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Green = Recommended   Orange = with Reservation  Red = Not Recommended


Linda Handel – Linda Handel is an excellent seamstress and has done alterations for a number of Kenmure residents. She is a tailor, seamstress and designer and only 15 minutes away. Her prices are reasonable and she is very comfortable to work with. Her workplace is in Tuxedo – Call her at 828-290-6155 – Marian Hansen 828-435-0914 – Posted 2/23/2017


Haywood Appliance   –   For those who have despaired after dealing with the big chains who sell appliances, I recommend going to Haywood Appliances, 1378 Hendersonville Road, Asheville.  They will tell you the promised delivery dates of all major manufacturers, and will stay in touch once you have ordered to let you know when the product has actually shipped, and set a delivery date.  Pre-covid service. We dealt with Joe Barber, a service oriented salesman  –  828-417-9650 who was honest with us about supply chain issues.  Delivery was on time, down to the hour. Price was slightly less than Home Depot and Lowes.    Pat Bissonnet and Stan Christman  Posted 10/8/2021

Appliance Repair

Mountain Appliance Service   –   on Duncan Hill Road  Call  828-513-1400

– They Know what they are doing and if they are not sure, they promise to get back to you.
– They are Clean and Respectful.
– They Keep their appointments as scheduled and call before they arrive.-
– They are LOCAL.
– They are FAIR and do NOT overcharge.
      Joan Kinney   Posted 6/11/2021

Pearl Appliance –  Excellent service, very reliable.  They show up on time, priced reasonably and are respectful and careful with the property.  828-697-0350  –  Ruth Klug – Posted 4/24/2021

Mr. Appliance –  Today is November 30, 2020. I just got off the phone with Blue Ridge appliance as we need someone to look at our icemaker which no longer functions. The person taking the call was somewhat indifferent and seemed confused. First available appointment was 12/9/2020. She said they currently have only one technician making calls. I took that appointment for insurance purposes.  So… looking at the link for Homeowner Services I found a recommendation for Mr. Appliance. The person taking my call was very professional and efficient. They use e-mail and text messaging to communicate with customers. We got an appointment for 12/2/20. They send out an e-mail the day before the scheduled appointment to confirm and offer a window of time within which the service call will take place.. They charge $99 (?) for the diagnostic service call. If the customer then schedules the actual repair with Mr. Appliance the diagnostic fee of $99 is waived and applied to the cost of the actual repair. They will only give a service call time of day to clients who schedule “first call” for the day. No “first call” openings were available anytime soon. This strategy enables them to organize the calls efficiently. Very impressed so far. I will update following the diagnostic visit.  Update We had our initial Mr. Appliance visit from a very polite/efficient service tech. The e-mail and text message that preceded his arrival had his photograph and bio so we knew who he was when he showed up at our door right on time. He spent some time examining our deathly silent ice maker before concluding it was, as a legal instructor once described, “Deader than Kelsey’s nuts.” He then initiated the process to have the new ice maker sent directly to our house and made a follow-up appointment for installation of that unit. I received e-mail confirmation of all of that. The ice maker arrived the other day and our scheduled service call is for tomorrow (12/8).  Then the miracle happened – the existing ice maker kicked into life and began producing cubes once again. If we were dealing with a competitor like Blue Ridge Appliance I’m sure they would have had us ship the new ice maker back. But that didn’t happen because the earliest date Blue Ridge could even give us for the initial service call is still a week away as I type this. So, Mr. Appliance has said they’ll keep my service call date and use it to pick up the newly delivered ice maker. They will then ship it back to their supplier and credit our account.  We’ll still pay their service fee of some $90 but we’re happy to do that after the professional manner in which this was handled.

Mr. Appliance’s strong points are many. To list only a few:

  • Speedy, efficient service
  • Communicating by text message and e-mail (no annoying conversations with a disinterested scheduler)
  • Continually keeping the customer informed  

We heartily recommend Mr. Appliance…. Even though they’ve yet to do any work for us!  Harlan Frymire   Posted 12/10/2020

Shorty’s Appliance Repair   Hi!  I used Shorty’s Appliance Repair based on a recommendation from this page.  What a nightmare this guy is. He recently opened a shop and now he’s the most unreliable appliance repair I’ve ever used.  So here’s my blurb.  Shorty’s Appliance Repair might have been good before he recently opened a shop, but now hell might  freeze over before your appliance gets repaired.  I paid him in advance (at his request) to replace the freezer gasket.  That was weeks ago.  Doesn’t return calls, and on the rare occasion he picks up the phone, blames it on the parts store, etc.  Always gives another date and time he’ll be there and then no shows.  He once again promised to be here at 8 this morning.  I called him at 9 and he told me he was at the parts store because the store’s truck was delayed (always someone else’s fault). Said he’d call me right back after the store opened and that he’d definitely be here by 11 but would call either way.  It’s now 2:30.  No John, no call, no answer on his phone.  Too late to stop payment on the check.  Save yourself the aggravation and call anyone else. – Beth Moriarty – Posted 7/16/2019

Mr. Appliance – We needed their services on Dec 20, 2018 when our washer was not draining. We called them 1st thing in the morning and they had technician Ken Doyle here at 3p.m. the same day.  He diagnosed the problem and was back the next day 12/21/18 at 330pm to install the part and we were up in running.  Ken is very personable and pleasant and we would recommend Mr. Appliance and especially Ken Doyle to come and service our appliances.  They service all appliances and Ken is trained in them all. Their phone number is 828-333-9339 and website is: mrappliance.com– Mary and Mike Cervini – Posted  12/26/2018

Mr. Appliance  – We had a very positive experience with this company.  The office staff and technician were very professional and responsive and the service was efficient and effective (see negative review of Blue Ridge Appliance for further details). For service call  828-333-9339 –  Patrick McGinnis – Posted 11/6/2018

Blue Ridge Appliance – We do not recommend using this repair service.  Our refrigerator’s/freezer’s temperatures were fluctuating.  Upon contact, it was another week before a visit was scheduled. The technician told us a new compressor was needed and it would take another week or two to replace this very expensive part.  After looking on the internet to learn how a compressor was determined to be failing, we recalled that the technician did not perform these necessary tests. I called to speak to the manager to ask some questions, but he didn’t bother to return the call for 4 1/2 days stating that when he did call, that he was very busy. Fortunately, on the fourth day of waiting for a call from Blue Ridge, we chose to contact Mr. Appliance (see positive review of Mr. Appliance), who came out the same day, tested the compressor with a voltmeter to determine that it was working perfectly.  All the refrigerator needed was a relay/starter switch which is warranted for a full year, parts and labor. We avoided a very expensive repair by Blue Ridge.  Patrick McGinnis – Posted 11/6/2018

Shorty’s Appliance Repair – Jonathan Short gets the job done. For repair and servicing such appliances as washers, dryers, gas heaters and logs, water heaters and dryer vent cleaning. He can repair appliances big and small. He is fully insured, Sears certified, and services all major brands of appliances. I have called on him twice in the last 3 years for refrigerator and washing machine repairs. Both times I have called him, he answers the phone himself – cell phone number 828-808-9267 and will be at your door that day or the next! He is a very nice young man, knowledgeable, very competent, reasonable rates. He owns his own company. I would highly recommend him. Sid Alexander – Posted 6/2/2017


Auto Services & Dealers

Bath Remodeling

Building and Remodeling

Construction Specialties Design Builders, Inc.  Terry Baker/Anice Pryor.  Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Classic Builders of Hendersonville – We recently completed having our master bath renovated.  This was a fairly major project as some walls had to be moved as well as plumbing rerouted and electrical added.  We used Classic Builders of Hendersonville to do this work and were extremely pleased with the outcome.  Stewart Nicholson (828-329-6390) the owner of Classic Builders and all of his crew and sub contractors were great to work with and were always on time.  The job site was kept clean at the end of each work day and the disruption to the household in general was kept to a minimum.  We had hired a designer to layout the new design for the bathroom.  Stewart worked well with the designer and the coordinated well with changes as they came up.  Stewarts work was excellent and he completed the project in a timely manner and within quote given.  We certainly recommend Classic Builders to anyone who needs renovation or construction work done, we feel you will be as pleased with them as we are.  Should you have any questions or wish to see an example of Stewarts work, you can feel free to contact us.  Bob and Annette Bonner 828-595-9397  –  Posted 3/28/2019

BlueStone Construction – Kevin Reed did several large remodeling projects in our house including a total kitchen renovation, master bath renovation, window and door installations (where there were none before).  He only does large renovations (ie not handyman work) and builds homes.  He is very professional and thinks through projects, works through any potential issues upfront and finds solutions.  He is very communicative and responsive.  His workers and subcontractors do an excellent job and are pleasant to have working in your home.  Care was taken to project our existing home.  The outcome is excellent as expected – start and ending timelines were as promised.  I would call on Kevin for any additional renovations or if I were to build a home in the area.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  http://www.bluestoneconstruction.com/ – Bonnie and Jim Mangold – Posted 5/9/2018

JWW Builders LLC – James William Wilson did some window and siding repairs at the KPOA Office. Another contractor stated that the windows should be replaced. James disagreed and was able to repair the window frame and re-caulk. This was a substantial savings over the cost of replacement. He charged a very fair price and came in on budget…no extra charges. He was easy to contact and promptly returned calls. Work was started on time and completed on time. We are very satisfied with his work and will be using him again if any further work needs to be done. James had formerly worked for a large company as one of their supervisors. He has recently gone out on his own and is anxious to get established and work in Kenmure. He is licensed and has Workman’s Comp. Contact information: James Wilson – 2815 Memorial Highway – Lake Lure, NC 28746 – 828-388-1338 Posted by Emmy Weissman 1/10/2017

Cabinet Refinishing

NHance  –  We recently had kitchen cabinets in a rental condo refinished and the company did an outstanding job. The condo is 30-years old and while the cabinets were sound structurally, they were looking worn and dated. Either television ad or an internet search put us in touch with NHance. The project took the best part of a week but the time was well worth it.  The team removed doors and took them to their shop where two coats of paint were applied as well as a clear seal coat. The cabinets themselves received the same treatment in place.  We have had other cabinets refinished but the job done by NHance was excellent. The contact person is S. Tom Terrana at   864-558-1000   or email   nhancingcabinets.com   Quality was excellent and the timing of the job fit well with our needs. The firm is highly recommended.  Nick Weedman   Posted 8/20/2020

NHance –  We had kitchen and master bathroom cabinets refaced in our home and NHance did an excellent job with an eye for the details that make their work product pop. The scope of work included removing the old cabinet doors and drawer front faces and replacing them with new, more modern doors and faces, adding soft closures to all drawers, adding various inserts to drawers and cabinets, cleaning and painting the outside and insides of all cabinets, replacing an old secretary desk in the kitchen with new drawers and a spice cabinet, replacing the crown molding above the kitchen cabinets, and installing new hardware.  The NHance team was professional and their work was of high quality, executed in a timely fashion.  The contact person is Tom Terrana at 262-893-1065 or email tom@nhancingcabinets.com.   Bryan Wesselink   Posted 9/29/2021



Elite Cabinetry   –   Buddy Murphy, Hendersonville  Call me for a review.   David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Finely Finished Custom Woodworking – Matt Belanger 828-553-9549. Matt upgraded our cabinets and installed pullout drawers everywhere we could fit them. He is a real pro. Pricing was fair, quality was fine and project was done in a timely fashion. David Leiman – Posted 5/25/2017

Cable Services

Morris Broadband – I’d like to pass along a recommendation for anyone wishing to do business with Morris Broadband… and eliminate the tedious chore of working through their switchboard operators. Steve Baumberger is Morris Broadband’s field representative. He is available for new service and upgrades. His specialties are TV, high speed Internet and phone service.  He is not the one to call for repairs, that has to be done through their switchboard. Steve is very knowledgeable, efficient and thoroughly versed in their system. If you’re contemplating a new system or an upgrade to your present system give Steve a call at 828-691-5541, his cell phone. You won’t be sorry.  Harlan Frymire – Posted 12/1/2018 – updated 12/4/2018


JWW Builders LLC   –  James Wilson, just replaced the flooring on our back deck with composite material.  He also completely rebuilt the back porch and the front porch with the same composite material.  He removed, fixed, painted and replaced all the hand rails. He also removed, replaced and painted the fascia boards as well as the trim strips around the entire house.  In addition, he installed a missing beam that had caused the right side of the house to slide a couple inches.  On top of all that, he helped with a few items inside the house.  He will return to replace the trim around the chimney and to install new windows that are currently on order.  Everything was done to our complete satisfaction.  We cannot speak more highly of James and his helper, Adam.  They are extremely professional, know their business well, are fair-priced and honest!  How could you ask for more?  James can be reached at   828-388-1338   –  Donna & Jim Jones   115 Founders Drive  djones5001@sbcglobal.net     Posted 8/9/2021

Cole Home Improvements   –   Since we purchased our condo in October 2019 Mark Cole has completed several projects for us, large and small, interior and exterior. He is so much more than a handyman. His carpentry skills are solid; he has a good aesthetic sense; he has a high attention to detail; he works efficiently; and he leaves the job site clean each day and at completion. My husband is an architect and has high expectations for contractors. Mark has met and exceeded those expectations in every way.  Most recently Mark and his crew installed planks on our 15 foot high vaulted ceilings. He started and finished the job as promised during a time when we were not in residence. The result is beautiful and everything we had hoped for. The installation and trim is precise and professional. When we returned to Kenmure there was hardly a sign that three men, two sections of scaffolding, extension ladders, and power tools  had even been here to do the work. No scuff marks, no scratches, no sawdust on walls or floor, just a lovely new ceiling.  We recommend Mark Cole, Cole Home Improvements   828-712-96490  , without reservation   –  Mary Bissey and Neil Strack   Posted 3/1/2021

JWW Builders LLC   –   I had two windows that “spontaneously” shattered in my home.  I checked the assorted Kenmure reviews and saw one written by Emmy Weissman back in 2017.  The review was for JWW Builders LLC owned and operated by James Wilson.  Immediately upon reading her review I knew James Wilson was a man of integrity.  I contacted James and he was excellent in his communication back and forth with me as we tried to find a day to complete the work in which the weather was cooperative with the needed sealing of the windows.  James and his assistant arrived promptly on the decided day and immediately got to work.  James encountered some irregular difficulties with one of the windows due to the original improper installation but he worked through the problems and completed the job professionally and in a very timely manner.  James even determined the installation of the second window was easier than he anticipated and lowered the cost of the job he originally quoted.  James has over thirty years experience in home construction and although it was a window installation for me, he said he primarily handles carpentry.  For me, professionalism, integrity, and quality workmanship is what I look for in hiring someone to work on my home….James is all of that.  His phone number: 828-388-1338  –  John Lucey   Posted 2/25/2021

Lee Morava’s Carpentry – Lee Morava is a highly skilled, very fine craftsman who takes pride in every single detail of his work.  We are recommending him with greatest confidence and enthusiasm.  Our project entailed the replacement of a full wall of 4 large sliding doors as well as the transom window above.  Some architectural modifications were made to the wall which in turn added complexity to the job, necessitating the replacement of exterior siding, flashing and trim, resetting of the wall lamps, as well as interior moldings, drywall work and painting.  Lee’s great attention to detail, his pride in producing a perfect outcome and his professionalism are a rare delight.  We could not be happier with the absolutely beautiful results.  You can reach Lee at 828-674-3147.  Jennifer Crane – Posted 10/21/2019

Scott Randall – I would like to recommend Scott Randall (828-696-6825) for any general carpentry work. He completely redid our master bath beautifully, and  just finished replacing all the door hardware in our condo. He will call you back, he arrives when he said he would, cleans up after the job, and does great work.  Jeanne Holland  828-692-5004  Posted 5/27/2019.

Lee Morava’s Carpentry – I would like to submit Lee Morava’s name as a very competent vendor for installing tile and wood flooring.  Jessica and I had our living room carpet replaced with hardwood.  Lee did an outstanding job.  He screwed down the sub-floor and we have zero squeaks.  He leveled off two separate low spots and if you put down a  marble it doesn’t move.  The trim work is outstanding some of the best I have seen in Kenmure.  All in all a very professional finished job.  Lee can be reached by calling 828-674-3147.  Ron Buono – Posted 1/2/2019   Updated 10/21/2019

Carpet – Vacuum

Carpet Installer

Carpet Cleaners

HSquared Carpet Cleaning  –  Deserves yet another recommendation.  We called Bryan, he called back, gave us an estimate over the phone to clean three bedroom carpets, made an appointment, then Brent came on time and estimate was what we paid.  Nice people, nice work and very tidy.  Bryan is at 828-329-6668.  Sharon Leiman    Z4Sharon@yahoo.com Posted 10/10/2020

ChemDry of Hendersonville – for carpet cleaning.  Dave Williams and his assistants have cleaned our master bedroom carpet for many years, and we have always been  pleased with their work. They arrive when they say they will and are diligent in their work. They’re particularly good with stained areas. There are three levels of offerings as to what you might want done, and they let you choose.  Highly recommended.  Call: 828-697-0088  (cell 577-4239).    Ted Etherington Posted 11/13/2019

HSquared Carpet Cleaning – delighted us as a customer from our very first contact.  Bryan Porter, one of the owners, called us back immediately after we left a voicemail.  He confirmed our carpet cleaning appointment via email and phone call and arrived on time (amazing!)  Our indoor/outdoor carpet, outdoor furniture cushions, carpeted door mats and entryway carpet were cleaned spotlessly.  Their cleaning team was friendly, considerate and conscientious in getting the job done well…and for a great value!   We highly recommend HSquared Carpet Cleaning to our Kenmure neighbors.  Contact Bryan Porter at 828-329-6668 or email www.hsquaredcarpet.com –  Best wishes – Steve & Paula Webb – Posted 4/11/2018

Craven’s Carpet Cleaning & Floor Service – is a reliable and affordable carpet cleaner with 30 years experience.  Bill Craven can be reached at 828-697-7467 – John Ely – Posted 4/8/2018

HSquared Carpet Cleaning – Owner: Sheldon Hipps. Phone: 828-329-6668 Website: www.hsquaredcarpet.com. They have serviced our rental properties cleaning carpets, stretching and some extraction. Did a fantastic job!! Reasonable and dependable. Kathy Jones – Posted 7/27/2017

Chimney Cleaner

Environmental Chimney Service, Inc.  –  We recently had our chimney inspected by this company.  The two employees (Brad and Aaron) were excellent.  They were prompt, courteous and efficient.  Although our chimney did not require cleaning, they performed a thorough inspection, explaining each procedure and their findings in detail.  The service they provide includes inspecting and cleaning gas logs, outside chimney repair, and chimney caps.  They also cleaned our dryer vent – not a simple job since the vent is very tortuous and exits to the outside on a hillside about 20’ off the ground.  We highly recommend them.   Email www.safechimneys.com  or Phone 828-243-0098    Mary Lynn and Bud Yost   Posted 8/28/2019

Clock Repair

Time Will Tell  –  Marcus B. Moffitt is a good man and it is very hard to connect with a good clock repair specialist –  Call 864-546-1061  – 630 Old Hunts Bridge Road, Greenville, SC 29617  – Les Christensen – Dan Lang  – Posted 3/17/2020

Computers/Printers/Audio Visual

Mark Crabbe, the Computer Doctor – Is an  expert at computer upgrades and fixes.  Mark has helped me for several years, and does all this work in your home.  Mark’s number is 838-712-6376   Jan Wauben  828-777-6932  jbwauben@gmail.com  Posted 12/8/2019

Mac Computers – Beth Engel – She is very knowledgeable and responsive. She came to our home and identified the problem after 2 false starts with the Greenville Apple store and Charlotte Street computers. She is very professional. Call – 828-808-2300 or Email – Ruth Klug – Posted 6/1/2017

The Ashville Computer Co – Computer problems? I recommend Aaron Tracy at The Ashville Computer Co – 828-290-9092 and located at 5 Miller Rd., Ashville N 28803. You reach his location by turning right off of exit 37 onto Long Shoals Rd and going east across 25 and go to the first drive to the left into the small strip mall. I wanted an upgrade to my computer and he came to the house and picked the unit up. He works on macs, pcs, remotes and devices. He also will do network and computer setup planning. This guy is very accommodating, quick, nice and reasonable – Richard Opsahl – Posted 3/25/2017


Consider It Done !  – Senior concierge services.  I would like to highly recommend this lady and her concierge service.   Shelly Cagle  828-712-2263  – Richard Dodge  Posted 2/7/2020


ANYTHING GOES – I recently had a substantial amount of work done to the outside of my house by The company “ANYTHING GOES” owned by Homer Jones. They did an excellent job..Following is a list of what they did.

Completely resurfaced a 400 square foot deck and did a great job of staining it.
Pressure washed the entire house and 3 additional decks and 2 stairways.
Replaced rotted boards on 2 decks and the 2 stairways and stained all of these, plus an additional deck.
Replaced and stained damaged trim on the house.Stained all of the railings.
Replaced a leaking faucet.
All the work was done to our complete satisfaction.
Homer can be reached at 828- 777-3122 or by email at homer.heritagefletcher@gmail.com
The company does Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Decking, Siding, Tile and more…
I can be contacted at 692-7574 if you have any questions and you can see the work by appointment at my house, 357 Kenmure Drive –
Bill Ziperman – Posted 10/5/2019

BRIAN MORGAN –    Brian and Jeff Morgan repaired and installed Trex decking on a large outdoor deck, elevated walkway and stairs.  They also rebuilt railings where needed and matched the existing house railings exactly.  Brian is a home builder and has just finished constructing a house in Lake Lure.   Brian has worked in Kenmure for any years and lives nearby.  I highly recommend Brian for home projects large or small – Brian Morgan phone 828-674-8766    Gordon Lane   828-435-9036  – Posted 4/2/2019

Driveway Sealing

S&J Asphalt Paving Co., LLC   –   Just had our driveway sealed by them. It was way overdue! They did an excellent job at a fair price. Communications with us were outstanding, kept us informed of scheduling and any weather issues  –   833-200-7105  –  Margot Eld  –  Posted 10/8/2020

Carolina Paving – I DO NOT RECOMMEND CAROLINA  PAVING!!!!!!!  I live at 162 Overlook  Drive – there are three homes off our  “frontage” drive.  In July we hired Carolina Paving to seal the main driveway and our individual entrance driveways.  In front of my home the patching was not properly done (loose gravel and holes).  I immediately called Jeff Hart (owner) and told him about my dissatisfaction.  I have witnesses.  After numerous phone calls and lies and promising to repair and no responses (it is now November 19) I feel that I have been taken.  The job  is totally  unacceptable.  I will be happy to discuss this further with anyone who is considering using this Paving firm – Jayne Wain   828-693-3448  – Posted 11/19/2019

S&J Asphalt Paving Co., LLC – Having spent two years on my own filling cracks, bad spots and sealing etc, this year I got a contractor. S&J Asphalt based just across the border in SC.  They had to do Hot Tar crack fill and then seal. The first time around there were a few unfinished cracks so the owner personally came out and did it again; and this was well done and looks good. So they lived up to their commitment of good service.  Additional data points: Our driveway is large at about 3200 sqft. The total cost, including all the Hot Tar treatment etc was right at about $1800.  Please Contact:  833-200-7105      Hope this helps. Call if you wish to discuss further  828-513-4137  –  Posted 10/18/2019

Carolina Paving – Sealed my driveway this summer and my neighbor’s prior to that.  Contact Jeff Hart:  828-891-3413 – Chris Glockler – Posted 10/18/2019

Craftworx –  We used Craftworx out of Black Mountain  828-279-4274   email – enjcraft@charter.net  and were very happy with their service – Dennis O’Connor  email  dennis@oconnorsmail.com  847-778-1055 – Posted 10/18/2019

Carolina Paving – I have used Carolina Paving several times and very pleased with the job they have done.  Call 828-891-3413.  Jan Wauben    Posted 10/18/2019

Driveway Paving


Proimpact   –   Daniel Villa from ProImpact did the drywall work in our recent remodeling project and we found him to be conscientious and reliable, and his work to be of good quality.  He had many seams and intersections to cover and make disappear when painted and he did a very nice job!  His company also advertises for painting, pressure washing, tile, wood work, and cleaning services, but our only experience was with his drywall work, and we were very pleased. Daniel can be reached at 828-458-7146 or proimpact84@yahoo.com   Flora Hobson 864-554-1101   Posted 7/2/2021

Elder Care Assistance


Hannah Electrical Contractors –   I had a job to install several 3-way light switches in our home.  New switch locations were to be created, and this required attic access to snake wires through existing walls.  There were several new and different wall locations involved.  Greg Alexander and his helper accomplished this job neatly and in a very professional way.   No painting touch up needed.  I also had a large chandelier to be installed on a high (20 foot plus) ceiling.  Using scaffolds, Greg and his helpers finished the job perfectly.  I would not hesitate to contact Hannah Electric for any future electrical needs.     Greg’s cell phone 828-606-4163.   Paul Kriz   Posted 7/21/2020

D.R. Walters Electric  –  I would like to recommend for electrical work as well as generator installation and service D.R. Walters Electric, Inc 828-692-2898 of Hendersonville.  Dave Walters is attentive to your needs and does a no nonsense job for you.  Dave installed our back up generator and suggested we use a better transfer switch than came with the Generac we purchased.  It works well and the install was quick and well done.  He comes when he promises and if there is any problem he lets you know without delay.  I have had questions a year later and called him and he returned my calls within the hour.  This is a smaller company who really looks to help and stands behind their work.  Ask about surge protectors with all our lighting storms.   Greg Jackson  Posted 6/22/2020

Hannah Electric –  Greg Alexander just competed several small electrical projects for us such as installing a ceiling fan, a new outlet on our porch, a motion light sensor over our garage, a bathroom dimmer switch and repair the wiring on a front porch light fixture.  He was prompt, reasonable in pricing and he and his assistant were pleasant as he they did the work .  Phone 828-606-1463    Chip Pryde – Posted 5/9/2020

Hannah Electrical Contractors – I had the pleasure of using Hannah Electrical Contractors on 10/30/19 concerning the replacing of seven under the counter cabinet  fluorescent lights in the kitchen with LED lights.  He said he would be there on 11/4 at about 9:00 Am.  He called and said he was running late and would arrive at 9:30, which he did.  He and his associate Matt completed the job in 2 1/2 hours which was not easy working up under the cabinets.  I found them both to be pleasant, cooperative, and  very efficient.  The cost was very reasonable.  I would recommend Greg Alexander and his associate Matt for electrical work.  Hannah Electrical’s phone number is 828-606-4163.  Don Kauffman  Posted 11/6/2019

D.G. Electric  I was excited to see this company highly recommended as I was in serious need of an electrician.   They promptly came out to the house and after that they were totally non responsive.   After almost three months, multiple phone calls and texts I still couldn’t even get an estimate.   I gave up and went through HomeAdvisor.com to find another electrician.  Pat Tims  828-697-8200.  Posted May 27, 2019  

D.G. Electric – If you need an electrician we would highly recommend Dwayne Gambrell of DG Electric from Zirconia NC – Cell   828-696- 6915 or Home 828-696-1424 – He does excellent work, is prompt, courteous, easy to work with and has reasonable rates.  Dirk  Willms Posted 12/19/2018

D.G. Electric –  We would like to highly recommend Dwayne Gambrell, the owner of D.G. Electric for any electrical work that you need done. We have had Dwayne do several jobs for us and have been extremely impressed. He shows up when he says he will and is very  knowledgeable about his field. His work is excellent and his prices are reasonable and fair.  Another plus is the fact that Dwayne lives right down the road in Zirconia. His contact information is: Cell 828-696-6915  Home 828-696-6962 – John and Nancy Eskew – Posted 11/17/2018

Hannah Electrical Contractors – Greg Alexander is highly recommended. Dependable (tells you when he is coming to your home and keeps his word!), excellent quality work, reasonable in price and neat. Greg has done several projects for us including installing new outlets, wiring for new appliances and installing new fixtures. He is pleasant and thoughtful fellow provides good advice. His cell phone is 828-606-4163. Jane and Jim Walker – Posted 2/23/2017


Citadel Fence & Repair – Michael Nelson, Owner/Operator of Citadel Fence & Repair did a professional job of removing and hauling away an old wooden fence, and installed a new aluminum fence and gate.  His workmanship is absolutely meticulous, and he is a perfectionist in every detail.  He completed the job on schedule and at the quoted price.  I can highly recommend Citadel Fence for new installation or repair.  Michael Nelson can be contacted at 828-817-5483 or citadelfencerepair@gmail.com – Terry Stein – 828-290-2445 – Posted 7/14/2018


Biltmore Hearth and Home  –   Based on another homeowner’s recommendation we called Biltmore Hearth & Home 828-891-5200 (AKA Hearth Tech) to correct some of the mess left by the non responsive GC and “Designer”  who had been remodeling? our home.   The serviceman came on time and cleaned parts and controls (of the sawdust left throughout our home) that I had thought would need to be replaced.  Reasonable and efficient. Worth punching a bunch of buttons to get a real person     –   David Leiman     Posted 6/14/2021

Biltmore Hearth and Home –   Excellent service. They serviced my gas fireplace and were very professional, on time and respectful of my property.  I now have a service contract with them to service my fireplace once a year.  828-891-5200  –  Ruth Klug  –  Posted 4/28/2021

Blue Ridge Appliance and Hearth, Inc – I purchased new logs for our fireplace in June 2019. After following the instructions and running the fireplace as discussed, I continued to smell a gas like odor. After several phone calls over the last few months, they finally came out and charged me $80.00 because it was after the 30 day warranty period. When I called the office to discuss this issue, the manager hung up on me. Their customer service is horrible. Respectfully submitted, Ruth Klug – Posted 10/23/2019

Flooring Refinishing

Hernandez Flooring – Hardwood and laminate floor installation and refinishing. We had Aurelio Hernandez refinish our kitchen floor.  He did an excellent job, on time and on budget. His number is 828-490-2962 or 864-419-0420. Donna and Sandy Hastie 828-696-0703 – Posted 9/6/2019

Floor Tile

Vlad & El, LLC. – We recently renovated a small half bath and replace existing hardwood floor with quartz tile.  Part of the subfloor also needed to be replaced.  We purchased the tile and installation from Lowes.  Vlad, the installation guy did a wonderful job.  He arrived on time and the installation was first rate.  In addition to working for Lowes, the installer has his own business.  The installer’s name was Vlad (originally from the Ukraine, but has been in the US for many years and speaks English well).  Here is the business info:  Vlad&El LLC, 828-333-8786, vlad&el@yahoo.com – Susan Boland – Posted 4/2/2019

Furniture Restoration and Repair

Miller’s Furniture Restoration   –   Craig Miller’s shop is off Highway 25 North in the Mountain Home area.  He did a beautiful job of refinishing a walnut table that belonged to John’s parents.  He understands the proper process of steps involved in removing blemishes, dents, etc.  He delivered it to us with a helper so we had to do no lifting. He has a listing on Google under Miller’s Furniture Restoration where one can read other good reviews.  Telephone    828-329-9113     If you need to leave a message, he returns calls promptly  –  Donna and John Crawford  –  Posted 5/3/2021

Furniture  Fellas –  on-site repair and restoration. John P. Knott, owner, did an excellent job of repairing a small damaged area of a piece of furniture for us. His office manager, Kristy, was wonderful to work with while scheduling the appointment to come to our home for the repair. His work is top notch and reasonable. He arrived on time, repaired the damage, gathered up his tools and supplies and as they say “couldn’t even tell he had been here”. We highly recommend him to our neighbors. Phone  828-693-0622    Steve and Nancy Smith, Pinnacle Peak Lane 828-447-3121  – Posted 3/18/2020

John Knott did an excellent job of repairing damage to the finish of two table tops, where the finish had actually been eaten away by solvents.  He did this in our home without refinishing the entire tops.  We could not locate where the damage occurred once he was finished.  He also buffed out some heat stains from a breakfast room table, leaving us with a table top that appears brand new.  His charge was quite reasonable.  He does all kinds of in-home furniture repair.  I received many positive reviews of his work from Kenmure residents, and from Benson and Babb before using his services. Phone:  828-693-0622 or email:  furniturefellas@aol.com  Pat Bissonnet  Posted 8/13/2019

Garage Door Repair

Boles Garage Doors – I contacted David Boles  828-458-4008  after reading positive reviews from Kenmure homeowners.  Sure enough;  he responded promptly and professionally and did a needed repair at a fair price.  He’s a no-nonsense, get the job done kind of guy.  I highly recommend him.  Terry Stein – 316 Silent Rise Lane – 828-290-2445 Posted 6/1/2019

Boles Garage Doors –  We were also pleased with Bole’s Garage Doors.  They installed two new garage door openers in 2018.The quote was reasonable and scheduling and installation was prompt.  Months later one of the doors started having problems and David came out and fixed it at no charge the next day.  David Boles can be reached at 828-458-4008.Pat and Kathrine Tims  828-697-8200   3/5/2019

Boles Garage Door Service  – We used Home Advisor to locate someone to replace our garage door opener. We were connected with David Boles of Boles Garage Door Service in Hendersonville. He was able to come within 30 minutes and replaced our garage door opener and rollers. We thought his prices were reasonable. There was no service call fee for him to come to the house and give us an estimate. His phone number is 828-458-4008. We highly recommend him. Gerry and Julie Ashbeck – 828-693-9896 – Posted 1/6/2017

Boles Garage Door Service – I would like to recommend David Boles of Boles Garage Door Service. David was very prompt in returning my call, was able to come to our house immediately, did a professional job and was reasonably priced. His phone number is 828-458-4008 – Bob Paulsen Posted 8/12/2016 Corrected 1/6/2017

Garage Floor Refinishing

IronDrive Quality Garage Floor Coating   –   They use a two-coat epoxy process with color ‘sprinkles’ between the coats.  Their first step is to grind off about 1/32 inch of concrete to insure a good bond with the epoxy.  They use the biggest ‘floor sander’ I had ever seen, with a diamond grinder.  It is propane fueled with a big external filter to capture the concrete dust.  After the first epoxy coat, colored sprinkles are applied.  There are five color choices shown on their website https://irondrivegaragefloors.com/, or call Don Wilson 864-417-0997    A clear epoxy coat finalizes the job.  We were left with a timetable for:  walking on the floor (after 6 hours), completely closing the garage door (18 hours) and parking cars (48 hours).  The cost was under $4 per square foot.  Our 2-car garage measured 464 square feet.  All work was completed the same day and took about 8 hours.  Don and two sons worked carefully and delivered a beautiful and professional job.  We are delighted with their work.    Dick Roemer    Posted 2/7/2021

Gas Piping

Carolina Gas Piping – We had Jason Cable, 828-577-8166, install new cooktop and fireplace gas lines.  His price was very reasonable, they arrived when promised, worked efficiently, were safety conscious and cleaned up thoroughly.  We highly recommend. – Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer – Posted 9/4/2020


D.R. Walters Electric  –  I would like to recommend for electrical work as well as generator installation and service D.R. Walters Electric, Inc 828-692-2898 of Hendersonville.  Dave Walters is attentive to your needs and does a no nonsense job for you.  Dave installed our back up generator and suggested we use a better transfer switch than came with the Generac we purchased.  It works well and the install was quick and well done.  He comes when he promises and if there is any problem he lets you know without delay.  I have had questions a year later and called him and he returned my calls within the hour.  This is a smaller company who really looks to help and stands behind their work.  Ask about surge protectors with all our lighting storms.   Greg Jackson  Posted 6/22/2020

Morgan Master Electrician  –   Having a need to replace my old generator, I received price quotes from three companies and selected Morgan Master Electrician (an authorized Generac dealer).  Gary Morgan, owner, was prompt, professional, and quoted a fair and competitive price.  After accepting his bid, the entire process including delivery of the unit, installation by a professional crew, clean-up of the entire installation area, and removal of the old unit was exceptional.  I highly recommend Morgan Master Electrician.  Gary Morgan  can be reached at 828-891-2214   –  Terry Stein, 316 Silent Rise Lane  –  Posted 6/6/2020

Ashley Mobile Electric – After obtaining multiple proposals and with the recommendation of our generator service provider, Energy Services, I chose Ashley Mobile Electric to install a new Generac 9kw generator.  Our old 8kw generator was routinely failing and needed to be replaced.  The proposal included a new generator, required rewiring and removal of the old generator.  They installed the generator and connected it to our natural gas line.  Upon start up, the generator ran rough, attributed to the gas line (it should be noted that our 8kw didn’t have this problem).  Ashley wasn’t able to diagnose or fix the problem and instead called Energy Services to come out and fix the natural gas issue.  Energy Services did by adjusting a regulator.    I learned later that Ashley Mobile Electrical did not have to replace any of the wiring but charged me for the cost to do so anyway.   Lastly, I have an outlet in the home that stopped working after the install.  I called Ashely Mobile Services and asked that they check the circuit.  That was three weeks ago and they haven’t followed up.  Terry Smith – Posted 9/26/2019

Stuller Power SolutionsHad an unfortunate experience with Stuller Power the other day.  Had previously spent $885 on 9/17 to have my generator main circuit board replaced.  Generator ran well when they tested it thereafter it failed.  Called them re the malfunction and Brian said it was on me.  I mentioned the previous work and what I had paid and he became extremely defensive and down right arrogant.  Told me if I didn’t like their work I should go back to Maybin, my previous contractor.  Wow!!  They said they would send someone over on the 13th of this month but there  no evidence that they were here although they claim to have time date stamped pictures.  No evidence that the unit was ever opened (dirt covering the panel was undisturbed), no door tag, no phone call, hmmm!  Guess I was just supposed to figure out what was wrong by myself.  I called them and indicated that there was no evidence they were here, not to mention that the gatehouse had no record of them entering the community.  Today they called and summarily told me to go find someone else.  Ahem, I already did.  Others in the community might want to look elsewhere as well.  Doesn’t sound like the type of contractor that this community needs.  Clearly, I do not recommend this contractor!! – Margaret Hancook – Posted 6/18/2018

Mountain Generator ServiceAfter contacting several generator companies and either getting no response or they didn’t have time, I finally did a google search based on the area and ratings (we are new to Kenmure/NC).  I came across Mountain Generator Service and spoke with the owner Jeff Christian.  Since he seemed to be the only one interested in coming out and diagnosing the problem, we hired him for the job after receiving his bid.  Jeff was prompt and VERY responsive.  He communicated with me on updates regarding the parts and completed the job today.  He was extremely reasonable and didn’t charge a “trip charge” on either call.  You won’t be disappointed.  Jeff Christian can be reached at  (Cell) 973.487.8629   (Office) 828.475.8900 – Mickey and Shanda McKenzie – Posted 1/3/2018

Stuller Power Solutions – Did a tune up service and came back rapidly when it did not start a test cycle when supposed to. Very efficient, professional and nice. Olivia is Brian’s daughter and really schedules service with precision. Phone 828-698-9589. David Leiman – Posted 5/25/2017

Stuller Power Solutions – We suffered through four different generator maintenance companies before we took the recommendation of several others and contacted Stuller Power Solutions. First, we recommend most strongly that you NOT use Maybin. Their reputation among customers and peers is abysmal, and our experience supports that. But with Stuller, we had the opposite experience. Brian Stuller was prompt, courteous, gave an accurate estimate, and a reasonable price. Don’t make our mistake and dabble with others. Call Brian at :(828) 698-9589 – Greg Newbold – Posted 3/23/2017

Golf Carts


Carolina Gutter Helmet –  We had a damaged section of a 28’ run of original Gutter Helmet from the mid-90’s needing repair/replacement.  The product is still great in its original state and even better with today’s version of improvements.  The sales effort by Mr. Shade however, was absolutely horrendous with parallels to the movie “Tin Men” (vinyl siding scams).  After an hour of extolling the virtues of the GH system and much pontification, I had to interrupt him to obtain an actual quote.  Another 10 minutes and finally a quote of $1500 materialized.  Over $50 a LF!   I was incredulous and told him thanks but, no thanks and good day.  But, wait….  Another 15 plus minutes of blather and a phone call to the office, he derived at a “non-warrantied” price of $500, which he said was the minimum to walk on site.  This was closer to what my research had indicated ($20-25 LF, with warranty).  The product is great, the carnival sales process is abysmal.  Don’t accept the first price!   Kerry Shade (sales rep) 828-513-4289 (cell)  866-882-8292 (office)   –  Chris Sealy  –  Posted 12/13/2020

Gutters by Dave –  For gutter cleaning and repair –  He came when he said he would, did what he said he would and left a reasonable invoice..   Call him at 828-230-3124 – David Leiman – Posted 6/26/2018

Gutters By Dave – Dave has cleaned my gutters the last 2 years always showing up on time and doing a superb job.  This past year he also provided screening over open portions that will limit the amount of debris accumulating.  Dave immediately returns calls and is priced very fairly. Call 828-230-3124 – Ron & Bobby Masterman – Overlook Drive – Posted 5/28/2018


Corbcut Handyman Servicesvices    –  Robert Corbley at 828-215-4080  –  In addition to his handyman company he has 36 years of experience in the construction industry.  We are very pleased with the work he has done for us.  His business card says “Give us a call cause we do it all”  Bobbe Rowan   Posted 8/1/18/2021

Paul Johnson   –   763-381-2277.  Paul is on time, comes ready to complete whatever tasks are needed, good communicator and nice person to deal with.  For us, Paul installed wall mount for tv, tv itself, replaced lighting fixtures, replaced outdoor receptacles and a few other jobs.  Paul’s charges are fair.  He volunteered to remove all the packing material (and old tv) for the installed items.  When asked, Paul indicated that he is fully vaccinated against Covid.  He has also done quite a bit of work in Biltmore Park.  He can be reached at the number above, texting initially works well.    Alan Van Ostenbridge   828-698-3599    Posted 8/14/2021

Cole’s Home Improvement  –   We have used Mark Cole   828 712 9649   twice this last year and both times he did a fantastic job.  He replaced all the screens on our porch and designed a trim system so we can replace screens from inside when needed.  Recently he hung a new fan on a 12-foot ceiling, hung heavy artwork, and repaired outside trim on our living room fixed glass.  We would highly recommend him for any handyman projects.   Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer      Posted 6/20/21

Michael A. Jones   –   We are in the process of moving in to our new home in Kenmure and we hired Mike Jones (His number is 828-329-2249) to help on various projects.  He has been wonderful helping us out and has really done a great job on a number of projects.  He has been painting, doing some demo work, and just generally making a real difference in getting our house updated.  He really works hard and I strongly recommend him to you. Dennis Dickerson – Greenleaf – Posted 2/22/2021

ANYTHING GOES  –  We have recently had major work done to our upper and lower decks that extend the full length of our house.  Besides replacing wood and siding around leaking sliding glass doors, many deck floor boards, railings and posts were replaced.  Both decks were also caulked where needed, pressure washed and painted.    Anything Goes is owned by Homer Jones.  Homer was easy to deal with and a thoroughly nice person.  He and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job and we will be having them on other projects.  Homer Jones – Cell:  828-777-3122   Email:  homer.heritagefletcher@gmail.com   Larry Price   –  Posted 2/5/2021

TRIPPS RENOVATIONS   –   We recently purchased in Kenmure.  The home inspection discovered a substantial leak into our crawlspace.  Tripp Jeter (owner) gave us an estimate for that work as well as building two pantries and putting in a wet bar and icemaker in the kitchen.  Tripp and his entire crew — project manager, carpenters, painters and subcontractors were great to work with.  As it became apparent that the leak was worse than anyone thought, we were kept fully informed about what needed to be done and the cost.  I would definitely recommend Tripp Renovations for any work needed.  Very professional crew and a delight to have around my home.  Tripp Jeter  828-290-8264   Carol & Ed Battocchio   Posted  1/22/2021

Chris Farrell of Christopher David Services   – We’ve used Chris and Ron for several jobs now, and continue to highly recommend them. They’ve installed a front door, finished and painted our basement, and done a number of small exterior jobs. All done at excellent quality and reasonable cost. The things I like best about working with Chris and Ron are the attention to detail and the level of communication. They ALWAYS make sure to talk to us if anything needs to be changed or adjusted or if they encounter any issues, and make sure to get our approval ahead of time. I have complete faith in their abilities and the quality of their work. Please contact Chris at chris@cdsvcs.com or call (828) 707-1173  – Tony and Jhan Dunn –   Posted  11/20/2020

Handyman Services    –   Kevin Boak recently replaced a cartridge in a leaking kitchen faucet that we found impossible to remove.  He arrived expecting a quick job but was tenacious and ended up spending almost two hours because of the difficulty in removing the faucet.  His price for the repair was more than fair and he was professional and congenial.  His business card says Handyman Services but he’s also doing some major renovations and repairs.  Services listed on his card include repairs, installations, trim carpentry, drywall and tile.  I will have no problem calling him back for larger projects.  Kevin Boak   –  828-735-2642  –  Email wkb1265@aol.com Sandy and Jim Woodcock    Posted 10/12/2020

Drew Renovations  –  I called Drew Renovations, recommended on this page.  I talked to him on June 22nd and told him what I needed done, maybe 10 different smaller projects, like drywall repair in three rooms after some electrical work, sanding and painting mailbox post, screen repair, stone step repair. He told me he could do all those things and would be able to come by the next morning at 10.  He texted me twice on the 24th, running late, but did show up around 11:30 with another young man.  I was a little skeptical as Drew is 24 years old and I have had the worst luck with young contractors. He told me he was going to redeem his age group with me.   I had my work list printed and we went through all the projects.  He told me he did all those things, would have a quote to me that night or the next day and that he and his crew could do all of the work in a day and half by the end of the following week. I didn’t hear from him so texted him a reminder on the 25th.  No response.  On July 10th, the day by which he said all work would be completed, I texted him and advised him that I had waited to post a review until I gave him an opportunity to explain. Funny, but suddenly multiple an immediate responses.

Here’s that transcript:
Drew: Hi Beth, I’m just very busy with bigger jobs I don’t specialize in that work and I usually subcontract anything else I don’t do and I have no one available for the next 2 months. Sorry I didn’t get back to you I just have so much going on. Thanks for understanding.
Me: No, actually I don’t understand. You could have said that before you wasted my time and there is never an excuse for lack of communication. Too busy to text? Seriously?
Drew: I have people texting me all day everyday I viewed it and forgot to reply because I didn’t have the time to think about it. I’m sorry
Me: Welcome to the business world. No excuses, man.
Drew: I tried finding someone who will do the work but no one is available. That why I didn’t reply right away.
Me: 17 days of silence.
I do not recommend him. Unreliable.   Beth Moriarty   –   Posted 7/10/2020

Michael Jones –   I do not recommend Michael Jones. He did several jobs for us while we were away (off the mainland). One was painting our kitchen cabinets. He sent the estimate and included the statement that he would need to take the cabinetry doors off. I assume that meant he was going to paint the front AND back. The back was not done. After our return home, I did contact him via the usual email. He never got back with me on the issue.  In another instance, I spelled out in several emails about what was to be discarded from the garage. Needless to say, a very cherished item (picture of the Naval Academy) was discarded.   Rhonda Hertwig  – Posted 5/26/2020

Drew Renovations – We were looking for someone that could do a couple of projects. i.e. power washing, roof cleaning etc….and ran across Drew Renovations.  I contacted him and he immediately responded and was out to complete the work within 2 days.  He was very professional and did a great job.  We had him come again today to replace roof tiles and a full inspection of our roof.  I had discussed some other revisions and he was honest enough to tell me that we should hold off….vs. just trying to get more money – Contact Drew Renovation   Cell number  828-774-6941   email  drewrenovation@gmail.com   – Shanda McKenzie  – Posted 1/28/2020

Chris Farrell of Christopher David Services – Chris is a Veteran who hires other Vets. He is honest, reliable, easy to work with and does a great job. His rates are very fair. Chris has completed three jobs for us and at every step of the way he has explained details, checked on prices and materials, set up orders with suppliers,etc. He is straightforward in letting us know if he thinks a job requires a contractor or another professional. We have been very pleased with the quality of work and the attention to detail given each task. Chris also provides an array of other regularly scheduled home maintenance services if needed. Please contact Chris at chris@cdsvcs.com or call (828) 707-1173. If you have any other questions about our experience with Christopher David Services please contact Jhan or Tony Dunn at  (530) 591-7566. Posted 12/29/2019

Air Vent Exteriors  –  After moving in our home last year we found that we really missed our screened in porches from our previous home. We met with Sal with Air Vent Exterior to discuss the addition of this under our deck. He presented us with a bid and we decided to use their firm. Although it was about 9 weeks to have them install it, it was definitely worth the wait, even though it will be spring before we can use it.  We had some issues of them installing the frame work around our brick pillars but Tyler and Jason did an excellent job of working around them and  some electrical wiring to our heat pump outside the porch. They installed a screen door and the workmanship is meticulous. Extremely happy with end result!  Robert and Barbara Keller  – Posted 12/16/2019

Gary Steiner – I would like to recommend Gary Steiner as an all-around competent handyman.  He has rebuilt our dormers, replaced trim around all of our windows, installed pavers, replaced shingles and done other repairs for us.   (He also shovels driveways.) We had a leak in one of our soffits that went on for some time. No one could figure it out.  Gary diagnosed the problem and fixed it immediately.  He is very knowledgeable about all home-related situations and is fair in his charges.  He and his brothers built many homes in Kenmure in the 90s, so he is familiar with building construction, the community, and its residents.  He is prompt and reliable.  Highly recommended.   Phone:  828- 242-7492      Ted Etherington – Posted 5/1/2019

Cole’s Home Improvement – There are several comments about Cole’s Home improvement, but I feel obligated to add one more. Mark solved a rather tricky outdoor deck problem for me. He also completed four other not insignificant projects and the total cost was less than the estimate I had to fix the deck! Mark Cole is reliable, very good at what he does, and obviously prices his work at a reasonable rate. Call him any time at 828-712-9649  Dave Ticko – Posted 3/24/2019

Cole’s Home Improvement– During the last three years Mark Cole has completed a number of projects for us, from such simple matters as rebuilding an access door to the crawl space for our house or realigning closet doors so that they close properly, to more complex projects, such as correcting a major structural flaw in our deck. He has also replaced deteriorated sections of our deck and cleaned and repainted it.  Because our permanent home is not in Kenmure, we especially feel fortunate to have Mark Cole schedule and make repairs while we are not even in residence.  We have found him to be trustworthy, hard-working, reliable, and reasonable with the fees for the work he has performed.  Mark Cole’s cell number is 828-712-9649 – Sherry and Bruce Southard – Posted 2/21/2018

Michael A. Jones – Local and native to our area. Michael is a retired Lineman from Duke Energy after 31 years and is knowledgeable in many areas of repairs. Fair pricing and quality work. He has serviced our rental properties. Michael’s phone # is 828-329-2249. – Kathy Jones – Posted 7/27/2017

Cole’s Home Improvement – We had Mark Cole replace a board in our deck; adjust several doors so they worked properly and strip, clean, stain and varnish our front door area – which now looks brand new! We are pleased with Mark as a person and the excellent work he completes – you may reach him on his cell phone at 828-712-9649. Mark is reliable and he comes with our recommendation – Herman and Lynn Boda – 828-699-1431 – Posted 6/9/2017

Cole’s Home Improvement – We needed help with a number of projects around the house from getting a pocket door back on the track to dry wall repair, carpentry, installing new range hood and various other things. Mark Cole was very professional, honest and completed all projects without any issues. Mark is an all round good guy. We will be using him for future projects and his rate was very competitive in comparison to the other bids that I received. Mark Cole’s cell number is 828-712-9649 – Jane and Jim Walker – Posted 2/23/2017

Cole’s Home Improvement– We are new to Kenmure and were looking for someone to replace light fixtures/ceiling fans and also install beadboard in our kitchen. Mark Cole was very professional, honest and completed both projects without any issues. We will be using him for future projects and his rate was very competitive in comparison to the other bids that I received. Mark Cole’s cell number is 828-712-9649 – Mickey and Shanda L. McKenzie – Posted 1/4/2017


Heating and Air Conditioning

Horizon Heating & Cooling   –    I am pleased with a furnace diagnosis and repair by Horizon Heating & Air in September 2020.  The heater had stopped working (it would ignite, but then turn off after 15-30 seconds). The furnace is 27 years old Rheem. Technician Tristen diagnosed ($99+ flat fee pus tax) and found that the control circuit board was failing to turn on the main blower (fan).  He made a temporary fix with a jumper wire to put Fan On all the time (like the Thermostat Fan-On switch).  So the heating thermostat worked again.  And I could fairly easily turn it all off/on with the on/off switch at the furnace.  Tristen said he would try in the morning to find a replacement circuit board.  Meanwhile I looked on the internet — could not find for any Rheem furnace older that about 20 years.  2 days later, tech called and said he located one (via direct discussions with Rheem – only 5 left).  After a couple days shipping, Tristen installed it and all is working perfectly.  All aspects of the service were excellent.  –  Stan Christman  – Posted 10/3/2020

McNutt– My original HVAC equipment was installed in 1995, and subsequently maintained, by a company named McNutt.  I was consistently satisfied with their work.  Within the last few years, McNutt was acquired by Southeast Climate Care.  On 2/24/18 I paid this firm for a new service contract covering 4/14/18 – 4/13/19.  When their representative came 5/7/18 to service the A/C, he said he could not complete the job due to difficulties with the unit’s location, along with leaking coolant.  By letter dated 5/18/18 I requested cancellation of the contract and refund of the payment I had made.  I never received that refund, or any other response.  Follow-up requests via email and phone were also ignored.

Recently I had new equipment installed by Horizon Heating & Cooling, who have been exceedingly professional and responsive.  – Norman Carrier – Posted 7/23/2018

Horizon Heating & Cooling – I was so pleased with the emergency repair by Brian C./Horizon Heating & Air in January when we had 10 straight days of 10 F that I put them on top of my list to replace my 23.5 year old HVAC system. Waited till May for decent weather and to give me time to research on HVAC systems. I had quotes from 3 different dealers, picked Horizon Heating because of my experience with them in January, that they are a Trane dealer, that they listened and addressed my concerns, their staff is courteous and professional, and their warehouse is so clean and orderly!  Replacement took 1.5 days. Ricky and Dustan did a fantastic job, they are highly skilled technicians with attention to details. Horizon Heating & Air took care of Trane product registration and rebates from the energy companies. I highly recommend Horizon Heating & Air – submitted by Vivian Adams  – Posted 5/17/2018

Home Caregivers

Home Electronics

G-Tronics    –   Hendersonville, NC   828-243-9862      recently installed two new TV’s for us.  The installation was done over fireplace mantles.  All new wiring was done and hidden very well.  They did an excellent job and we strongly recommend them for this type work   –  Debbie and Pete Dunderdale   –   Posted 3/13/2021

Gerhard (G Tronics)  – Gerhard installed the home TV and Stereo electronics in my home. Very happy with his work. 828-243-9862 – John Mayfield – Posted 3/18/2017

Home Watch Service

Hawkeye HomeWatch   –    My wife, June, and I recently employed Peter Cornish to look after our home in Kenmure, as we are seasonal residents there (and we have our primary residence in Florida)!  We highly recommend Peter for his integrity, excellent services and follow through with our “to do list”, including watering newly placed landscaping, and check list monitoring all systems in our Kenmure home!  Call Peter at 610-299-4668  or email pcornish@mac.com   Dr and Mrs Arthur “Art” & June Litowitz   Posted 9/30/2021

Hawkeye HomeWatch   –    We have Hawkeye HomeWatch, Peter Cornish. He provides an excellent service and he gives us a  peace of mind when we are down in South Florida. Peter is a professional, and very  responsible . He has always been there to be the  watchful eye  and always called us immediately whenever there has been an issue with our house or we need him to check on something.  We highly recommend Hawkeye HomeWatch, Peter Cornish you will be extremely happy with his services!  Call Peter at 610-299-4668  or email pcornish@mac.com    Ray and Liliana Liotta   Posted 6/1/2021

Hawkeye HomeWatch   –  We have used Peter Cornish and Hawkeye Home Watch since we purchased our home in Kenmure.  Hawkeye Home Watch is the ideal solution for part-time residents.  Peter keeps an eye on our home, has met with vendors when necessary and always alerts us about any changes at our home.  Hawkeye Home Watch has been a perfect fit for us.  Call Peter at 610-299-4668  or email pcornish@mac.co   Mark Salmanson   Posted 5/7/2021

Hawkeye HomeWatch      We would like to put in a good word about Peter Cornish d/b/a Hawkeye HomeWatch.  The Cornishes are good friends and neighbors and for the past four years have been watching over our Kenmure house during our absences.  We get regular inspections and also get help when needed to supervise others for such things as storm cleanup and certain repairs both inside and outside the house.  We are pleased to provide this reference.   Call Peter at 610-299-4668  or email pcornish@mac.com    Paula & Frank Szabo   Posted 3/25/2021  Revised 4/16/2021

Hawkeye HomeWatch –  Peter  has been caring for our two properties in Kenmure since last summer.  He has been conscientious, thorough and reliable.  He checks everything we have asked, sends us photos of questionable areas and communicates rapidly so we are comfortable that our properties are secure.  Call Peter at 610-299-4668  or email pcornish@mac.com  We, strongly recommend him.  Norse Blazzard   –  Posted 3/25/2021  Revised 4/16/2021

Hawkeye HomeWatch  –   If you are looking for someone trustworthy and reliable to keep a watchful eye on your home in your absence,  we highly recommend fellow Kenmure resident, Peter Cornish.  For years, Peter has checked our home inside and out.  In inclement weather,  he does an additional check without any added fees.  Being a resident, his inspections are most timely.  He also meets our pest control company and various other contractors as needed.  The standard of his services gives us total peace of mind while we are away.  Call Peter at 610-299-4668 or email pcornish@mac.com    Conrad & Rosalie Daniels   –   Posted Posted 3/30/2021  Revised 4/16/2021

Guardian Home Services  –  We have worked with Guardian Home Services   828-388-5338 –  guardian1homeservices@gmail.com   over the past two years and have been very happy with the professional services they provide. In addition to checking our home (especially after storms), they meet and supervise service providers such as house cleaners, pest control people, and furniture delivery workers.  Last fall they helped us pack our condo and store our furniture. This spring they met the moving truck and supervised the move from the storage facility to our new house because we were stuck in Florida during the pandemic.  In addition to conducting the move, they unpacked everything and met the transfer truck to pick up our car. They also provide handy man services that include fixing and repairing things (shower doors, rotted wood, rusted vents, broken handles and locks) as well as replacing lights, painting and hanging pictures. The team members are reliable, dependable, personable, and reasonable.  We recommend Guardian Home Services to anyone who needs help managing everyday home services as well as second-home owners who are gone for extended periods of time.  Kay and Frank Burke  –  Posted 6/21/2020

Steve Ellis –  828-551-5183 – Home Watch goes well beyond what we are used to.  He starts our car and runs it regularly to keep the battery operating, goes from room to room, flushes toilet, looks for any problems, fixes them, etc.  You cannot go wrong with Steve and we’re confident you’ll love him as much as we do once you start using him – You cannot go wrong with Steve and we’re confident you’ll love him as much as we do once you start using him.  Bill and Kathy Avery – 107 Farwood Court – 828-595-9575 – Posted 6/26/2018 

Beth Terry  –  We have used Beth Terry for the last several years to check on our home when we are in Florida during the winter. Beth visits our home weekly to verify the HVAC is operating and that there are no issues with the home. We have been very pleased with Beth and would recommend her to anyone needing this type of help. Beth’s home phone is 828-697-5836 and her cell is 828-489-2647 – Dale Kern – Posted 4/29/2017

Home Winterization


Deb Henderson   –  If you need a home cleaner please consider Deb Henderson.  She is a great cleaner, polite, friendly, loves animals and has an amazing gift of being able to organize your home!  I hired Deb when we just moved in to Kenmure.  She not only lined the drawers in my kitchen, but also began to organize the kitchen by work stations.  She has a natural skill for this work and I’ve hired her on occasion to clean out a closet or two.  She is easy going, flexible and manages her time well.  I highly recommend Deb.  If you have any questions, please call me at 571-723-9733.  Deb can be reached at 828-974-1620  or deborahhenderson711@gmail.com   Eileen Moore   Posted 10/14/2021

Carol Bradley Macleod   –   I want to recommend my daughter in-law, Carol Bradley MacLeod for home cleaning.  She has helped me bring my house back to its original lustre (and even painted my kitchen).  She has owned her own cleaning business in Colorado for over 20 years and is an aspiring artist/sculptor looking for extra income.  She lives here in Kenmure with me and has been a godsend.  Carol is reliable, conscientious and has very good references. I would recommend her to anyone in Kenmure.    Carol can be reached at (970) 420-7214; her  email:  carolmacleod517@gmail.com     Ruth MacLeod    Posted 8/30/2021

Deb Henderson   –  Has been our housekeeper for four years.  I cannot speak more highly of her service.  She comes fully equipped with cleaning materials and products that are sensitive to allergies.  She is flexible in work assignments and scheduling.  When I moved in, she completely cleaned the kitchen cupboards, unloaded the dishes and arranged them to my complete satisfaction.  The house is always sparkling clean when she leaves.  Most of all, she has a very pleasant personality, is fair priced and always on time.  Deb can be reached at   828-974-1620  or deborahhenderson711@gmail.com.   Donna Jones   Posted 8/22/2021   

Steven Jarvis  –   He recently did a great “move-out” cleaning job for us at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend him when you need a one-time whole-house deep cleaning or a periodic seasonal cleaning.  Probably not interested in weekly assignments but that might be a possibility.  Contact Steven at 828-702-2254   Bob Palmer 828-697-9429   Posted 1/17/2021

LeShea Beddingfield  –  She has been cleaning my home for 10+ years.  She is trustworthy, dependable and does a great job.  She will do general/deep cleaning as well as spring cleaning and organizing.  LeShea also checks our home weekly when we are away for a vacation or a period of several months in the winter.  LeShea will also run errands – shopping, groceries.   Her phone number is  828-388-0955   –  Gail Rockey   Posted 8/2/2020

Alicia Rivera – Has been taking care of the cleaning of our home on Kenmure Drive since we moved here in November 2018. Alicia has proven that she is very efficient, reliable, punctual and thorough. She is also a very trustworthy, pleasant and friendly lady.  She provides her own equipment (vacuum, mops, brushes, etc.) and cleaning materials.  Her rates are very reasonable, and she is flexible about scheduling. Alicia is also very receptive about any unusual requests we may have or anything extra we need accomplished.  We simply can’t recommend Alicia highly enough.  The second we walk into your home after she has cleaned it, the “Clean” smell makes you smile. We have been totally pleased.  She can be reached at 828-424-1314.  Bob and Barbara Gilmore 828-273-7829  Posted 7/29/2020

Deb Henderson  –  Has been cleaning our home on Overlook Drive since the beginning of the year (2020). We have been extraordinarily pleased.  Deb is prompt, efficient, thorough, and very pleasant.  She brings her own equipment (vacuum, mops, brushes, etc.) and materials (she uses all-natural, organic cleaning products, so anyone with allergies should feel safe).  Her fee is very reasonable, and she is flexile about accommodating scheduling.  Deb is also very receptive about anything we point out that is not usual.  Can’t recommend Deb highly enough.  Her phone number is  828-974-1620  – Greg and Susanne Suchan  301-787-1180 Posted 5/13/2020

Marie Drake  – We highly recommend Marie Drake for house cleaning.  We have found her to be thorough, efficient, hard working
reliable, accommodating and reasonable.  Marie cleans many homes in Kenmure as well as Kenmure rental units.  She is the best house cleaner we have had.  Her phone number is 828-388-3114.  She will provide references.  Don Kauffman – Posted 10/19/2019    Posted 6/21/2021

Beth Terry – For 9 years Beth Terry has cleaned my house and done various yard maintenance tasks. She is diligent, always pleasant, and does a great job. I highly recommend Beth whose home number is 697-5836. – Jan Wauben – Posted 3/27/2017

Interior Design and Decorator

Interior Design Studio   – Anice Pryor.  After seeing other reviews, she was hired almost two years ago as a Designer and GC to remodel our home..  Please call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Interior Design Studio – We highly recommend Anice Pryor of Interior Design Studio at 828-692-5484 for all your decorating needs.  She’s excellent at home remodels/renovations and interior decorating.  We have been using her for various projects since 2005 and have always been very pleased with her work.  She listens to her clients as to their likes and dislikes, their needs, and their decorating tastes, and she’s a joy to work with.  She’s efficient, professional, and completes projects in a timely fashion.  Glenda Hixon and Harry Housman at 787 Pinnacle Peak Lane.  Our phone number is 828-698-1478 if you would like more info about her – Posted 5/12/2019

Interior Design – I would like to recommend Rita Garrison (828-243-1596), a Kenmure resident, for any decorating needs.  Rita understood our needs, communicated very well and stayed within our price point.  She is very skilled with paint color, fabrics, tile and furniture selections, accessories and layout – Chuck Warden, 106 Broadmoor Drive – Posted 8/10/2018

Interior Design Studio – Anice Pryor, , 2550 Chimney Rock Rd, 828-692-5484 has just completed (Dec 2017) a full demolishing and renovating of a Master Suite (bedroom, sitting room/fireplace, full bath, walk-in closet), living room and foyer redesign and decorating, outdoor landscaping, lighting and new deck projects. Anice has the true gift of putting the homeowner’s ideas/requests together with her design/decorating knowledge to make one great vision. She absolutely gave us the “WOW” factor we were asking for and all projects were completed on time. Her construction background helps larger projects proceed smoothly while her communication with the homeowner is honest, frequent and reassuring. Her team of excellent sub-contractors takes pride in their work and treat your home like their own.  She has a great eye for detail and does not stop until the project is completed to everyones satisfaction.  We would recommend her to anyone considering a large or small home redesign or decorating project.  Diane and Tom Spray 856-534-1044  – Posted 1/12/18

Window Fashions and Design – Brenda Naumann, the proprietor of Window Fashions and Design in East Flat Rock, recently created and installed lovely window treatments in our home. Brenda’s not only resourceful, creative, charming, and reasonable, but she’s easy to contact at 828-692-8257. Heidi Ludders – Posted 11/22/2017

Interior Design Studio – We have also used Anice Pryor of Interior Design Studio (828) 692-5484) for our present house and the one before. We ditto everything stated above. She has done the challenging job of finding specific fabric matches, designed the stone fireplace we were hoping for, places furniture and art for balance and scale, locates contractors that do specific custom projects, and helped us with large retail purchases. She is the one we turn to when we want to do something but are no sure how to do it. Christina and Ron Thornton 435-0954 – Posted 3/13/2017

Kitchen & Bath

East Coast Granite   –   We recently replaced our kitchen, laundry room, and wet bar countertops (with Quartzite) by East Coast Granite.  They did a quality job, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price.  They worked diligently with us as we progressed our design ideas and provided various estimates.  The contact person is Debra Turley at (864) 392-5869 or email debra.turley@yahoo.com.  Bryan Wesselink   Posted 9/29/2021

Seal My Granite    –    Kathleen Nunez for granite , marble and stone countertops.  She was prompt, honest and clear.  She tested and told us we did not need sealing and attempted perform some stain removal for us . Very pleasant Lady   website at    sealmygranite.com   –  John Buntin   Posted 4/6/2021

Sare Granite and Tile  –  For stone counter tops, kitchen and bath remodels , I recommend Sare Granite and Tile.    Ray Koruk is the owner and is a great person to work with.  They are a good value, do great work and keep appointments made, and respond to any concerns you might have with a can do spirit and resolve to make you a happy customer.   Located at Business Park Cir. Arden, NC   Phone  828-676-2666  or email  ray@saregranite.com      –   Greg Jackson   916-217-8166  Posted 9/2/2020

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services

ProScape  –   I have been remiss in not recommending Pro Scape who has maintained our lawn and sprinkler system for several years.  Mark Gmyrek is responsive and reliable. Mobile is 828-243-5255; office is 828-243-5011.   Only complaint is that I sometimes have to call to remind him that he has not billed me for something..    David Leiman   Posted 6/14/2021

ProScape  –   An excellent full-service landscaping company.  We have used them at our house since we moved here eight years ago for mowing, planting, trimming, mulching and other landscaping projects.  They also have done extensive work for the Kenmure Road Maintenance Committee for the past several years.  They do quality work at a fair price.  Owner-manager Mark Gmarek is knowledgeable and dependable, and a nice guy as well.  You can reach him on his cell at 243-5255 or the office at 698-9250.   Richard Graber  –   Posted 2/5/2021

Angel’s Landscaping – I seldom give a recommendation.  Maybe because my expectations are too high.  However, I am glad to recommend Angel’s Landscaping.  He exceeded my expectations, and I’m rather picky.  Angel is punctual, calls back promptly, listens intently, and does excellent work.  Except for a short lunch break on site, he and his crew worked constantly and meticulously.  And his cost is very reasonable. Frankly, this is the best landscaping crew I’ve ever had!  Angel’s Landscaping phone  828-551-5023  Michele Krug  – Posted 4/22/2020

Guillermo’s Crew– When we moved to Kenmure in 2016 we tried a couple of different lawn/landscaping companies to do bi-weekly work on our yard…which requires a lot of maintenance.  After being extremely dissatisfied with the other companies, we called “Guillermo’s Crew” who we found out was the company that maintained our yard with the previous owners.  After one year, I can say we are very impressed with not only his work, but also the little extra things he does when he comes out…which most companies would charge additional for.  He is professional and his rates are very competitive.  If you are just needing a single project done i.e. yard mulching, shrubs planted or even rock work, he can do that too.  I have recommended him to a couple of neighbors and they have been very pleased.  You can contact Guillermo at 828.674.0117 (cell)  20+ years experience. Mickey and Shanda McKenzie – 204 Glenroy Ct. – Posted 8/10/2019

POA Mountain LLC –  We have Jon and his crew doing the things we can’t do.  Mike likes to do his own lawn cutting and trimming but the big things like mulching, trimming of bushes, trimming trees moving plants and planting more bushes and trees is Jon’s job!  He gave us ideas, information and was a great asset to us making changes to our yard.  We highly recommend Jon and his crew for Kenmure!  He will also be back to take care of our “leaf” issues!  – call Jon Wilkins   828-699-3709   Mike and Debbie Burke – Posted 10/11/2019.

Dwayne Plemmons Landscaping – We highly recommend Dwayne Plemmons at 828-333-8193 for landscape design whether you are landscaping for a new home or want to improve on your present landscaping.  He is very knowledgable as to what grows well on top of the mountains in Kenmure or down in the valley.  He and his crew are all very nice fellows and are a pleasure to have around, and they never leave any mess behind.  If you want to see a sample of their work you are welcome to drive by our home and/or walk around in our yard to see their work up close.  Our address is 787 Pinnacle Peak Lane – Glenda Hixon and Harry Housman – Posted 5/10/2019

Raymond’s Landscaping   –   Justin Parnell, from Raymond’s Landscaping, recently installed a paver walkway for us. Justin appeared very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He did not just supervise his crew, but did substantial work himself. He is very customer oriented and strives to please. My husband and I have high standards and do not give out recommendations easily. We are very pleased with our paver walkway and highly recommend Justin. Phone – 828-696-8000 or Cell – 808-1942 – Jerry and Michele Krug – Posted 10/1/2018

Guillermo’s Crew   – When we moved to Kenmure in 2016 we tried a couple of different lawn/landscaping companies to do bi-weekly work on our yard…which requires a lot of maintenance.  After being extremely dissatisfied with the other companies, we called “Guillermo’s Crew” who we found out was the company that maintained our yard with the previous owners.  After one year, I can say we are very impressed with not only his work, but also the little extra things he does when he comes out…which most companies would charge additional for.  He is professional and his rates are very competitive.  If you are just needing a single project done i.e. yard mulching, shrubs planted or even rock work, he can do that too.  I have recommended him to a couple of neighbors and they have been very pleased.  You can contact Guillermo at 828.674.0117 (cell)  20+ years experience. Mickey and Shanda McKenzie – 204 Glenroy Ct. – Posted 9/6/2018

Crab Creek Landscape Services – Al and I highly recommend Crab Creek Landscape Services, phone # 828-692-3979. They have long been our landscaping provider for many years and continually do a job way beyond expectations. They will tailor a landscaping contract for your needs and will go out of their way to assure you are completely satisfied with their work. This company deserves 5 stars; reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with. Al & Jeri Gonzalez – Posted 6/13/2017

All In One Lawn and Gardening – I found Nate at “All In One Lawn and Gardening” on a local Facebook site. As always I usually get 2-3 bids on any project. Nate was the only one that responded quickly and was out to give me a bid the following day. He was also the only one that after coming out to look at the job that actually provided the bid. Nate completed the job today and it looks great. He is very dependable and courteous. We will be using him on future projects. His pricing was more than competitive based on another project we had done a few months ago. He does just about anything that has to do with yards and also other home projects. He delivered 4 yards of mulch (which was half the cost of other quotes I got when I called around), spread it, pulled weeds and planted some shrubs I purchased and he was very inexpensive. Contact Nate Sproul at All In One Landscape and Gardening 828-808-1846 – Shanda McKenzie – Posted 3/25/2017

Nick’s Groundworks – We contacted Nick for a bid on removing several large bushes. Nick was professional, courteous and great to work with. They completed the job in a few hours and he followed up to make sure we were pleased before he was paid. Nick’s cell phone number is 828/674/5310 – Mickey and Shanda L. McKenzie – Posted 1/4/2017

Landscape Lighting

NitLights Outdoor Lighting –  Bo Huffling is the owner and he is fully equipped to do the smallest job to a big time commercial application.  Office: 864-606-3066   Cell:  864-451-3317    John Ely  Posted 4/22/2020


ALPHA Locksmith Greenville Hwy, Hendersonville , owner Mark Mathews – Mark arrived within 30 minutes of our phone call to assist us as we had locked ourselves out of our home.  Mark was very friendly and professional and was able to cut new keys for our home right on the spot. We found his service fees to be extremely reasonable – Phone 828-388-4515 – Joe Boudreau – Posted 2/16/2018

American Eagle Locksmith – Alan Hale (One of the nicest folk I ever met) came and fixed all I had and then some. Reasonable charge for above average service. Phone 828-651-8400 David Leiman – Posted 5/25/2017

Massage Therapist

A Petite Retreat Massage – Mobile in-your home – 21 years experience – Neuromuscular therapeutic massage – Specializing in pain and stress management – Contact Heather Starr:  828-553-2126 – Apetiteretreatmassage.com – For references contact Bonnie Cooper bonniescooper@gmail.com – Posted 10/21/2020

A Petite Retreat Massage   –   I highly recommend the massage therapy services (mobile, in your home) provided by Heather Starr with A Petite Retreat Massage. I have been going to her for several years now. When COVID started, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I deal with chronic neck and back pain that leave me debilitated with migraine headaches. Having regular massages has pretty much eliminated those pains. I’m also an ultrarunner which means I’m putting my body through a lot of work. I can’t even begin to describe how Heather’s massage therapy has helped me. She has an excellent understanding of body musculature and always knows how to get me feeling better. During this time of COVID, she has been very careful to keep things sanitary and always wears a mask. She has 21 years of experience in neuromuscular therapeutic massage, and specializes in pain and stress management. You can reach her at 828-553-2126. Here’s her website –    https://apetiteretreatmassage.com   –  Anne Lazo   –  Posted 10/20/2020

A Petite Retreat Massage   –   I would like to recommend Heather Starr as a Massage Therapist.  I have known and appreciated Heather for many years. She has 21 years of experience in massage.  Heather specializes in pain and stress management, has a superior knowledge of human anatomy and as a result her neuromuscular therapeutic massage is geared to your specific needs.  She has recently become a “Mobile in-your home” spa and uses all precautions to prevent Covid-19 transmission.  You can contact Heather for an appointment or for questions at the following:  A Petite Retreat Massage  –  828-553-2126  or online at  –  Apetiteretreatmassage.com  Debbie Evilia  –   Posted 10/16/2020

Doreen Day I would like to recommend Doreen Day, LMBT #11419 as a massage therapist.  She is licensed in North Carolina, New York, and Nationally Board Certified in Bodywork and Massage Therapy.  She has worked at various resorts in the Hudson Valley, New York as well as her own practice.  She has worked at Park Ridge Health and Lelia Patterson Center as a therapist.  Doreen offers an array of sessions including but not limited to Integrated massage, Elder, Swedish, Aromatherapy and more.  She is a Reiki master/practitioner as well as Cranial Sacral work.  I highly recommend Doreen if you are looking for massage in your home.  She offers 60 and 90 minute sessions.  Doreen Day, LMBT, 828-749-3411  Mary Cervini  828-693-4411 – Posted 1/24/2019

Metal Fabrication Work

Charles Parsons from Hendersonville– Chimney caps, Range Hood Covers, Duct work – We are recommend Charles Parsons – Phone number 828-545-2576 for sheet metal work.  Charles built us a beautiful chimney cap two years ago and just replaced a wood louvered vent with a metal louvered vent.  His prices are fair and he is a nice person to work with.  Marian and Roger Hansen – Posted 11/21/2017


Clayton Memorials –   Clayton Memorials is located in Landrum, SC.  No need to travel to Landrum to pick out a monument/urn/memorial.  Bruce will come to your home with books/photos and pricing.  He is expanding to the Hendersonville area.  Bruce Clayton   864-457-3343   or   864-386-2213    Gail Rockey    Posted 8/2/2020

Moving / Movers

Beaty Brothers Movers  –  On the recommendation of Kenmure friends who also used them, we used Beaty Brothers Movers to load our entire household into PODS for a cross-country move. We were extremely pleased and satisfied with their process, from the initial estimate, through the scheduling to final load. The Brothers and their staff were all professional, on time with every   part of the preparation and load, very courteous, personable, and efficient.  They got our job done in one day. We are happy to recommend them. One piece of advice:  give as much lead time to them as you can.  As word-of-mouth spreads about how good they are, they are quite busy, and justifiably so. BEATY BROTHERS MOVERS   828-201-2982    Greg and Andrea Jackson    Posted 4/16/2021

Beaty Brothers Movers  –   They helped us move a number of items today and we couldn’t  be more pleased. They protected items with blankets, wrapped them with shrink wrap and handled everything with care. Recommend them highly!!  Contact info for Beaty Brothers:  www.beatybrothersmoving.com   828-201-2982  Margot Eld  –  Posted 10/8/2020

Beaty Brothers – We echo the recommendations of  Beaty Brothers for moving furniture. We used them for a small two-hour job to move a very heavy desk with hutch from another Kenmure home to our home.  They were very professional. They kept us informed and took great care with the furniture.  They arrived on time and their rates were reasonable. We highly recommend them.  Contact info for Beaty Brothers:  www.beatybrothersmoving.com   828-201-2982.  Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland   Posted 3/10/2020

Beaty Brothers – We would like to add our recommendation of  Beaty Brothers for moving furniture. We used them for a small three hour job  and they were efficient, careful and friendly. They arrived on time and their rates were reasonable. We’d definitely use them again. Gerald and Ann Graves – Posted 2/19/2020

Beaty Brothers – I would like to add a service for movers – they are 2 young men, very professional, strong and have a good work ethic (I witnessed it myself.)  They moved furnishing for one of our rental units from upper to lower floor (rather heavy pieces) and did an outstanding job!! They also do moving for Feather Your Nest in Flat Rock – Phone 954-309-8610   Kathy Jones (Rental Administrator/Office Manager – Kenmure Enterprises, Inc.) Posted 3/19/2019

Black’s Moving and Storage Company – Michael and I are moving and we have been working with Black’s Moving and Storage company . If anyone is getting ready to make a move these people are terrific. They have been working with us for the past couple of days and finished up today. They have done a great job packing and moving our things and at a fair price. I would highly recommend them.
blacksmovingstorage.com or call 828-696-3046 or 28-696-3847 email blacksmoving@bellsouth.net – Laurie Hartman Posted 7/23/2018


Head Enterprises –  I saw a very negative comment about Head and the owner on our site. My experience over the 10 years or so has been very different. I offer the following…
I have dealt with Head and the owner Earl and other family members for mulch and fill dirt every year for the past 9-10 years and this year on June 15th. I have ordered mulch over the phone and have also been to their yard to either order loads or to pick-up smaller volumes on numerous occasions. I have always found them very easy and pleasant to deal with and they provide a quality product. I have watched them at times making loads and, if anything, provide more than the minimum ordered. Their delivers have always been made when they promised. Earl has taken extra effort to dump the loads in a difficult location in my yard and takes extra care to do so without damaging a nearby tree. These factors have resulted in his delivery taking extra time and effort and he does so without any complaint or extra charge. I would readily recommend their services.  John Haines  Posted 6/17/2020

Head Enterprises,LLC,– Who is an East Flat Rock provider of mulch. They delivered 7 yards of mulch in my driveway late last week. I called Earl, the owner of Head, to inform him that his 7 yards did not cover as much as the 6 yards I ordered from another vendor last year. He went off on me right away and called me a complainer. I won’t bore anybody with more details, but the experience was quite negative with constant unexpected verbal abuse to the point that it was really upsetting. Enough to where I had to forward this information. Phillip De Keizer, P.S. I don’t like to complain. Posted 3/24/2020


Pitroff Painting, LLC   –   Jason Pitroff painted the entire exterior of our home in the summer of 2021. In doing so, he did an outstanding job.  Very thorough and conscientious, he used a variety of ladders and scaffolds to reach the  highest peaks of our house. He is fully insured and he came highly recommended by our immediate neighbor.  The project fit our budget and he was very easy to work with. I highly recommend Jason for whatever painting needs you have.  Frank Felsburg & Pam Van Tassel  Posted 9/15/2021

AM PAINTING, INC.   –    Adrian Morava, the owner, is the most honest, reliable and detail-oriented contractor we have ever engaged to do work for us.  We recently purchased a home in Kenmure. Before we moved in, we wanted to have the popcorn ceiling removed and the interior painted. We selected A.M. Painting to undertake our project because of Adrian’s great reputation for doing quality work – plus it was very attractive to us that he told us that he is fully insured with workman’s comp and general liability. Adrian and his team were ready to start the day after closing. We were in Florida and, without even asking, Adrian kept us fully up-to-date on the progress of their work. In addition, he made us aware of several other issues that had nothing to do with his project – for example, that we needed to get a dehumidifier for the lower level (even recommended the specs for the dehumidifier). We are extremely happy with the end result of the painting and popcorn removal. Adrian and his team are true professionals, and we absolutely give him the highest recommendation. Call Adrian at 828-674-0285.   Carol & Jack Spencer – (561) 252-4149   Posted 7/8/2021

Pitroff Painting, LLC   –   Jason Pitroff has been our go-to painter for years, for both interior and exterior work.  He has repainted the entire front of our house on Overlook Drive and the upper floor inside as well.  He is methodical, neat and careful, and he certainly knows his paints.  He is patient when we want to change paint colors in the middle of the project.  He also does power washing.  His prices are also modest to boot.  A veteran of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have found Jason to be a truly ethical man.  Contact Jason at (828) 712-4393 or pitroffpainting@outlook.com.  Greg and Susanne Suchan   Posted 6/29/2021

Landmark Painting   –  Matthew Arkell, 828-775-7099 just completed total exterior painting of 55 Paine Court.  They handled, with expertise, the repairs necessary and the mess we were left by the GC and “designer” we had hired two years ago.  Without reservation, we heartily recommend Landmark.  Drive by and see for yourself.  David Leiman. Lineagle@yahoo.com   Posted 6/20/2021

Tim Howard Painting & Power Washing, AshevilleEnterprises,LLC,       Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163   David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

AM PAINTING, INC.  –   I am most pleased to highly recommend Adrian Morava of AM Painting, Inc. for both interior and exterior painting and staining.  After interviewing several painters, I chose AM Painting and I could not be happier with my choice.  Adrian is well-known here in Kenmure where he has worked for many years. His professionalism, skill in determining the correct products for all surfaces, and his focus on every detail from start to finish make him an excellent choice.  He is an absolute delight to work with and is very caring of your wishes and goals.  His crew are highly skilled, on time, very neat, and work diligently to complete everything to your satisfaction in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful look of my home and will definitely be calling on Adrian for all future painting needs.  Give him a call.  He will be glad to meet with you.  Adrian Morava, AM Painting, Inc., 828-674-0285,   Email: AMPaintingInc@yahoo.com  –    Jennifer Crane   –  Posted 5/20/21

Burlett Painting   –   They painted the exterior of our house including decks and stairs.  They spent over two days pressure washing and preparing the house for the painters.  The painters were excellent and professional. Communication throughout was excellent.  After doing a great job they did an amazing cleanup as well.  I felt their price was below what I would have expected for the quality of the job and very similar to other quotes I had received.  We did a walkthrough to checkout the job before paying and I found no issues except for a window that had a water streak on it and they promptly came back and cleaned the window (over 40 feet high).  Burlett Painting 828-974-4385  or  828-460-5355   –  Lowry Hobbs  –  Posted 4/30/2021

Pro-Painting Company – Juan and his team just completed painting our home’s exterior. We’ve used painters before, but Pro-Painting has been the best. They carefully washed and caulked the house and took great care and pride in painting it.  We highly recommend Pro-Painting!  828-696-6506 – Karen Delfino – Posted 4/28/2021

South Painting   –  I highly recommend Margarito Lubian (South Painting) for both interior and exterior work.   Over the last year, Margarito’s team repainted my entire house.   I found their quality to be very good and price to be competitive.  What I like most about Margarito is his integrity….he delivered what was agreed upon at the agreed upon price.   We had a paint store mix-up that required a half day of repainting that he totally absorbed….no questions asked.   That says a lot to me about his approach to business.  His team is polite and considerate….and clean up after themselves.   I found South Painting to be an excellent value.  Jim Gardner, 60 Fernridge Court   –   Posted 11/19/2020

South Painting   –   Margarito Lubian  has done some good work for us at a fair price.   And did the work quickly.   And he is a good guy.  828-699-6830   Pete Dunderdale –  Posted 11/30/20

Jackson Painting   –   We had originally contracted with another painter to paint the exterior of our home. When he canceled at the last minute, I called Ken at Jackson Painting and he quickly gave us a competitive quote and was able to come out in a couple of weeks to do the job. His men were efficient and professional and did top quality work. They cleaned up everything at the end and left the house looking absolutely beautiful. We highly recommend them and plan to use them next year to refinish our deck.  Tony and Jhan Dunn  –  Posted 11/20/2020

Pitroff Painting, LLC  –    Jason Pitroff  –  828-712-4393  –  Jason recently power washed our home and painted and touched up exterior trim.  He is extremly reliable…calls and shows up as promised.  This is the third time we’ve used him and have always been very please.  He is neat and does a great job!  –  Burt and Emmy Weissman   Posted 10/6/2020

A&M Painting  –  Adrian Morava runs this business and is as professional as they come.  When we first moved into our home, we wanted the entire interior to be repainted before our furniture arrived.   Adrian and his team accomplished this larger job very neatly and quickly.   There were just no issues that needed follow up.   More recently, we wanted to have the master bedroom color changed.   Adrian and some helpers handled everything.   Furniture was temporally relocated, wall paintings/decorations removed, and window treatments were temporarily protected.  The room was painted with two coats and things put back in place.  The entire job was finished very professionally – in and out – in one day.  Adrian’s phone is 828-674-0285.    Paul Kriz    Posted 7/21/2020

A&M Painting  –  Adrian Morava,  Proprietor;   We have been planning a large project for quite some time. It involved removing the popcorn from our ceilings, painting the entire living area, removing some old wallpaper, and installing wood flooring. Because we wanted the work done while we away we needed someone, or a company, that could manage the project for us. We spent months going from one referral to another attempting to get estimates. These “contractors” either did not return our calls, failed to show up or gave us an extremely high estimate. Finally, I called Adrian, someone I had worked with before and was very satisfied with. I thought he could help with the painting portion of the project and could give me some referrals. I should have called him first! Adrian came the next day and after reviewing my project, he not only said he would give me an estimate but act as project manager while we were away. Working together was a pleasure. He made several recommendations on subs he knew and vendors for my flooring and supplies that were very reasonable. He also arranged for moving the furniture and when we returned to Kenmure, he and part of his crew moved it all back where it was. From the pictures he sent during the process I knew it was going to be beautiful but fully expected a few punch-list items to deal with on my return. That was not the case! Every detail was perfect. I cannot recommend Adrian highly enough! He’s a really good guy with a terrific attention to detail and lots of contacts. Call him at 828-674-0285  – Kent & Marlene Crawford   122 Forest View Dr.   –  Posted 6/9/2020 Updated 8/4/2020

Jackson Painting –  I contacted Ken Zeegers of Jackson Painting to paint two interior rooms which were done in February and to paint the exterior of our house which was done in April.  I fully recommend their services as they did quality work at a reasonable price.  Ken kept in contact on finalizing the dates for the work.  His work crew were courteous and highly skilled.  They went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with the work during the project – Chip Pryde  –  Posted 5/9/2020

Jackson Painting  – Ken Zeegers, Proprietor; My husband and I contracted with Mr. Zeegers for exterior painting around windows, soffits, railings to front door and staining of deck, railings and outside stairs. Ken is very personable and professional. He is easy to work with and answered all our concerns. In our previous home in Asheville we used an exterior paint that we had on cement board siding that was holding up well for the 18 yrs we were in our home. Had it painted 2 yr before we sold but felt it probably could have held up longer. We asked Ken to use this product and he told us no problem. His bid we felt was reasonable and was a joy to work with his crew. They powerwahed the areas to be painted before and this was included in the bid. They had stained our deck floor boards with one coat. I mentioned to Ken that we were seeing some streaking coming through on some of the boards. He had his painter come out and apply another coat and it now looks great. He also matched it very close to previous color for deck and railings.  We highly recommend their service and have no doubt if there is a problem that comes up that Ken will address it. We will definitely use them again when we have some interior painting to be done in the future. Robert and Barbara Keller  Founders Dr – Posted 12/16/2019

Jackson Painting Inc. of Hendersonville – Ken Zeegers, Proprietor – They painted the exterior of our home in October.  We highly recommend Jackson Painting Inc. of Hendersonville.  Proprietor Ken Zeegers is communicative, thorough, experienced and professional in every way. We had reached out to several painting contractors in the area recommended by other Kenmure residents or friends.  Two of those contractors did not respond to more than one phone message (both recommended on this site); two others submitted absurdly high bids; and the contractor who had painted our house eleven years earlier for the prior owners (and very well recommended on this site) told us that he would be too busy into next spring and therefore would not bid.  Eventually we noticed Jackson Painting doing a job on Poplar Loop Dr. in August.  We called, and Ken Zeegers responded promptly. He came to our house the next day to discuss and estimate the job. Within a few business days we received the most detailed, sensible and by far the most competitive bid of the three that we obtained, along with Ken’s confidence that he could do the job in October (which he did), as opposed to having to wait until next spring. The crew was 5-7 men strong each day, including Ken several times, and the job was completed in a week. One man returned a couple weeks later (delayed by rain) to handle a couple touch-up items.  We are completely satisfied and recommend Jackson Painting (828-388-0688) enthusiastically –  Chris & Katie Glockler   120 Ridge Ln  Posted 12/7/2019

Margarito Lubian – We would like to recommend Margarito Lubian as a painter.  We were left in the lurch at the last minute by another painter, and Margarito was able to help us out in less than a week and did a fine job.  His English over the phone is a little difficult to understand, but he understands well and does exactly what you ask him to do.  His work was well done, he was prompt, he cleaned up nicely after himself every day, and his prices were reasonable.  What more can you ask! call him at 699-6830 – Dirk and Paige Willms – Posted 9/26/2019

Landmark Painting – Nancy and I highly recommend Matthew Arkell, DBA Landmark Painting (828-242-4114), as a great painting contractor.  We were influenced by other comments on this site and chose Matthew Arkell after he made an onsite visit to estimate the cost of painting the exterior of our home. He worked up a very detailed quote, attached a clear contract that explained exactly what he would do and clearly explained his excellent warranty.  Due to weather conditions, it did take a while to have our schedules match but, when they did, he notified us of his start date and he and his crew showed up on time.  They did an excellent job, met all the terms of the contract, and as others have said, they cleaned up each night and certainly when the job was completed only 4 days later!  Their final clean-up even included cleaning the exterior of the windows.  Matthew even did a final “walk around” with us to make sure we were happy with their work.  Without hesitation we would use them for our next paint work.  Thank you, Matthew – Steve and Nancy Smith    828-447-3121    Posted 6/16/2019

Burlett Painting – We had our home repainted by Burlett Painting (828-974-4385), and are very happy with the results. Manager Terry did a great job explaining materials, methods, and options; carefully matched colors; and repeatedly checked on progress. Foreman Bob and his crew were efficient, friendly, attentive to detail, and receptive to questions. The prep work included a thorough washing, caulking where needed, and some spot repairs to wood. All surfaces got two coats of top-line Sherwin-Williams stain, oil paint, and deck paint. The price was higher than some vendors might propose, but reasonable considering the amount of labor and materials required–not to mention the shifting of 32 and 40-foot ladders on the tall south elevation. Cleanup was thorough, and there were no surprises on the invoice. Highly recommended. — Clark and Jane Irwin, 704 Kenmure Drive.  Posted 5/27/2019

Pro Painting – We had been searching for a painter to do a small job i.e. 4 bathrooms and repair of drywall tape.  As usual we have found to be true of this area, getting anyone to call you back, or show up for an estimate is rare.  I contacted Carlos Vigil with Pro Painting and he came out the next day to provide an estimate.  Two days later he started the job and it was completed in 2.5 days.  The workmanship and professionalism was excellent.  We did get 3 bids and he was very competitive.  We will be using him in the future.   Carlos Vigil/Pro Painting  828-696-6506  –  Mickey and Shanda McKenzie – 204 Glenroy Ct. Posted 3/26/2019

Pitroff Painting – Last year we used Jason Pitroff to paint our entire lower level. This year he did all of our closets.  He is reliable, prompt, polite and neat.  We found him a pleasure to work with and are very satisfied with the job he did – Call Jason Pitroff at 828-712-4393 – Emmy and Burt Weissman – Posted 12/31/2018

Dave Burlett Paint Company, Inc. – We recently used Dave Burlett Paint Company, Inc. to paint the interior of our home.  They did an excellent job and we highly recommend them for your painting needs.  They are professional, neat, and on budget. The contact name and number is Richie Burlett – (C) 828-974-4385.  Donna and Sandy Hastie – Posted 9/7/2018

PainterWe would like to recommend Steve Ellis, 828-551-5183 for Painting.  We have used Steve for the complete remodeling of our home and during the winters when we are in Florida.  We can’t say enough about Steve.  First and foremost, he is extremely honest and reliable, we trust him completely.  His painting is excellent, very professional, and not much more we can way about that.  Bill and Kathy Avery – 107 Farwood Court – 828-595-9575 – Posted 6/26/2018

Landmark Painting – We highly recommend Landmark Painting , owned by Matthew Arkell, for any of your painting needs.  Having had Landmark Painting paint the exterior of our home in 2015, we contracted Matthew again, this time to paint the interior of our home (including the ground floor, the finished basement, all closets, and the garage).  Matthew spent a great deal of time with us making sure that the paint colors were exactly what we wanted and that the job would not be disruptive to our daily routine.  His suggestions were excellent and he went well beyond just painting our home (making sheetrock and tape repairs, fixing nail punches, cleaning up, etc). He and his crew were very professional and treated our home as if it were their own. Matthew has a degree of expertise rarely found in his profession and has the bonus qualities of being fair, pleasant to work with, and concerned for his clients.   We highly recommend him and Landmark Painting for any of your painting needs. Matthew can be reached at 828-242-4114 office or 828-775-7099 cell – Sam Ritter and Rebeca Snider – Posted 2/14/2018

Landmark Painting – We had Landmark Painting paint the exterior and interior of our home. Matthew Arkell and his crew always presented themselves in a pleasant professional manner.  In advance of the actual painting Matthew worked patiently with us in determining the desired paint colors that would complement our home. His crew, led by foreman Juan, was punctual, dependable, and very attentive to our needs. Matthew, Juan, and the crew went above and beyond to provide a quality job that included power washing our deck that wasn’t painted, changing light bulbs, repairing taping and floating, as well as fixing protruding nails and screws. The painters worked diligently with great pride each day making good progress to stay within the scheduled timeline.  On hands and knees, they cleaned up each day before leaving and did a final clean after completing the job. Matthew constantly communicated with us regarding the progress and ardently requested our feedback in terms of satisfaction. He and his crew treated our home with the respect. With his guidance and experience we were able to achieve a beautiful paint job. We would highly recommend Matthew Arkell and his company, Landmark Painting.   Matthew Arkell can be reached at 828-242-4114 office or 828-775-7099 cell, lmpoffice@gmail.com. – Bill and Sally Hale – Posted 1/18/2018

Landmark Painting – Landmark Painting just completed the entire exterior of our home, along with three decks. We got his name from the Kenmure website and I am very glad we allowed him the opportunity to bid our job. We always get 3-4 bids on any major project and also look at reviews. Matthew is extremely professional, and his crew always showed up at 8:00 and worked until 5:00 each day (weather permitting). They cleaned up every day and made sure everything was placed out of the way i.e. ladders. We have had several homes painted over the years and this was by far the best quality job. They power washed the entire home, let us know about any concerns i.e. wood rot and “brushed” the entire home by hand. Each day Matthew would call me and ask if I was happy with the job. He guarantees his work and provides you with a contract outlining all the details. You can reach Matthew Arkell @ 828-775-7099 – Mickey and Shanda McKenzie 204 Glenroy Ct. – Posted 5/11/2017

A.M. Painting – We just had all of our ceilings repainted in our home and were so well pleased with the results that I thought I would share the experience. Adrian Morava (A&M Painting) came to our house and gave an estimate on painting approximately 5400 sq ft of ceiling, upstairs and down, with two coats and repairing several areas damaged by water leakage during the installation of a new roof shingles two years ago under very rainy conditions. The painting involved covering all the walls with plastic, moving furniture when possible and covering the floors with canvas. Adrian’s painters accommodated our living habits with very little inconvenience, and we were most impressed with the courtesy and care with which the three painters did their jobs during the six days they were in our home. When furniture had to be moved, they were careful to mark the original placements and returned them to the exact location. There were no paint smears anywhere in the home. Adrian is a professional business man, keeping us aware of scheduling, providing us with three very competent and experienced painters and arriving ON TIME. Of course he is licensed, insured and bonded. Adrian provides painting service both interior and exterior. I would recommend Adrian for any painting work – Sue and Don Kauffman – Posted 2/27/2017

A.M. Painting – Over the past 2 1/2 years, we have become well acquainted with A & M Painting as they painted the entire interior of our house when renovated our house prior to moving to Kenmure. Adrian Morava was very easy to work with, gave us very good advice regarding the type of paints and, in some cases, suggested colors which were better than the ones we chose. He, and his workmen were pleasant, came to the house when they said they would and left the house in very good condition. The quality of the paint was excellent and it should last us a long time. Since our renovation we found that our HOA (Brookwood) has used Adrian and A & M for all of their exterior painting. While I was the treasurer of Brookwood, I never heard anything but positive comments about the quality of their work and the finished appearance of the houses. He is fully insured and the association would not have used him if he wasn’t insured. Recently, we recommended A & M to friends who were repainting the ceilings of their house and they have been pleased with the workmanship and the care for the furniture and carpets. It is a pleasure to work with a person who understands quality work and customer service! – Ron and Carol Medinger – 828-595-9463 – Posted 2/26/2017

A.M. Painting – Adrian Morava – When it came time to paint the exterior of our home we knew it would be a challenging project. We live on a fairly steep slope and the rear sections of our home reach over four stories in height. There are also sections of the exterior walls on upper stories which can only be accessed from the roof. We were also making a color change so it was important that all areas of the home would be painted. For these reasons, we knew that it would be important to select someone who had the experience and reputation for quality workmanship on a job with these challenges. Based on numerous references on this site and the recommendation of a friend who was an interior designer, we hired A.M. Painting (Adrian Morava) to do the job. The results were excellent. His crew showed up on time, worked diligently, and kept areas outside the home neat and clean. The workmanship was top notch and even extremely difficult to reach areas under gutters and trim on high peaks were done well. I would highly recommend A.M. Painting for exterior work and I was pleased to the extent that I will be taking to them shortly about painting a number of the interior rooms in our home. Adrian Morava can be reached at 828-674-0285 during the day or 828-697-8462 evenings – Jack & Marene Parsons, 103 Roxworth Ct – Posted 2/23/2017


McRae’s Painting & Wallpapering– Phyllis McRae is an outstanding paper hanger who did an exceptional job for us.  I’d recommend her very highly – Call her at 828-606-2368 – John J Williams – Posted 2/10/2018

Pet Sitters

Heidi Walbart – Heidi is a very component animal trainer.  She works nearby at a very large horse facility.  She loves animals and would like to take care of all Pets and/or House Sitting.  SHE LOVES ALL ANIMALS!!  Her phone number is 828-329-4486   Thank You  Jeanne Ashmore  828-693-6297 – Posted 1/4/2020

Hannah FlanaganLooking for an experienced house or pet sitter? As a daughter of Kenmure residents on Summer break from college, I will take care of any homes or pets in exchange for negotiable pay.  If you’re interested, please email me at javagal999@gmail.com or call me at 828-702-3328  Hannah Flanagan – Posted 6/17/2019

Holly Anderson – We have since used Holly Anderson (See next below) and she did a very good job taking care of our two cats when we were away on a week trip. Bill Avery – Posted 5/22/2019

Beth Terry We cannot recommend Beth Terry who we used in 2017 on a trip out-of-the-country.  Only complaint we had was our dog, that she took home with her, came back with poop matted into his fur. We would never have let that happen if we were here, however, we were not.  For that reason we cannot recommend her.  Bill Avery – Posted 5/22/2019

Amanda Nail – Lives at 123 Ridge Lane, and is looking to pet/house sit for residents.  She is a recent graduate from the University of Asheville. She is responsible, caring and loves dogs.  Contact her at 858-209-6710  Roy Nail – Posted 5/10/2019
Marissa Mulvill  –  I would like to recommend Marissa Mulville  609- 69-1423  for dog sitting and / or House Sitting.  She is very nice young lady who loves animals.  Works with Horses and Dogs year round.  Lives very close so she is available on short notice.   Be glad to watch the house,etc. for you as well. Very Trustworthy and Dependable.  Jeanne Ashmore 828 693-6297 – Posted 3/11/2019

Beth Terry – This past Thanksgiving, I hired Beth Terry to take care of our dog, Sarah, while we visited my brother in Florida. She had cared for Sarah at her home twice before. We assumed our little girl would receive wonderful care, like she had in the past. I have no doubt that Beth loves animals, however, not only am I extremely disappointed in the care she received, I am angry. First, at 9pm the night we were getting ready for our 12 hour drive home, I received a text from Beth asking if I could pay her in cash. That is not something I typically do when I hire someone for a service; however, in this case, I agreed. When I inquired about the total that would be due, she proceeded to give me a much higher fee than I was expecting. She said that she had told me the last time she watched Sarah, that she had raised her rate. She never had told me and proceeded to argue with me by text about it. I ended the discussion on the rate and told her I would pay but that she would not be watching Sarah in the future.  The morning after picking Sarah up, I noticed she had a huge black spot of dirt or grease on her chest. The next day, Sarah also began to have very painful muscle spasms in her chest that come from compression in her spine. This only occurs when she is walked by using her collar and a leash instead of her harness and a leash. It was clear, Beth did not follow the written instructions that were given to her about Sarah’s care. These instructions specifically noted that Sarah was to only be walked with her harness. After a trip to the vet to get special medication, Sarah is still dealing with the effects of the pain and muscle spasms. At a rate of $38 a day, I would expect that Sarah would have received better care. I do not recommend hiring Beth Terry for pet sitting – Annie Lazo – Posted 12/17/2018

Holly AndersonWe would like to recommend Holly who we used for a week to take care of two of our cats.  She did an amazing job, was on the premises twice daily, within time, kept the pets well fed, cleaned litter boxes, vacuumed the floor around them.  We cannot say enough about how well she worked out for us.  She and her mother started this business, keep busy, and are highly recommended by other Kenmure residents.  Holly can be reached at 828-606-0273.  Do not hesitate to call us because this short note cannot say enough about Holly.  Bill and Kathy Avery, 107 Farwood Court, 828-595-9575  Posted 8/17/2018

Beth Terry – We have used Beth many times to take care of our two cats when we are away on vacation. Beth visits our home daily to tend to and play with the cats. She also sends us pictures of the cats to further assure us they are ok. We have been very pleased with Beth and the cats second my recommendation. Beth’s home phone is 828-697-5836 and her cell is 828-489-2647 – Dale Kern – Posted 4/29/2017

Beth Terry – Beth Terry adores cats and dogs and will pet set at your house or her own. Beth also walks many dogs in Kenmure. She is very reliable and keeps you informed through emails and photos so you can be reassured regarding your pet’s condition. Beth rescued my cat and was his pet setter for 8 years, so I highly recommend her services. Beth can be reached at 828-697-5836 – Jan Wauben – Posted 4/13/2017

Beth Terry – When my husband and I moved to Kenmure 14 years ago we were looking for a pet sitter. We had 3 cats and 1 dog so we were fortunate to meet Beth Terry rather quickly and she fit the bill perfectly. Beth is able to care for your pets in your home or hers. She always calls before your trip to confirm your reservation and to check for any last minute details. Beth is extremely attentive to details and your pets individual needs whether it be diet, health issues, giving medications and if necessary trips to the vet. She will also do dog walking if that is what you require. While we are away Beth regularly sends us daily updates and photos which reassured us that everything at home was great. Beth definitely has a special gift with animals and our pets adore her. Beth is thorough, professional and has the utmost integrity. She can be reached at 828-697-5836 ( Home) or 828-489-2647 (Cell) – Suzi Oldham – Posted 3/23/2017

Pet Trainers

True Connection Canine –  We have been working with Jennifer King, the owner of True Connection Canine for several months.     She has done a terrific job in helping us with our terrier puppy and we feel her approach and results have been excellent.We strongly recommend Jennifer.   She can be reached at  828-329-2852 and her website is trueconnectioncanine.comPat and Kathrine Tims  828-697-8200   3/5/2019

ILIO Canine Care – James Lyon, owner is an excellent, licensed dog trainer.  You may reach him at 678-933-8621 or iliocaninecare@gmail.com – Judith McNellie – Posted 2/10/2018

Physical Therapists


LLL Plumbing   –   We recently used LLL Plumbing and were very pleased with their service.  They came out when they said they would (despite the gas shortage) and they were reasonably priced.  Contact @ LLC:  Cliff McCauley (828) 692-4601 (leave voicemail).    Patrick McGinnis   Posted 5/16/20

Plumbsmart Technologies, LLC.  –   I found this company on the Kenmure website. Andrew, and partner, arrived within 2 hours.  Very professional and efficient.  They were confronted with a jury rigged Moen valve assembly and, using their six years of experience, developed a fix on-the-fly.  It now works better than it did before and I’m very pleased.  They were expensive but, when you get what you’re paying for, there are no complaints.  I believe he said their trip charge is $150 and I think that’s likely an industry standard though I don’t know.  My total was around $190 I believe.  Well worth the expenditure IMHO.  I’m grateful to this website for making this company known.   Their phone number is 828-974-6147.     Harlan Frymire   Posted 8/21/2020

Plumbsmart Technologies, LLC.  –  Don Hilderbrand is the owner .  We had need of his company’s service on two occasions in the past 6-weeks and on both occasions he was outstanding. The second issue was a little more complex than normal, and Don stayed with the issue until he found the correct matching part which permanently resolved the problem. Throughout the process there was updating from the company and whenever there was an appointment he was prompt and efficient; and cleaned up after the work was completed. Don and his team are highly recommended by us.  Their phone number is 828-974-6147.  Joe Dyer  Posted 6/22/2020

Faith Mountain Plumbing  –  I cannot recommend Faith Mountain Plumbing highly enough. Faith Mountain had done a lot of routine plumbing work in the home I bought in the last year, changing faucets, etc. In the last month, I had two major plumbing problems. First, my on-demand hot water heater went out late in the evening. The on-call plumber called and walked me through some trouble shooting to reset it, but it was still showing an error code. He was out first thing the next morning and diagnosed the problem. Of course, it was a Friday. The part was ordered and overnighted. Due to flights being grounded for bad weather, it was Monday before the part arrived and they prioritized my job to get my hot water up and running. A+. This week, I turned on my water and sewage came up into two shower pans! Of course, at night. Adam had a team of plumbers at my house first thing in the morning. They cleared the problem and diagnosed the real issue: the A/C guys who installed new ductwork had pushed the waste lines above the trusses to install their ducts, resulting in the loss of the slope needed for gravity to pull the water out of the pipes. They came up with a very cost effective way to rework the blocking for the ductwork to restore the slope and fix the problem. They could have sold me on re-plumbing or some other really expensive fix and I would have done it. I suspect most companies would have gone that route, but the Faith Mountain crew is really ethical. Since we’re in a pandemic, they wore masks in my house and, as a first, they actually offered to disinfect every surface they touched while here. A++ Faith Mountain Plumbing: 828-808-2252  – Beth Moriarty  beth@planetpurl.com  –  Posted 6/17/2020

Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions   –   I had a very good experience with work performed by Mitch Edwards of Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions.  He came as scheduled, repaired a leaking water heater at a reasonable fee and performed maintenance on a water filter at no charge,  I highly recommend Mitch.  His phone number is 329-9444.  Ruth Mendrala  828-696-2665  Posted 2/28/2020

Practical Plumbing – I hesitate to write a glowing review for fear that the proprietor, Chris Smith, will be so busy that I won’t be able to get him to come out when I need him.  Yet, despite his busyness, Chris is exemplary in his punctuality and promptness, always giving you a “heads up” as to when he’ll arrive. He comes when he says he will, if not sooner. On top of that, his work is excellent. He hooked up our new kitchen sink after we moved in and installed a new faucet in our laundry room as well as a new toilet in our bathroom. He also helped out with an outside plumbing situation.  I have no reservation about giving Chris Smith of Practical Plumbing my full endorsement.  Call 828-674-2647    –  Frank Felsburg – Posted 12/7/2019

Power Washing

Clarity House Wash   –   Dustin Zlacki at 828-707-7636, does power washing of houses and anything else needed.  Last week, at our home, in addition to washing all windows, he also power washed the screens on our screened porch, its the wicker furniture, the slate stone walkway, two sets of wrought iron deck tables and chairs, several pottery flower pots, washed the gutters above the decks and some lower house walls.  He was careful not to damage fragile items with over spray and was very careful not to damage plants or fish in our ponds with any chemicals or stray spray.  We have invited him back next year for a repeat performance. We were very pleased with the work he did and for the fair price he charged.  Dick Roemer, 697-2692   Posted 7/10/2021

Atlas Services   –   We recently (May 2021) had our home “washed” by Atlas Services, owned/operated by Jesse Gambalie (828-273-7066 or callatlas.com).  It is a husband and wife team, they did what I consider a thorough, efficient and very effective job.  They have high tech equipment which does not rely on overly high pressure to do the job.  What I appreciated was the communication from Atlas, updates, reminders and prompt rescheduling if needed because of weather.  Found them to be very professional.    Alan & Terry Van Ostenbridge   –  Posted 5/5/2021

L & S Pressure Washing & Painting – We highly recommend Larry and Sandra Ray.  They are a hard-working and skillful husband and wife team that does everything with care and skill.  They showed up on time and didn’t leave until the job was finished to perfection.  And they are very honest and trustworthy.  Peter and Jill Cornish    Posted 11/15/2020

J & L Pressure Washing – Be careful in using J & L Pressure Washing which is run by Jimmy Pitcock.  I recently used them.  The house was cleaned and his price was competitive, but he used so much bleach in the water that it killed my ferns and the leaves are dead on several lilacs, don’t know whether they will survive or not.  So be aware regarding shrubs that are close to the house.  Gerald Graves – Posted 9/22/2019


Sue Gordon at Sue Gordon Realty    –    My association with Sue started with a recommendation from someone who said she’s easy to work with and really cares. Although the condo sold quickly,  she helped me manage the amount of paperwork that was equal to that of a large home and explained each form.  She arranged for the work to be done that the inspector required, she kept me calm in a stressful times, and was personally involved through every step.  I can’t imagine anyone better handling sales than Sue.  Her promise to exceed expectations is a promise kept.  –  Jeanne Holland   Posted 5/7/2021

Sue Gordon at Sue Gordon Realty    –   I would like to recommend Sue Gordon for all your real estate needs. Sue is a resident of Kenmure and has been involved in our community for many years. She’s the utmost professional in her field, whether you are buying or selling. She knows Kenmure like few others and knows the market well. Contact Sue Gordon at Sue Gordon Realty   SueGordon@live.com   828-707-8733 for all your real estate needs. I did, and I couldn’t be happier.  –  Galen Reuther   Posted  4/4/2021

Terri Eisenhauer of  Terri Eisenhauer Signature Properties  –  My wife and I, having bought and sold several homes during our lives, recently had the best experience we’ve ever had with a professional Realtor.  We listed our home with Terri Eisenhauer of  Terri Eisenhauer Signature Properties.  When we first asked Terri to “take a look at our home”, as we were considering selling it, she explained how she would market it for us and convinced us on the spot that she would work to serve our best interests tirelessly, and that is exactly what she did.  For example:  Her marketing strategies were the best we have seen.  She helped us price our home realistically.  She learned the details and uniqueness of our home to better show it.  She brought only qualified buyers to see the home.  She coordinated the showings with us to minimalize our inconvenience.  She attended the showings, even with other Realtor’s potential buyers.  Terri has an amazing amount of energy and experience that she puts to work for her clients.  Based on her efforts, our home sold after just a very few showings as she makes an effort to show only homes that the prospective buyer has indicated an interest in seeing or that she knows, after talking with a prospective buyer, they would be interested in.  She continued to follow up with us even after the sale closed to make sure we were completely satisfied with her service.  We certainly recommend Terri to folks looking for a full service energetic Realtor.  –  Steve and Nancy Smith  Posted 12/7/2020


Everest Interiors   –  We recently remodeled our kitchen with the help of Lucas Flanagan.  Lucas did an outstanding job, with tremendous attention to detail.  The man is a true craftsman.  He was thorough and always left our house cleaner than he found it. Check his website at https://www.everestinteriorsllc.com/ or call him at 704-923-6559   Doug & Suzanne Moe    Posted 10/13/2021

Construction Specialties Design Builders, Inc.   –   Terry Baker/Anice Pryor.  Call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Interior Design Studio  –    Anice Pryor.  After seeing other reviews, she was hired almost two years ago as a Designer and GC to remodel our home..  Please call me for a review.  David Leiman 516-857-2163  or  lineagle@yahoo.com    Posted 6/14/2021

Canyon Construction  –  We bought a house on Crestgrove Drive last August and based on the recommendations listed on this site, we hired Mike Klepp of Canyon Construction   828-243-4163   to renovate it. We were fortunate to be able to work with Mike and his skilled and reliable sub-contractors as well as hire Rita Garrison  828-243-1596   to help us decorate. We got involved with the selection and planning process in the fall, but we left for Longboat Key in late October and only returned to NC for a few days before the pandemic impacted travel.  Luckily for us, both Mike and Rita are proactive planners and very communicative. They were able to involve us in the decision-making via texts, emails, and phone calls.  They sent pictures, gave us options, and made choices easier. Mike is a fantastic problem-solver and he and his outstanding workers met all sorts of complicated challenges.  Rita is very organized and resourceful and is a creative dynamo that made us think outside the box. Sometimes she had to convince us to take risks; other times we just said yes to her vision. We were thrilled when we walked into our house on May 25 for the first time in three months.  Pictures had not captured the quality of their work.  It exceeded our expectations.  We highly recommend Mike as a contractor and Rita as a decorator on their own, but we really recommend using them as a team to manage your renovations. Kay and Frank Burke  Posted 6/21/2020

Dwayne Plemmons Home Remodels & Renovations – We highly recommend Dwayne Plemmons at 828-333-8193.  He moved our garage around to make it bigger, turned a screen porch into a study, gutted and remodeled two bathrooms, installed new windows, replaced a deck, painted the inside and outside of the house, and made countless other improvements to update our home.  He and his crew are all very nice fellows, a pleasure to have around, and clean up after themselves. Our address is 787 Pinnacle Peak Lane if you want to look at our home from the outside – Glenda Hixon and Harry Housman – Posted 5/10/2019

Canyon Construction –  We purchased a condo on Broadmoor Drive in April, 2017.  The entire condo needed extensive renovation, including a new kitchen, baths, painting, lighting, carpeting and other accessories.    We chose Mike Klepp, Canyon Construction (828-243-4163) to complete the work after viewing his fine workmanship in our next door neighbor’s home. We discussed our desires for the condo with Mike and the budget price point we wanted to achieve.  Mike understood our needs, provided accurate estimates and promptly scheduled the work.  Mike was personally on top of the job, has excellent, trustworthy people working with him, stayed on schedule, communicated as needed and finished the job as planned.  Mike was very easy to work with and he made good suggestions on how to improve the finished product.  He was always available to take a call and discuss concerns.  Additionally, I would like to recommend Rita Garrison (828-243-1596), a Kenmure resident, for any decorating needs.  Rita works closely with Mike, and like Mike, she understood our needs, communicated very well and stayed within our price point.  She is very skilled with paint color, fabrics, tile and furniture selections, accessories and layout.  We are thrilled with the quality of Mike and Rita’s workmanship and the way our condo looks and feels. We will use Canyon Construction and Rita Garrison in the future.  I highly recommend you call Mike Klepp and/or Rita Garrison for your next project.  Chuck Warden, 106 Broadmoor Drive – Posted 8/10/2018

Canyon Construction – We just finished using Canyon Construction (Mike Klepp 828-243-4163) for the third time in a little over 2 years. The first project was a major home renovation including bathrooms, flooring, shelving, granite countertops, tile work and plumbing. It was done to our total satisfaction and we were impressed that if an item did not meet Mike’s quality standards it would be redone. Last year we had Canyon complete another bathroom which included removing the old shower and flooring and installing new shower tile, a new tile floor and a new shower door. Again, it was done very well and done while we were in Florida. This year, while we were away for 3 weeks, Canyon completed another project which included removing old porch railings and replacing them with more modern and less view-obstructing rails and balustrades. When we returned we were thrilled with the look and the quality of the work. The workmanship and the painting was top quality. And, they cleaned up after themselves as they had to access the deck via the main part of the house. We trust them with a key and working in our house when we are not here – Ron and Carol Medinger – 328 Dawnbrook Dr. – Posted 4/18/2017

Canyon Construction – I would like to recommend Mike Klepp of Canyon Construction Company who has been remodeling my new 5100 square foot home. He has painted the entire inside, sanded and stained the floors, upgraded cabinets, changed tile in master bath, laundry room, handling rewiring, granite counter tops, etc. So far I am more than satisfied with his work. I am completely satisfied with his charges and recommend him very highly. He is honest, reliable and completely trust worthy to do whatever I ask him in a timely manner. Generally, I ask for a ball park figure on each project and he has come in under each time. He can be reached at 828-243-4163. Feel free to call me for a reference. Bill Avery 107 Farwood Court 239-293-4113 Posted 3/5/2017

Restoration – Water, Fire, Mold, Storm & Crawl Space Damage

Warren Cleaning & Restoration, LLC  I called on a Sunday due to major flooding in our kitchen (from a break in refrigerator water system) and a Warren Restoration crew were on-site in under 20 minutes from Arden!  They took control saving our hardwood floors initially, and did all other remedial work needed to get our home and our lives back in order!  The job was done before the insurance company was even prepared to begin.  I would be happy to give an even stronger recommendation should anyone want to call us personally with questions. Our experience was top notch, it couldn’t have been better! Dave Schumacher – Email: bikrbroker@aol.com or Phone:  828-692-6692 or 818-321-4740 – Posted 2/2/2018

Retaining Walls

Roof Cleaning

Proclean  – We used their services for the first time today, and would highly recommend them.  They are a Father-Son team, and they did an awesome job, including cleaning up.  Our roof looks like new!  They are friendly, professional, and thorough.  And, their price is very reasonable!  Norm Williams is the owner, and can be reached at:  828-243-2841, or norm@procleanroofcleaning.com They also give free estimates. Cliff and Betty Brown – 317 Winding Meadows – Posted 7/37/2019

Proclean – We also used ProClean, but possibly a different franchisee.  Rick Fairbanks at 864-214-4250 or rick@procleanexteriors.com.  Did an excellent job at a reasonable price.  Also does other outside cleaning.  Roof looks like new.  Jim & Joan Murray, 828-513-5056. Posted 9/19/2018

Proclean –  My real estate agent, Art Redden, suggested we clean our roof gave me the name of Proclean to do the job – Norm Williams and his son run the business. I called them on a Monday morning. Not only did they give me a quote, but started work that same day! They also included power washing my deck (you might want to add them to that category as well). They gave me a package price that I thought was very reasonable and the results were very positive – Phone number is 828-243-2841   David Ticko      Posted 7/16/2018.


Paramount Roofing Services – After interviewing three pre-screened and recommended roofing companies, I selected Paramount Roofing Services.  Cary Walters and his team did an absolute professional job, at a competitive price, completed on time, and did a thorough clean-up when the job was finished.  They kept me informed during the entire process, and there were absolutely no surprises or hidden costs.  I can highly recommend Paramount Roofing Services.  Cary Walters can be reached at   828-329-8883   Terry Stein   828-290-2445    Posted 7/28/2021

John Balken Roofing    –  We strongly recommend John Balken Roofing.  Many of our friends and neighbors told us that John and his crew are terrific and they were right.  They showed up on time, did a beautiful job, finished quickly, and cleaned up afterwards.  More good news:  John’s estimate was several thousand dollars less than the others we received.  Call at John Balken: 828-243-7399  or Mobil:  610-299-4668  Peter Cornish   Posted 3/27/2021

Advanced Roofing – We would like to recommend Dennis Williams, of Advanced Roofing. He is a true professional, honest, dependable and trustworthy. When rain interrupted his regular scheduled he texted and kept in touch and always made sure we knew when the work would be completed. Dennis and his crew finished our roofing needs promptly and professionally; he took pictures, cleaned up after the job was finished, blew the deck, and painted siding where needed. He is a true professional. Call Dennis Williams, 828 458 0076 or 828 696 1779. Al and Jeri Gonzalez – Posted 6/9/2017

Rug Cleaning

Septic Tank Inspection

Quality Home Consultants   –   We recently found ourselves with a septic emergency-on a Friday.  Having called a half dozen companies offering “emergency septic service”, none could come out for weeks!  A couple of companies could come the following Monday (3 days!), and then we called Quality Home Consultants.  With a quote matching the lowest competitor, they were at our house within the hour.  Learning that the original map was wrong, they spent some time locating the tank and unblocking a clog.  This got us operational thru the weekend, and the same two guys returned later, finished the tank pump and the price was reasonable.  If you ever find yourself in need of their services, we highly recommend Quality Home Consultants, Phone # 828-548-2305,  They offer home inspections and other home services, too.   David & Pixie Gray    Posted 9/5/2021

Carolina Septic Solutions– We have been in Kenmure nearly 8 years. When we bought the house, the septic system was inspected and the tank pumped. It was time to have the system pumped again and we consulted our realtor, who recommended we contact the company that did the check and cleaning in 2009. Not only did the company still have the records of that service, the owner had the map of the field. The company, Carolina Septic Solutions, provided superb service. They arrived early to pump the tank, and were finished in under an hour, for a very reasonable charge. The owner/operator is Jose Lopez. 828-696-337 We recommend the company without reservation – Greg and Kathy Newbold – Posted 6/6/2017

All About Plumbing and Septic – I recently had the need for a septic tank inspection. I was somewhat apprehensive because of the location of the tank — 60 feet or so down a steep bank. When we purchased the home 2 years ago, 2 different septic companies told us they didn’t have equipment powerful enough to pump out the tank for that vertical rise. It was always on my mind as to what would we do if it needed to be pumped. I called All About Plumbing and Septic mainly based on the yellow page ad which had a photo of their truck. It appeared to be new and well kept. Tim Drennan from the company came and looked at the site and assured me they could do it. They appeared as scheduled and pumped out the tank. Their price was reasonable and competitive with what others estimated it would cost before deciding they couldn’t perform the work. They are located in Hendersonville and can be called at 828-778-2423. Tom Lenweaver – Posted 3/27/2017

Snow Removal


Stout Scapes – Michael Stout, DBA Stout Scapes, (828-606- 3912) did an excellent job repairing our lawn irrigation system.  He arrived exactly at the time he said he would arrive. We showed him the sprinkler heads that had been damaged over the winter season. Michael had them repaired or replaced in a very short time, he then checked out the rest of the system and recommended a few minor changes to make our system more efficient.  His price for all the work was very reasonable, he is a licensed NC Irrigation Contractor.  Nancy and I highly recommend him for irrigation system servicing.  Feel free to call us for more details that are not included here.  Steve and Nancy Smith – 828-447-3121   Posted 9/24/2019

Tended Property Services – We had Caleb Wetzel redo a portion of our sprinkler system and he did an excellent job and is reasonable and easy to work with. His number is 828-708-0553.  Donna and Sandy Hastie 828-696-0703 – Posted 9/7/2019

Stained Glass

Tibor Glass Design – We went to Doreen Day to create a piece of stain glass for our office. We gave her photos of three of our dogs and asked her to create a large 36″H x 16″W piece.  It is absolutely beautiful and captures our dogs down to the scarf one of them was wearing. Please visit her website at www.tiboronglassdesign.com – You can contact her at 845-616-4809 or 828-749-3411  –  Mike & Mary Cervini 828-693-4411   – Posted 2/16/2019

Stone Masons

Clint Morrow & Son   –   We just had a wonderful experience having some stone repair work done by Clint Morrow & Son  828-692-0324.  They are from E Flat Rock and gave us an almost immediate quote and advised us not to undertake some of the project we asked about.  Instead, Clint made some very wise cost saving suggestions.  They are good handshake folks.  Sharon Leiman   Z4Sharon@yahoo.com Posted 9/4/2020

Clint Morrow & Son  –  We hired Clint and his son based off of recommendations on this website for stone masons.  We needed two stone columns used to support exterior lights demolished and rebuilt.  As others have reported, I found his price to be reasonable and the quality of their work to be excellent.  We wanted to get these columns replaced ahead of other anticipated future work since we expected this work to be messy.  It wasn’t.  They took great care of our property throughout the process.  They also fixed a cracked mortar joint in our front walkway at no extra charge. Work was performed in August 2020.  Clint Morrow: Phone (828) 692-0324  –  Ken & Debbie Drake  –  Posted 9/2/2020

HH Concrete and Lawn Care  – Hugo Hernandez for stone work.  He also does concrete work, stucco, and patios.  WE have a lovely rock walkway plus two walls on either side that he just completed.  The walls are natural stone with mortar (no snakes can nest) and looks very much like stacked stone.  He is a craftsman and takes pride in his work.  Phone number  828-556-1181  or  hhconcrete.lawncare@gmail.com   Marian Hansen,  216 Greenleaf Dr  – Posted 4/8/2020

Clint Morrow & Son – If you are looking for an EXCELLENT STONE MASON I highly recommend you call Clint Morrow & Son.  They just completed extensive work at my house and I found them to be dedicated, very courteous, professional and reliable.  They will return your call in a timely fashion and will show up as scheduled.  Their work reflects the quality of several generations of masons in their family and they take great pride in the artistry and quality of their work.  Don’t hesitate to call them at 828-692-0324   Jennifer Crane  828-595-9311   Posted 6/24/2019

Mountain Stone Work – Nicholas Martinez – Refaced Stuccoed my exterior fireplace. The original work was not done properly and the stucco was separating from the masonry block and causing water leaks into my drywall ceiling in my living room.  He reflashed the roof around the chimney on the roof, put new roof shingles and painted the chimney in 3 days.  Nicholas is also refacing my red brick chimney on the inside of the house with a natural stone product. This is transforming our entire living room.  Nicholas has also done a lot of work for Biltmore Farms over the last 8 years.  This is a great contractor.  If you have any questions, please call me at 760-445-7630 – Roy Nail – Posted 6/10/2018

Rock Work by Clint Morrow – Clint and his son just completed replacing our front walk and did an excellent job. Clint has been working in Kenmure for over twenty-five years and has garnered an excellent reputation. His pricing was very reasonable and his work is exceptional – Call Clint at 828-692-0324 – Doug & Suzanne Moe – Posted 4/13/2018

Stump Grinding

TV Satellite companies

DISH Satellite – After reviewing the DISH TV satellite website, I telephoned to ask questions re: their packages and pricing. Following negotiations, we agreed on their 190 channel package with lifetime HD, no recorder, no installation costs, for 4 TVs for $47.39 with a 2 year price guarantee. Three days later all equipment was installed and while demonstrating the remote, the installer mentioned that since I only had the “flex” package with no local channels, I might want to upgrade my selection. I explained I had contracted for the 190 channel package. He was not surprised but called the DISH offices, and we (on speakerphone) were transferred several times to other departments, and finally to the Office of the President. The woman who then spoke with me firmly offered me three alternatives: (1) Keep the very limited flex package at $47.39; (2) upgrade to the 190 channel package I preferred and pay $54.99 for the first year and $74.14 for the second year (higher prices and no 2 year price guarantee); or (3) pay a $480 early termination fee to cancel the contract. I’m speaking with an attorney re: this obvious “bait and switch”. Reference N.C. Gen. Stat. §25A-39 – Dianne Janis – Posted 1/26/2017

UPDATE – A letter of complaint was filed with the State of North Carolina, Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Department. A telephone call from a DISH employee today has confirmed that, after listening to the recording of the original marketing call, all charges have been waived and my account has been closed with no balance due – Posted 2/12/2017

Tree Services

All American Tree Service –   Excellent job by Mike Duffy and crew in taking down three dead trees by our home. Mike was prompt in giving us an estimate (two days) and committed to completing the job on a date about three weeks later. Instead he had a cancellation and called us within a week of giving us the estimate and came out the next morning and completed the job. Mike can be reached at   828-702-9991 or 864-991-7128    Rick Astor  904-415-9464    Posted 8/24/2021.

All American Tree Service  –   This is the 2nd time we were trying to use All American Tree Company.  They did NOT get the work done by the end of the 3 month period ie Dec 3rd and it still wasn’t done by March 4th.  We’ve decided to go with another provider.  The company seems to over promise and under deliver on their timelines based on this experience.  The first time we had to pester them a lot to get the work done too but it got done about two weeks after the 3-month period.  Mike is very nice and works quickly but can’t count him to get in done in the three month time window given by the tree man.   Bonnie Mangold  973-219-8496   Posted 3/4/2021

All American Tree Service –  A large tree came down across my lower drive resting on stone column, driveway, and wall and when I contacted Mike Duffy he responded faster that I ever believed possible to provide an estimate (luckily he was in the neighborhood and came within 30 minutes ) and agreed to have his crew come bright and early the next morning .  They arrived as advertised and made short work of a major job removing tree in pieces without further damage to stone column, drive or wall and cleaned up so well I would not have known the tree had come down except for my damaged stonework.   Job well done such that  I then contracted him for some follow on work two weeks later mostly on major branch and limb work overhanging house.  –  Frederick Sears  121 Greenleaf  Posted 9/29/2020

All American Tree Service  –  I called All American Tree Service based on the glowing reviews on the KPOA website. We had five different appointments for an estimate, each broken shortly before the designated time. It should be noted that when we talked to the guy, it was not the person often mentioned here, but someone clearly younger. Two hours after the last appointment time, we called and cancelled the service. Amazingly, we received a call within 30 minutes telling us he would be right over because he was in Kenmure. When I said we were not interested since he cancelled 5 previous appointments, this kid said, “Well, I am a very busy man.” I suggested that then  he consider not making appointments he is too busy to keep.  –   Susan Kasper  973-219-4377  Posted 9/26/2020

All American Tree Service – We were concerned about the health and stability of a couple trees behind our home on Overlook Drive — a location not easily accessible from the road or driveway.  We first called Epperson’s, whose ad we heard on the radio.  Epperson’s estimator (Bruce) told us to get the approval from KPOA first, and only then would he come out to look at the potential job.  “Otherwise, I would just be wasting my time.”  Not pleased with this attitude, we next called Mike Duffy, the owner of All American Tree Service (864-991-7128).  Mike came out the same day, made his recommendations (including for a couple trees we hadn’t identified as problems, for a total of four), and provided a written estimate within a few hours.  With this in hand, we got KPOA’s blessing, which would have been useless if we went Epperson’s route, because no doubt that company would have identified the other problematic trees AFTER KPOA had come out.  Anyway, Duffy and his crew showed up on time with a 75-ton crane to do the job promptly.  All four trees were rotting heavily from the inside and could have endangered our home.  Cleanup was exemplary.  Price was in line with what we expected to pay for two trees.  So we want to add our very solid recommendation to the others on this page. Greg and Susanne Suchan 571-289-5364 Posted 4/9/2020

Epperson’s Lawn & Tree Care – We recently had 6 trees removed and contacted three companies for estimates. All three were very responsive and professional. There was, however, a big difference in the quotes and this, along with another neighbor being happy with Epperson’s work, lead us to select them. Their work and cleanup was excellent. Dale Epperson can be reached at 828-606-4980 or eppersontreeservice@yahoo.com Pat Tims 828-290-3141 or ptims35@gmail.com Posted 2/16/2020

Bill’s Tree & Landscaping – Our yard people had advised there was a tree in the backyard that was leaning from it’s base.  Nothing looked amiss from our deck, but when I went to check it out, I was stunned to see a 90 foot oak tree (on a slope) was hollowed out at the base!  I phoned Allen Beers to arrange Kenmure approval and then called Bill’s Tree service as we have often seen their trucks in the community.  I spoke with Diane who said from my description, we had what they call a “danger” tree.  She told me they were working in Kenmure that day, and she would contact Bill to have him drop by and check it out.  He called and came by to assess the situation.  He said if they finished the job they were working on by 2pm, they would have time to set up and get it done that day.  When that timeframe didn’t work, Bill came by to say they would be back the next day to take care of it.  With high winds and rain in the forecast, we were both anxious to have that tree taken out!  True to his word, they were back the next day and expeditiously took care of it.  I have no hesitation in recommending Bill’s Tree service.  (828/692-9251)  Bill Gilliland was communicative, professional, and very responsive to some of our other needs–going so far as to drive my husband’s car up from the street and parking it in the garage for me!  – Helen Wright  Posted 1/25/2020

All American Tree Service –  Michael set a time to meet, he showed up during the window agreed upon.  We liked what he recommended as well as his approach to working safely.  Therefore he got the job.  They were here on time, did their job safely and cleaned up afterward.  My husband (Michael) and I recommend these guys and I hope to see them in Kenmure more often. Call Michael Duffy –  864-682-7128  – Mike and Debbie Burke Posted 10/11/2019

Zack’s Tree Service – On March 29, 2019, Zack removed a large limb from a locust tree; the limb was near our home so removal was a very tricky.  Zach climbed an ajacent tree and repelled over and down the tree needing to be trimmed.  He then proceeded to take down the limb in sections.  Then, Zack removed two 25′ green giant evergreens; these shrubs also were right next to our home.  Zach hauled away all the debris and cleaned up the area.  We highly recommend Zach for your tree trimming and removal needs. His business card also lists brush removal and lot clearing.  Zack Barnwell of  Zack’s Tree Service, 828-606-8682.  Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland – Posted 4/13/2019

All American Tree Company – We hired All American Tree Company recently to clean up tree damage from the winter’s ice storms.  Michael Duffy (owner) came out promptly and gave us an estimate. Michael and his crew including Greg (the tree climber) and Rick (grounds man and safety) showed up on the date and time, as scheduled.  Greg and Rick checked in with us throughout the afternoon as their work progressed.  It was important to them that we were happy with the results. Greg even took extra time and thought to trim one tree limb out of our deck sight-line, so as not to spoil our view! In no time, the work and clean-up of the entire area was completed . The crew was respectful, very pleasant and professional all day.  We were very pleased with the outcome.  I would recommend them to anyone. Michael can be reached at 864-991-7128.  Jerry Baur 261 Dalhousie Court – Posted 4/2/2019

All American Tree Service – Recently did some tree work for us.  Michael’s team arrived ahead of schedule, removed a large ice damaged tree, chipped and cleaned all debris, including blowing our drive way.  Michael followed up to confirm we were pleased with the work that was done.  Highly recommend!! – Jeff and Beverly Chadwick – Posted 3/24/2019

All American Tree Company – Just wanted to take a moment to recommend All American Tree Company, who recently took care of a yard full of damage from the latest two ice storms.  Michael  Duffy (owner) gave an estimate that was very competitive.  Although we had to cancel our original date for the work due to more sleet and snow, we rescheduled.  Michael and his crew including Greg (the tree climber) and Rick (grounds man and safety) showed up at the time promised.  Greg and Rick were very diligent in making sure I was pleased with the work all through the progress.  Greg’s skill was much appreciated over some very challenging heights. The men cleaned up the entire area and were done by the time promised. Very pleasant and professional all day.  We were very pleased with the outcome.  I would recommend them to anyone. Michael can be reached at 864-991-7128. I would be glad to talk to anyone considering this company to give personal reference.  Melanie Goodwin, 312 South Windsong Lane – Posted 3/7/2019

All American Tree Services – Michael Duffy – 864-991-7128 – We recently needed some tree trimming done due to the recent ice storm. I contacted All American Tree Service and after a short conversation was very impressed.  Everyone I met with Micheal’s company were very professional, always on time and did exactly what they said they would. Michael was very concerned that we were happy with the work and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance – Bob Stang – 101 Bellshire Drive – Posted 1/19/2019

All American Tree Services – Michael Duffy – 864-991-7128 – is not only punctual, professional, competitive and a new grandfather, but a nice guy as well.  I called, he called back, stopped by and sent me his proposal, came back and did the job.  No fuss, no muss, no bother.  Did a bit extra and then charged less than his proposal because he quoted something he did not have to do…  Old fashioned handshake kind of guy!  David Leiman, 55 Paine Court lineagle@yahoo.com – Posted 12/10/2018

Andy’s Tree Service If you are going to have tree work done, do yourself a favor.  Call Andy Demirjian at 828-699-0563.  He is a very nice man who gives an honest estimate and sticks to that estimate.  He also gets the work done quickly.  Five stars!  – Pete Dunderdale – 828-493-6027 – Posted 10/26/2018

All American Tree Service Mike – 864 991 7128 – All American removed multiple trees including a dead tree that was a potential safety issue on my property. I obtained several bids and All American was extremely competitive.  Mike was very customer service friendly and
Did what he said he would do on time and on budget.  Please feel free to call me Roy Nail at 760 – 445 – 7630 for a reference – Posted 9/6/2018


Budget Upholstery  –   We highly recommend Budget Upholstery.  Scott recovered our dining room chairs (using a patterned fabric) and each chair matched perfectly to one another.  The workmanship was great and the turnaround was quick.  Though we didn’t purchase fabric at the shop, they have an extensive supply of fabric books from which to choose.  Contact at Budget:     Scott 828-693-8628     Candice McGinnis    Posted 8/19/2021

Budget Upholstery – Scott Rhodes is wonderful.  Can work with complex fabric matching, etc.  They work for many Kenmure residents.  Call Scott at – 828-693-8628 – Suzanne Gold – Posted 5/7/2018

Furniture Specialties John Moore – We have a leather recliner that needed a spring repair and they did it for a very reasonable price and in a short turn around time. They also restore leather and have a very large inventory for upholstery fabric. We highly recommend their service. Call 828-676-0014 – Ruth Klug – Posted 6/1/2017

Water Leak Sensing/Control

Wildlife Removal

Ashville Wildlife Removal  –  For wildlife and pest removal concerns I have used and highly recommend Ashville Wildlife Removal.  I had flying squirrels in my attic and contacted Rusty Russell who came out and did a complete check on out house and made recommendations on what needed to be done to remove the critters and how we needed to seal up the house to prevent any further incursions in the future.  He has a crew who can do the sealing up for you and the quoted price was far below others.  He showed up on time and completed the work promised with a 2 year warranty on his work which was unheard of it seems  – Ashville Wildlife Removal  –  Rusty Russell  –  828-333-2266  –  Greg Jackson  916-217-8166  –  Posted 9/2/2020

Window Decorations

Window Cleaning

Clarity House Wash   –    Dustin Zlacki  at 828-707-7636, washed all the windows in our house last week and did an excellent job.  He has a system with long handles and solutions that allows him to wash second story windows from the ground.  This allows him to do everything quickly and easily without streaking or spotting.  He charges a very fair price for his courteous and excellent work.  He is prompt and reliable, answering phone calls and performing on schedule. Dick Roemer  –  697-2692   Posted 7/10/2021

Crystal Clear Windows, Inc.  –  Did a great job cleaning the windows on our home, both inside and out.  Darryl and Deletha were very professional and reasonably priced.  If you need your windows cleaned they can be reached at 828-693-7364.  –  Dennis O’Connor – Posted 4/24/2021

Pandimensional Window Cleaning  –  Sam & Katrina Howell, 828-290-0425, cleaned our windows and sky lights outside to a sparkling clean.  They also hung paintings on our stairwell that we couldn’t reach without a special ladder.  They were a delight and did excellent work.  We will definitely use them again and highly recommend  –  Terry & Marsha Bibleheimer – Posted 9/4/2020

Carolina Clean Machine  – I highly recommend Daniel for House and Window washing.  He called to confirm,showed up on time, finished in a timely manner. Highly professional.  Best job we have had.  My house looks like it was just painted. Windows look great. Very pleased.  Call 828-808-9607    John Buntin  –  Posted 7/21/2020

Property Supers – Today I used Property Supers  to clean my windows both inside and outside.  I am so pleased with the excellent workmanship of this company. They arrived on time and cleaned both the windows and the screens including all spider webs and dust.. I have owned Berry Creek since 2007 and this is the by far the best window cleaning job I have had done. I found Property Supers on Home Advisor.  Their office phone number is : Keith Lyerly  or Jake Lyerly :  828-513-0793   Iris Minette 124 Berry Creek Drive – Posted 6/1/2019

Carolina Clean Machine – I would like to recommend Daniel Thompson for pressure washing and window washing.  He is very professional, shows up on time and makes sure you are happy with his work before he leaves.  His business is called Carolina Clean Machine, 828-808-9607  Ruth Klug – Posted 5/17/2019

Pandimensional Window Cleaning Co.I would like to recommend Sam Howell.  Sam came to my residence today to clean windows, and most importantly, to clean my skylights. He also cleaned and flushed my gutters, he came when he said he would come and did an all around superior job.  I told him he was charging too little and paid him more than he was asking. Sam is a very pleasant and accomodating young man and I offer him my highest recommendation – Sam Howell’s is telephone number and 828-290-0425  web site panwnc.com -Ron & Bobby Masterman – 706 Overlook Drive – Posted 5/16/2019

Window Glass

Accurate Glass –  I just today had a large sliding glass window and a casement window replaced by Accurate Glass. The crew arrived at the appointed time and finished  in about one hour.  Keith had two assistants with him.  I found them to be very competent, efficient, knowledgeable and caring in the completion of the job.  In addition, they were the lowest bidder which is unusual for such good work.  I highly recommend them.  ACCURATE GLASS  696-1540.  Don Kauffman Posted 2/8/2018

Glass Doctor – After trying to use three other glass installers to solve a complex problem with a window in our home, I finally turned to Glass Doctor. I could not have been more pleased. Glass Doctor’s office manager — Lisa — was professional, friendly, and prompt. The estimator and installer was DJ Cain (also manager), and he was a pleasure to work with. They are quick, reasonably priced, and very, very good at what they do. Glass Doctor also installs auto glass – Call 828 288-0176 – Greg Newbold – Posted 3/23/2017

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