interior Design and Decorator

Interior Design Studio – Anice Pryor.  After seeing other reviews, she was hired almost two years ago as a Designer and GC to remodel our home..  Please call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Kitchen & Bath

E&CC Granite ‘Countertops’ – We had the kitchen, master bath and laundry room countertops replaced. E&CC Granite in Flat Rock is excellent.  They take the time to measure and ask the questions so that there are no surprises. I highly recommend them.  They are in Flat Rock at 815 Mt. Airy Ste Ste 20  Phone is 828 989-1168    Rob Wright   Posted 1/16/2024

Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor   –  Jack is a NC Licensed contractor that my wife and I highly recommend for any kitchen or bath work.  He has kept our 30 year plus old home’s baths updated and functioning well plus modernizing (is that a word) the kitchen that my wife seldom cooks in.  Jack will inspect your problem area, tell you what you need (perhaps even talk you out of unnecessary “wants”) and give you a written quote on what it will cost you (until your spouse starts making revisions).  Be it a big or little job, Jack and his assistant, Chris, will professionally complete your project in a timely manner and leave you with a smile on your face.  Jack lives here in Kenmure and can be reached on his cell (828-243-5587) or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.  Highly recommended by Sylvia (252-521-0968) and George Tennille (252-521-0136).  Call us if you want more specifics. Sylvia loves the bathroom shower update, the new kitchen island cooktop and the “clock” on the new microwave/oven that Jack installed but she seldom cooks in.   Posted 1/19/2022

East Coast Granite –   We recently replaced our kitchen, laundry room, and wet bar countertops (with Quartzite) by East Coast Granite.  They did a quality job, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.  They worked diligently with us as we progressed our design ideas and provided various estimates.  The contact person is Debra Turley at (864) 392-5869 or email debra.turley@yahoo.com.  Bryan Wesselink   Posted 9/29/2021

Seal My Granite   –    Kathleen Nunez for granite , marble and stone countertops.  She was prompt, honest and clear.  She tested and told us we did not need sealing and attempted perform some stain removal for us . Very pleasant Lady   website at    sealmygranite.com   –  John Buntin   Posted 4/6/2021

Sare Granite and Tile  –  For stone counter tops, kitchen and bath remodels , I recommend Sare Granite and Tile.    Ray Koruk is the owner and is a great person to work with.  They are a good value, do great work and keep appointments made, and respond to any concerns you might have with a can do spirit and resolve to make you a happy customer.   Located at Business Park Cir. Arden, NC   Phone  828-676-2666  or email  ray@saregranite.com      –   Greg Jackson   916-217-8166  Posted 9/2/2020

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services

Adolfo Ortiz  –  At 828 243-6721.  He is prompt, very easy to work with, knowledgeable and reliable.  Rob Wright   Posted 1/16/2024

LennCo.   –   I hired a young man to do leaf and yard clean up. His name is Joey Lennon 828-776-2279. This man worked two days from 9:00a until 4:30 without taking a break. He is just starting his own business (LennCo.) and will do leaf blowing and removal, tree trimming, hard scape, gutter cleaning, painting, minor repairs and renovations.  Any questions call Bill Robins 409-267-7145   Posted 12/14/2023

Family M Nunez Landscaping   –  Demeterio Nunez and two helpers did a thorough and efficient job of clearing a overgrown jumble of raspberry shoots, tulip poplar saplings, and an invasive ‘Tree of Heaven’ delinquent from our back slope.  Demetrio also spotted, and inquired whether I wanted to spare, some young hollies (yes, good catch).  The Nunez folks are friendly, knowledgable, and detail-oriented.  Pricing is fair, and clean-up is excellent.  Phone 828-489-1490    Clark Irwin     Posted 10/9/2023.

Janak Magar  –  I have used him for many years and he is dependable for all our landscape work.  He and his crew are hardworking and thorough.  Janak’s phone  number is 703-470-2400  Suzanne Moe   Posted 9/8/2023  

ProScape  –   I have been remiss in not recommending Pro Scape who has maintained our lawn and sprinkler system for several years.  Mark Gmyrek is responsive and reliable. Mobile is 828-243-5255; office is 828-243-5011.   Only complaint is that I sometimes have to call to remind him that he has not billed me for something..    David Leiman   Posted 6/14/2021

ProScape  –   An excellent full-service landscaping company.  We have used them at our house since we moved here eight years ago for mowing, planting, trimming, mulching and other landscaping projects.  They also have done extensive work for the Kenmure Road Maintenance Committee for the past several years.  They do quality work at a fair price.  Owner-manager Mark Gmarek is knowledgeable and dependable, and a nice guy as well.  You can reach him on his cell at 243-5255 or the office at 698-9250.   Richard Graber  –   Posted 2/5/2021

Landscape Lighting


Massage Therapist

A Petite Retreat Massage– Mobile in-your home – 21 years experience – Neuromuscular therapeutic massage – Specializing in pain and stress management – Contact Heather Starr:  828-553-2126 – Apetiteretreatmassage.com – For references contact Bonnie Cooper bonniescooper@gmail.com – Posted 10/21/2020

A Petite Retreat Massage  –   I highly recommend the massage therapy services (mobile, in your home) provided by Heather Starr with A Petite Retreat Massage. I have been going to her for several years now. When COVID started, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I deal with chronic neck and back pain that leave me debilitated with migraine headaches. Having regular massages has pretty much eliminated those pains. I’m also an ultrarunner which means I’m putting my body through a lot of work. I can’t even begin to describe how Heather’s massage therapy has helped me. She has an excellent understanding of body musculature and always knows how to get me feeling better. During this time of COVID, she has been very careful to keep things sanitary and always wears a mask. She has 21 years of experience in neuromuscular therapeutic massage, and specializes in pain and stress management. You can reach her at 828-553-2126. Here’s her website –    https://apetiteretreatmassage.com   –  Anne Lazo   –  Posted 10/20/2020

A Petite Retreat Massage  –   I would like to recommend Heather Starr as a Massage Therapist.  I have known and appreciated Heather for many years. She has 21 years of experience in massage.  Heather specializes in pain and stress management, has a superior knowledge of human anatomy and as a result her neuromuscular therapeutic massage is geared to your specific needs.  She has recently become a “Mobile in-your home” spa and uses all precautions to prevent Covid-19 transmission.  You can contact Heather for an appointment or for questions at the following:  A Petite Retreat Massage  –  828-553-2126  or online at  –  Apetiteretreatmassage.com  Debbie Evilia  –   Posted 10/16/2020

Metal Fabrication Work


Moving / Movers

Beaty Brothers Movers  –  On the recommendation of Kenmure friends who also used them, we used Beaty Brothers Movers to load our entire household into PODS for a cross-country move. We were extremely pleased and satisfied with their process, from the initial estimate, through the scheduling to final load. The Brothers and their staff were all professional, on time with every   part of the preparation and load, very courteous, personable, and efficient.  They got our job done in one day. We are happy to recommend them. One piece of advice:  give as much lead time to them as you can.  As word-of-mouth spreads about how good they are, they are quite busy, and justifiably so. BEATY BROTHERS MOVERS   828-201-2982    Greg and Andrea Jackson    Posted 4/16/2021

Beaty Brothers Movers –   They helped us move a number of items today and we couldn’t  be more pleased. They protected items with blankets, wrapped them with shrink wrap and handled everything with care. Recommend them highly!!  Contact info for Beaty Brothers:  www.beatybrothersmoving.com   828-201-2982  Margot Eld  –  Posted 10/8/2020



Adrian Morava and AM Painting   –   is simply the best.  Before we even moved into our house and were still living out of state, he removed the popcorn from our ceilings and painted.  He was constantly communicating with us and even alerting us to several unrelated things that needed our attention and connected us with all of the best people.  His workers are very good at their craft.  They do beautiful professional work, while being very pleasant and neat at all times.  Adrian has since done so much more for us.  We feel so fortunate to have met him and now consider him a good and trusted friend.  I cannot speak highly enough of Adrian and his work.  (His wife Kathy also bakes terrific sourdough bread.). We are pleased to highly recommend Adrian Morava and AM Painting, (828) 674-0285.    –  Linda and Greg Marks, 134 Overlook Dr.    Posted 2/5/2024

Burlett Painting   –   I highly recommend Burlett Painting after they have completed painting the exterior of my house, including patio deck posts and railings.  The schedule and process was explained in detail, including power washing, prep work, and 2 coats of paint (using Sherwin Williams top grade paint). The crew was efficient, worked well together and cleaned up every day. The supervisor made recommendations on dealing with some woodwork repairs. They took on some extra tasks (like cleaning porch screens). The schedule moved around (based on weather) and I was kept informed of changes to the schedule. The foreman or crew boss consulted with me daily on site on progress, changes, fixes, recommending actions. Burlett was not the lowest price of five bids I received, but you get the quality you pay for.  One consideration:  book early in the year with Burlett; their schedule gets filled up for the year early on.   Contact – Richie Burlett, phone 828-974-4385 (Burlett has been a Hendersonville business since 1985).    Andy Scott    Posted 9/26/2023

Jackson Painting  –  I would like to take a few moments to tell you about our recent experience with Jackson Painting. I received a bid in late December of 2022. Ken Zeegers gave me a competitive estimate and we had planned to paint the home this summer, after pollen season. Well, the sad news is that Ken passed away in late May of this year. I was not sure if they would continue with his business, Jackson Painting. To my relief, Marshal Zeegers, Ken’s young son, has taken over the business and he and his crew did a remarkable job. They were hard working, kept the property neat while the process was completed and the results are spectacular.  Also, he communicated well throughout the process and we highly recommend our Kenmure neighbors to contact them and get a bid. You will be well served if you use them.  Jay Smith    Posted 7/5/2023

Pitroff Painting LLC   –  (828.712.4393).  Jason painted the entire exterior of our home in August, 2022.  The job consisted of power washing, caulking and  painting.  He also removed and painted the downspouts to match, and cleaned and applied a new finish to the covered porch ironwood flooring.  We were thoroughly impressed with the professional job he did.  He communicated ideas and suggestions, did a daily clean-up,  and completed the job as promised.  As a result of this great experience, we had him paint the interior of our home, which he completed January 20, 2023.  Again a terrific outcome.  Jason is a professional and a true “craftsman”.  Highly recommend by Terry & Terry Stein  Terrystein122@gmail.com Posted 1/24/2023

Sterling Properties   –   We had the pleasure of having Sterling Properties paint the interior of our home. We were happy with every aspect of the job.  First Sandy LeRoy came and helped us pick out a color palate.  Without her expertise, what would have been a totally white interior turned into a soothing blend of soft colors which highlighted our belongings.  Roger Ness, the painter, is highly skilled and professional, making sure every inch of space was perfectly covered.  My home was transformed from dingy and dated to fresh and contemporary.  Roger planned the project to cause the least amount of disruption to our lives making it possible to stay in our home during the painting.  I highly recommend Sterling Properties.  You can contact them at 828-692-4355 or email sandyatsps@gmail.com  Their website is https://sterlingpropertyservice.com/  Linda and Robert Davidson   Posted 1/23/2023

Paint Ashville LLC –  Painted the entire exterior of our home and did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. They did the job exactly as we agreed for both time and price. They worked exceptionally hard, cleaned up each day after their work was done and were very professional. I can recommend them unequivocally.  Contact April Edwards  april@paintil.com   Gary Pasek   Posted 9/12/2022

Margarito Lubian   –  He is reasonably priced, his crew members are polite and skilled, and they come when they say they are coming.  Margarito’s crew can also remove wallpaper, and repair water damage to walls. He can be difficult to understand over the phone, but he will come out and give you an estimate quickly, and communicates easily in person.  Call  828 699 6830   Pat Bissonnet    Posted  8/6/2022

Pitroff Painting, LLC    –   We are very pleased with the painting and staining of the exterior of our home by Jason Pitroff – 828-712-4393.   We highly recommend him and found him to be very reasonable in cost and highly dedicated to performing an excellent quality of work.   Jason is very professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable.   He was very attentive to our questions and made color adjustments, etc. where needed to ensure our satisfaction with the work.   In spite of weather delays and labor shortage, he maintained a high quality in all the work performed.   We found him to be a very personable individual and a pleasure to work with.   We are hopeful that he will be available to paint the interior of our house later this year.    John and Linda Haines    Posted 5/23/2022

Pitroff Painting, LLC –   Jason Pitroff painted the entire exterior of our home in the summer of 2021. In doing so, he did an outstanding job.  Very thorough and conscientious, he used a variety of ladders and scaffolds to reach the  highest peaks of our house. He is fully insured and he came highly recommended by our immediate neighbor.  The project fit our budget and he was very easy to work with. I highly recommend Jason for whatever painting needs you have.  Frank Felsburg & Pam Van Tassel  Posted 9/15/2021

AM PAINTING, INC. –    Adrian Morava, the owner, is the most honest, reliable and detail-oriented contractor we have ever engaged to do work for us.  We recently purchased a home in Kenmure. Before we moved in, we wanted to have the popcorn ceiling removed and the interior painted. We selected A.M. Painting to undertake our project because of Adrian’s great reputation for doing quality work – plus it was very attractive to us that he told us that he is fully insured with workman’s comp and general liability. Adrian and his team were ready to start the day after closing. We were in Florida and, without even asking, Adrian kept us fully up-to-date on the progress of their work. In addition, he made us aware of several other issues that had nothing to do with his project – for example, that we needed to get a dehumidifier for the lower level (even recommended the specs for the dehumidifier). We are extremely happy with the end result of the painting and popcorn removal. Adrian and his team are true professionals, and we absolutely give him the highest recommendation. Call Adrian at 828-674-0285.   Carol & Jack Spencer – (561) 252-4149   Posted 7/8/2021

Pitroff Painting, LLC–   Jason Pitroff has been our go-to painter for years, for both interior and exterior work.  He has repainted the entire front of our house on Overlook Drive and the upper floor inside as well.  He is methodical, neat and careful, and he certainly knows his paints.  He is patient when we want to change paint colors in the middle of the project.  He also does power washing.  His prices are also modest to boot.  A veteran of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have found Jason to be a truly ethical man.  Contact Jason at (828) 712-4393 or pitroffpainting@outlook.com.Greg and Susanne Suchan   Posted 6/29/2021

Landmark Painting   –  Matthew Arkell, 828-775-7099 just completed total exterior painting of 55 Paine Court.  They handled, with expertise, the repairs necessary and the mess we were left by the GC and “designer” we had hired two years ago.  Without reservation, we heartily recommend Landmark.  Drive by and see for yourself.  David Leiman. Lineagle@yahoo.com   Posted 6/20/2021

Tim Howard Painting & Power Washing, Asheville Enterprises, LLC,   Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163   David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

AM PAINTING, INC. –   I am most pleased to highly recommend Adrian Morava of AM Painting, Inc. for both interior and exterior painting and staining.  After interviewing several painters, I chose AM Painting and I could not be happier with my choice.  Adrian is well-known here in Kenmure where he has worked for many years. His professionalism, skill in determining the correct products for all surfaces, and his focus on every detail from start to finish make him an excellent choice.  He is an absolute delight to work with and is very caring of your wishes and goals.  His crew are highly skilled, on time, very neat, and work diligently to complete everything to your satisfaction in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful look of my home and will definitely be calling on Adrian for all future painting needs.  Give him a call.  He will be glad to meet with you.  Adrian Morava, AM Painting, Inc., 828-674-0285,   Email: AMPaintingInc@yahoo.com  –    Jennifer Crane   –  Posted 5/20/21

Burlett Painting   –   They painted the exterior of our house including decks and stairs.  They spent over two days pressure washing and preparing the house for the painters.  The painters were excellent and professional. Communication throughout was excellent.  After doing a great job they did an amazing cleanup as well.  I felt their price was below what I would have expected for the quality of the job and very similar to other quotes I had received.  We did a walkthrough to checkout the job before paying and I found no issues except for a window that had a water streak on it and they promptly came back and cleaned the window (over 40 feet high).  Burlett Painting 828-974-4385  or  828-460-5355   –  Lowry Hobbs  –  Posted 4/30/2021

Pro-Painting Company – Juan and his team just completed painting our home’s exterior. We’ve used painters before, but Pro-Painting has been the best. They carefully washed and caulked the house and took great care and pride in painting it.  We highly recommend Pro-Painting!  828-696-6506 – Karen Delfino – Posted 4/28/2021

South Painting   –  I highly recommend Margarito Lubian (South Painting) for both interior and exterior work.   Over the last year, Margarito’s team repainted my entire house.   I found their quality to be very good and price to be competitive.  What I like most about Margarito is his integrity….he delivered what was agreed upon at the agreed upon price.   We had a paint store mix-up that required a half day of repainting that he totally absorbed….no questions asked.   That says a lot to me about his approach to business.  His team is polite and considerate….and clean up after themselves.   I found South Painting to be an excellent value.  Jim Gardner, 60 Fernridge Court   –   Posted 11/19/2020

South Painting   –   Margarito Lubian  has done some good work for us at a fair price.   And did the work quickly.   And he is a good guy.  828-699-6830   Pete Dunderdale –  Posted 11/30/20

Jackson Painting  –   We had originally contracted with another painter to paint the exterior of our home. When he canceled at the last minute, I called Ken at Jackson Painting and he quickly gave us a competitive quote and was able to come out in a couple of weeks to do the job. His men were efficient and professional and did top quality work. They cleaned up everything at the end and left the house looking absolutely beautiful. We highly recommend them and plan to use them next year to refinish our deck.  Tony and Jhan Dunn  –  Posted 11/20/2020

Pitroff Painting, LLC  –    Jason Pitroff  –  828-712-4393  –  Jason recently power washed our home and painted and touched up exterior trim.  He is extremly reliable…calls and shows up as promised.  This is the third time we’ve used him and have always been very please.  He is neat and does a great job!  –  Burt and Emmy Weissman   Posted 10/6/2020


Pet Sitters

Caron Costello  –  Caron is terrific.  She is conscientious, caring and totally  dependable.  caroncostello@gmail.com  828-243-4046.  Bob & Barbara Hager   Posted 3/2/2024

Caron Costello  – We HIGHLY recommend Caron to sit (reside) with your pet and/or house while you travel. She is extremely conscientious, dependable, thorough, and a natural pet lover located in Flat Rock.  Caron took great care of our pooches and provided us updates with texts and photos, cared for our plants, and left the house clean. She thoughtfully got us milk for our first coffees back home.  Caron is a true Gem. caroncostello@gmail.com  828-243-4046.  Chris Sealy and Jean Crosson.  Posted 12/1/2023

Lisa McDonald   –   She lives right here in Flat Rock and she takes care of both dogs and cats. She comes in once a day for half an hour or so to take care of my cat. She is willing to come in more than once a day. She sends me a picture or video of my cat every day and, and when I get home, my cat is happy. I can tell she well and has been well cared for. Lisa’s rates are very reasonable and she is very reliable.  Her number is: 828-333-0742  Elaine Topodas   Posted 9/18/2023

Pet Trainers

Physical Therapists


Power Washing

Precision Pressure Washing  –  NOT to be confused with the franchise power washer, Precision Pro.  I surveyed multiple companies and found Connor at Precision Pressure to be more reasonable and responsive. He does the work himself (no crew issues and salesmen) and the work he performed for us was terrific.   We had him power wash the driveway, gutters, and roof, and in the Spring we’ll have him clean the outside of the house.  He’s committed to return if there are any issues.  Hard worker and an engaging young man — the kind you want to see very successful.  Call or text Connor at 828 595-4503.  –  Greg Newbold   Posted 8/9/2023

PROCLEAN Roof Cleaning    –   I highly recommend PROCLEAN Roof Cleaning for house, stone patios, walk ways and roof pressure washing.   Jordan Williams did an excellent job of completely power washing the house, porches, decks, outdoor stairs and retaining walls.  The price was very reasonable and the work was careful and thorough. Call Jordan or his Dad, Norm, at PROCLEAN, 828 243-2841   Gordon Lane   Posted  6/22/2022

Clarity House Wash  –   Dustin Zlacki at 828-707-7636, does power washing of houses and anything else needed.  Last week, at our home, in addition to washing all windows, he also power washed the screens on our screened porch, its the wicker furniture, the slate stone walkway, two sets of wrought iron deck tables and chairs, several pottery flower pots, washed the gutters above the decks and some lower house walls.  He was careful not to damage fragile items with over spray and was very careful not to damage plants or fish in our ponds with any chemicals or stray spray.  We have invited him back next year for a repeat performance. We were very pleased with the work he did and for the fair price he charged.  Dick Roemer, 697-2692   Posted 7/10/2021

Atlas Services –   We recently (May 2021) had our home “washed” by Atlas Services, owned/operated by Jesse Gambalie (828-273-7066 or callatlas.com).  It is a husband and wife team, they did what I consider a thorough, efficient and very effective job.  They have high tech equipment which does not rely on overly high pressure to do the job.  What I appreciated was the communication from Atlas, updates, reminders and prompt rescheduling if needed because of weather.  Found them to be very professional.    Alan & Terry Van Ostenbridge   –  Posted 5/5/2021

L & S Pressure Washing & Painting– We highly recommend Larry and Sandra Ray.  They are a hard-working and skillful husband and wife team that does everything with care and skill.  They showed up on time and didn’t leave until the job was finished to perfection.  And they are very honest and trustworthy.  Peter and Jill Cornish    Posted 11/15/2020


Next Home Real Estate   –  Debbie and I recently sold our home on Ridge Lane and purchased a new home on Chancery Court.  Laura Flores of Next Home Real Estate helped us with both transactions.  Simply put, she was and continues to be, wonderful!  Laura does all the real estate stuff, but goes way beyond that by helping with the little things after the sale… For example showing us how to reconnect our utilities; introducing us to the people who will rebuild the deck and showing us how to work the gas fireplace.  And Laura’s husband Ray, was terrific too!  Lots of good advice we needed for our new place! If you are thinking of buying or selling, do yourself a huge favor…  Give Laura a call. You will not be disappointed!  Laura Flores, Next Home,  828-329-9397…laura@nexthomewnc.com  Debbie and Pete Dunderdale   Posted 10/25/2023

NextHome WNC Realty – Laura Flores in Hendersonville is great!  I relocated to Kenmure from Northern Virginia in October 2022.  While getting my home in VA ready for sale, Laura took care of all the details of purchasing my new home.  For me, it started out as a bit daunting to do everything long distance, but Laura gave constant reassurance.  She took pains to keep me in the loop by emails, phone calls, and texting.  She quickly built trust with me and I gave her free rein to handle all the details.  Not only that, she has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with.  One can’t go wrong if you need a professional and delightful person to handle your real estate needs.   Call  Laura Flores at  828-329-9397 or  email  Laura@NextHomeWNC.com      Larry Gilliland  Posted   3/14/2023

Terri Eisenhauer of  Terri Eisenhauer Signature Properties  –  My wife and I, having bought and sold several homes during our lives, recently had the best experience we’ve ever had with a professional Realtor.  We listed our home with Terri Eisenhauer of  Terri Eisenhauer Signature Properties.  When we first asked Terri to “take a look at our home”, as we were considering selling it, she explained how she would market it for us and convinced us on the spot that she would work to serve our best interests tirelessly, and that is exactly what she did.  For example:  Her marketing strategies were the best we have seen.  She helped us price our home realistically.  She learned the details and uniqueness of our home to better show it.  She brought only qualified buyers to see the home.  She coordinated the showings with us to minimalize our inconvenience.  She attended the showings, even with other Realtor’s potential buyers.  Terri has an amazing amount of energy and experience that she puts to work for her clients.  Based on her efforts, our home sold after just a very few showings as she makes an effort to show only homes that the prospective buyer has indicated an interest in seeing or that she knows, after talking with a prospective buyer, they would be interested in.  She continued to follow up with us even after the sale closed to make sure we were completely satisfied with her service.  We certainly recommend Terri to folks looking for a full service energetic Realtor.  –  Steve and Nancy Smith  Posted 12/7/2020


Fully Involved Contracting, Chris Johnson – Licensed Contractor – I highly recommend Chris Johnson, owner of Fully Involved Contracting.  He and his helper did an excellent job of renovating our home over the last 3 months. This involved raising a ceiling, tearing out windows, adding sliding doors, painting, and adding shiplap to our ceilings.  He is fully licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience. He can be reached at 828 329 2334. Highly recommended by Rob Wright.  Posted 11/28/2023.
Jack DeLuca – NC Licensed Contractor   –  Jack is a NC Licensed contractor that my wife and I highly recommend for any home remodeling job.  He has kept our 30 yr plus old home updated, livable and functioning well.  Jack will inspect your home, tell you what you need (perhaps even talk you out of unnecessary “wants”) and give you a written quote on what it will cost you (until your spouse starts making revisions).  Be it a big or little job, Jack and his assistant, Chris, will professionally complete your project in a timely manner and leave you with a smile on your face.  Jack lives here in Kenmure and can be reached on his cell (828-243-5587) or email is jdeluca1@bellsouth.net.  Highly recommended by Sylvia (252-521-0968) and George Tennille (252-521-0136).  Call us if you want more specifics.  Jack started out as our “contractor” over 10 years ago and is now both a trusted consultant and a valued friend.   Posted 1/19/2022

Everest Interiors   –  We recently remodeled our kitchen with the help of Lucas Flanagan.  Lucas did an outstanding job, with tremendous attention to detail.  The man is a true craftsman.  He was thorough and always left our house cleaner than he found it. Check his website at https://www.everestinteriorsllc.com/ or call him at 704-923-6559   Doug & Suzanne Moe    Posted 10/13/2021

Construction Specialties Design Builders, Inc. –   Terry Baker/Anice Pryor.  Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Interior Design Studio  –    Anice Pryor.  After seeing other reviews, she was hired almost two years ago as a Designer and GC to remodel our home..  Please call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Restoration – Water, Fire, Mold, Storm & Crawl Space Damage

Retaining Walls

Roof Cleaning


Advanced Roofing –  We recently had our roof replaced and were very pleased with the whole project.  We got four bids and they were the lowest.  The owner, Dennis Williams told me they don’t advertise, it is all word of mouth.  I have been told that they have a good track record on Kenmure projects.  Dennis can be reached at 828-458-0076.   Pat and Kathrine Tims   Posted 5/15/2024

Ridge Roofing   –   From start to finish, I was totally pleased with their pricing, workmanship and customer service.  My initial contact was with Adam Savely who answered all of my questions and provided me with an itemized breakdown of recommended roofing materials and associated cost.  The work crew that came out was hard working, courteous and you could just tell that they had total respect for their team lead, Marvin.  While the crew kept the work area tidy throughout the project, they did a thorough final pick-up and cleaning with a final walk around inspection by the company owner, Alex Savely   I highly recommend – Ridge-roofing.com or (828) 335-7663  Don Blanton   Posted 5/10/2024

Integrity Roofing, LLC  –   My family and I live in Kenmure, and recently had our new roof installed. We were very pleased with the workmanship, as well as the efficiency of the cleanup afterwards.  We highly recommend  –  Integrity roofing LLC  1612 Tate Blvd.  Hickory, NC 28602  Phone 828-764-1037  Email: office@integrityroofingnc.com  Www. integrityroofingnc.com  Rep: Steve Vinson  828-443-0235   Maggie Masci     Posted  4/24/2024

Ridge Roofing   –    Offered a competitive price for a new roof on our house, and provided it efficiently and exactly as discussed, including several spot repairs to damaged wood. The crew led by foreman Kevin were skilled at their work, while project manager Adam Savely was uncommonly attentive to details and accommodating to questions and requests. He even volunteered to clean two skylights far above my peak operating altitude. The job was followed by scrupulous cleanup, including magnet sweeps for errant nails. Highly recommended. Ridge-roofing.com or  (828) 335-7663    Clark Irwin   Posted 2/10/2024

Garcia Roofing   –   We would like to strongly recommend Garcia Roofing.  After interviewing three recommended roofing companies, his estimate came in several thousand dollars less for the exact same roof and supplies.  He kept us informed during the entire process and there were no surprises.  His men showed up on time, did a beautiful job, finished quickly, and did a thorough clean-up when finished.  Garcia Roofing, LLC.   828 329-3610   Rodney and Sheila Cubbage    Posted 11/1/2023

Paramount Roofing Services – After interviewing three pre-screened and recommended roofing companies, I selected Paramount Roofing Services.  Cary Walters and his team did an absolute professional job, at a competitive price, completed on time, and did a thorough clean-up when the job was finished.  They kept me informed during the entire process, and there were absolutely no surprises or hidden costs.  I can highly recommend Paramount Roofing Services.  Cary Walters can be reached at   828-329-8883   Terry Stein   828-290-2445    Posted 7/28/2021

John Balken Roofing   –  We strongly recommend John Balken Roofing.  Many of our friends and neighbors told us that John and his crew are terrific and they were right.  They showed up on time, did a beautiful job, finished quickly, and cleaned up afterwards.  More good news:  John’s estimate was several thousand dollars less than the others we received.  Call at John Balken: 828-243-7399  or Mobil:  610-299-4668  Peter Cornish   Posted 3/27/2021

Rug Cleaning

Septic Tank Inspection

Quality Home Consultants–   We recently found ourselves with a septic emergency-on a Friday.  Having called a half dozen companies offering “emergency septic service”, none could come out for weeks!  A couple of companies could come the following Monday (3 days!), and then we called Quality Home Consultants.  With a quote matching the lowest competitor, they were at our house within the hour.  Learning that the original map was wrong, they spent some time locating the tank and unblocking a clog.  This got us operational thru the weekend, and the same two guys returned later, finished the tank pump and the price was reasonable.  If you ever find yourself in need of their services, we highly recommend Quality Home Consultants, Phone # 828-548-2305,  They offer home inspections and other home services, too.   David & Pixie Gray    Posted 9/5/2021

Snow Removal

Hugo’s Lawn Care –   I have just had my long, steep driveway cleared by Hugo Sanchez ( who is a polite, prompt and extremely helpful young man (speaks very good English).  He prices his work by the job, rather than by the hour, and I was surprised at his low price.  He uses his own snow blower, and sprinkled my ice melt as he finished.  His phone number is   828- 424-5856    Dianne Janis    Posted 1/24/2022

Todd Anders of Anders Lawn Care & Landscaping   –   He and his crew cleared our driveway after the recent snowstorm.  His charge seems to be about the going rate that we are hearing from our neighbors.  We also contract with Anders Landscaping to maintain our lawn and gardens throughout the year.  Todd is very reliable and does an excellent job.  Todd Anders, 828-692-4702 (work); 828-606-4711.  Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland   waynesorchard@gmail.com   1/19/2022

Guillermo Ramirez   –   We strongly recommend Guillermo Ramirez for all yard work, including snow plowing.
His cell phone is 828-674-0117   George and MG Tyda   Posted 1/20/2022


Stained Glass

Stone Masons

Francisco Hernandez  –  A paver patio built with a supporting decorative wall and leading to this area is a paver golf cart path around the side of the house. All of these things were built by Francisco Hernandez. These upgrades are beautiful and efficient. So Debbie and I would strongly recommend Francisco to our neighbors for anything done with concrete, pavers or stones for building walls. He is smart and creative. He can be reached at 828-319-7056.   Pete Dunderdale   Posted 4/1/2024

Clint Morrow & Son   –   If you want excellent masonry work at a reasonable price, call Clint Morrow at
828-692-0324 or 828-674-7284.  Clint and his son are master masons who do all types of rock work:  Stone, block, brick, and stucco.  Their technical skills, experience, and commitment to quality are matched by a refined aesthetic sense that raises their work to a level of high artistry.  They recently rebuilt our stone front porch and sidewalk; the results are outstanding.  Our experience with them was 100% positive!  Shivani and Larry Wright   Posted 6/14/2022

Clint Morrow & Son   –   We just had a wonderful experience having some stone repair work done by Clint Morrow & Son  828-692-0324.  They are from E Flat Rock and gave us an almost immediate quote and advised us not to undertake some of the project we asked about.  Instead, Clint made some very wise cost saving suggestions.  They are good handshake folks.  Sharon Leiman   Z4Sharon@yahoo.com Posted 9/4/2020

Clint Morrow & Son –  We hired Clint and his son based off of recommendations on this website for stone masons.  We needed two stone columns used to support exterior lights demolished and rebuilt.  As others have reported, I found his price to be reasonable and the quality of their work to be excellent.  We wanted to get these columns replaced ahead of other anticipated future work since we expected this work to be messy.  It wasn’t.  They took great care of our property throughout the process.  They also fixed a cracked mortar joint in our front walkway at no extra charge. Work was performed in August 2020.  Clint Morrow: Phone (828) 692-0324  –  Ken & Debbie Drake  –  Posted 9/2/2020

Stump Grinding

Lane Outdoor   –   Owner John Lane.  Stump removal is John’s only service and I highly recommend him.  He was very professional, diligent and conscientious.  John arrived when he said he would and worked to remove every last piece of root the equipment couldn’t reach by hand!  I also feel he is reasonably priced.  His contact information is:  John Lane, Lane Outdoor, 828-490-2030   Laneoutdoor.net  laneoutdoor@gmail.com Karen Mair   Posted 9/13/2022

TV Satellite companies

Tree Services

Burns Tree and Crane –  After contacting 3 of the recommended tree removal services, hiring them, and having them not show, we reached out to Burns Tree from Zirconia. He has his own crane which he skillfully put in our descending driveway. Then he and his team removed 9 large trees from behind our house by crane. It was an intense time, and absolutely no damage was done to our property. Clean up was thorough and the stumps were ground as well. This is the only company with their own crane and their expertise is evident. We highly recommend this company. Call 828-674-7124 for Adrian.   Jim and Kathy Gardner  Posted 7/24/2023
Andy’s Tree Service    –   My neighbor, Will Rodriguez, brought Andy Demirjian (an arborist doing some tree work for him) over to look at what I needed done.  The job consisted of taking out a dead gum tree and trimming some other tree limbs growing too close to the house.  The work was done timely, the price was very reasonable, and the clean-up complete.  No hesitation in recommending   Andy 828-699-0563 for similar work you might need done.   Helen Wright   Posted 1/17/2021

All American Tree Service –   Excellent job by Mike Duffy and crew in taking down three dead trees by our home. Mike was prompt in giving us an estimate (two days) and committed to completing the job on a date about three weeks later. Instead he had a cancellation and called us within a week of giving us the estimate and came out the next morning and completed the job. Mike can be reached at   828-702-9991 or 864-991-7128    Rick Astor  904-415-9464    Posted 8/24/2021.

All American Tree Service  –   This is the 2nd time we were trying to use All American Tree Company.  They did NOT get the work done by the end of the 3 month period ie Dec 3rd and it still wasn’t done by March 4th.  We’ve decided to go with another provider.  The company seems to over promise and under deliver on their timelines based on this experience.  The first time we had to pester them a lot to get the work done too but it got done about two weeks after the 3-month period.  Mike is very nice and works quickly but can’t count him to get in done in the three month time window given by the tree man.   Bonnie Mangold  973-219-8496   Posted 3/4/2021

All American Tree Service –  A large tree came down across my lower drive resting on stone column, driveway, and wall and when I contacted Mike Duffy he responded faster that I ever believed possible to provide an estimate (luckily he was in the neighborhood and came within 30 minutes ) and agreed to have his crew come bright and early the next morning .  They arrived as advertised and made short work of a major job removing tree in pieces without further damage to stone column, drive or wall and cleaned up so well I would not have known the tree had come down except for my damaged stonework.   Job well done such that  I then contracted him for some follow on work two weeks later mostly on major branch and limb work overhanging house.  –  Frederick Sears  121 Greenleaf  Posted 9/29/2020

All American Tree Service  –  I called All American Tree Service based on the glowing reviews on the KPOA website. We had five different appointments for an estimate, each broken shortly before the designated time. It should be noted that when we talked to the guy, it was not the person often mentioned here, but someone clearly younger. Two hours after the last appointment time, we called and cancelled the service. Amazingly, we received a call within 30 minutes telling us he would be right over because he was in Kenmure. When I said we were not interested since he cancelled 5 previous appointments, this kid said, “Well, I am a very busy man.” I suggested that then  he consider not making appointments he is too busy to keep.  –   Susan Kasper  973-219-4377  Posted 9/26/2020


Inside & Out Upholstery   –   I saw his advertisement on Facebook (Johnny Greene) and contacted him to re-cover a chair.  He did beautiful work and it was reasonably priced – they also pick up and deliver for a fee.  Johnny Greene:  828-305-4630   Kristin Greene (his wife):  828-980-2333   Email:  InsideandOutUpholstery@gmail.com   Carol Kemper    Posted 2/21/2024

Budget Upholstery  –   We highly recommend Budget Upholstery.  Scott recovered our dining room chairs (using a patterned fabric) and each chair matched perfectly to one another.  The workmanship was great and the turnaround was quick.  Though we didn’t purchase fabric at the shop, they have an extensive supply of fabric books from which to choose.  Contact at Budget:     Scott 828-693-8628     Candice McGinnis    Posted 8/19/2021

Water Leak Sensing/Control

Wildlife Removal

Ashville Wildlife Removal  –  For wildlife and pest removal concerns I have used and highly recommend Ashville Wildlife Removal.  I had flying squirrels in my attic and contacted Rusty Russell who came out and did a complete check on out house and made recommendations on what needed to be done to remove the critters and how we needed to seal up the house to prevent any further incursions in the future.  He has a crew who can do the sealing up for you and the quoted price was far below others.  He showed up on time and completed the work promised with a 2 year warranty on his work which was unheard of it seems  – Ashville Wildlife Removal  –  Rusty Russell  –  828-333-2266  –  Greg Jackson  916-217-8166  –  Posted 9/2/2020

Window Decorations

Window Cleaning

David the Window Man (David Carmona)   –  I always take a personal recommendation but those weren’t working out so I resorted to google.  I found David’s company with endless positive reviews.  So I decided to call.  We had several conversations about my windows.  They’re from 2001, old screens, wanted them cleaned inside & out including the screens.  I emailed him pictures of all of them & he quoted a price.  The team of four came several weeks later the first part of December 2023.  There was a team leader Corey.  He was amazing & so were the others.  They worked nonstop being careful when they moved things & put them back.  We discussed if I wanted all the screens put back on.  I decided to leave certain ones on for various reasons.  The other ones, once cleaned, they volunteered to carry them down to my storage.  Walking around after any spot I saw he would go over.  The spots were rare.  I have to say it was stress free for me & I ended up with beautiful clean windows.  It makes such a difference in my sunroom with clean windows & no screens!  I want them back every year I just have to start a clean the windows fund!!  Company is:  David the Window Man (David Carmona) in Black Mountain   828-707-1803  email   Davidthewindowman@gmail.com       Valerie Douberley    Posted 2/23/2024

Clarity House Wash   –   Dustin Zlacki  at 828-707-7636, washed all the windows in our house last week and did an excellent job.  He has a system with long handles and solutions that allows him to wash second story windows from the ground.  This allows him to do everything quickly and easily without streaking or spotting.  He charges a very fair price for his courteous and excellent work.  He is prompt and reliable, answering phone calls and performing on schedule. Dick Roemer  –  697-2692   Posted 7/10/2021

Crystal Clear Windows, Inc.  –  Did a great job cleaning the windows on our home, both inside and out.  Darryl and Deletha were very professional and reasonably priced.  If you need your windows cleaned they can be reached at 828-693-7364.  –  Dennis O’Connor – Posted 4/24/2021

Pandimensional Window Cleaning  –  Sam & Katrina Howell, 828-290-0425, cleaned our windows and sky lights outside to a sparkling clean.  They also hung paintings on our stairwell that we couldn’t reach without a special ladder.  They were a delight and did excellent work.  We will definitely use them again and highly recommend  –  Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer – Posted 9/4/2020

Window Glass

Carolina Window & Door Specialists – If you’re in need of window or door repair/installation, I can’t recommend a better person and professional at a reasonable cost.  Joey Cogburn has provided service on a number of occasions and I’m amazed how he has provided repairs saving us thousands on replacements.  His attention to detail is unsurpassed. It’s a pleasure to have a service person you can trust to do the job right each and every time.  Contact: Joey Cogburn (828) 712-4391. Patrick McGinnis – Posted 04/26/2022

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