KPOA – American Red Cross Blood Drive

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
12:30 – 5:00 PM (Appointment times are in 15-minute intervals.)

LOCATION:  Kenmure Country Club Charleston Room

Since 2014, Kenmurians have donated more than 800 pints of blood at the semi-annual American Red Cross Blood Drive.  Great job, Kenmure!  However, donations to the Red Cross have not been keeping pace with the constant need.

The next Kenmure American Red Cross Blood Drive is on May 3 and will be here before you know it.  Check your calendar and SIGN UP NOW to donate.

Call me at 828-693-3851 or email me at to schedule your appointment to donate.


You also can schedule your appointment at

Donating blood is better together! Do you know someone who has never given before?

Ask them to make an appointment with you.

As always, thanks for your consideration.

   Wayne Orchard, Kenmure American Red Cross Blood Drive Coordinator