Railpen Gap Park & Walking Trails

If you’ve not been to the Park yet, it’s time to come! It is a lovely, peaceful place for either a short walk or just a place to sit and reflect.

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The Park has beautiful flowers, shrubs, and many types of trees. The walking paths are an easy, flat surface. There’s a lovely human sundial and two great benches.  The Rhododendron Trail is an approximate 1/2 hour (.31 mi) mountain hiking trail through the Rhododendrons with a Bridge covered stream.  The Railpen Park Gap committee has been hard at work installing new earthern trails in the “lower” Park.  The new Trillium Trail is full of trillium in the spring.  White bloodroot blooms first, then jack in the pulpit, little wild iris, ferns, pop up later.  It’s enchanting with the new bridge and the rustic benches.

DID you know??

The term “Railpen” is related to Plantation and Slave times when animal pens were constructed of split rails to catch and keep stray horses, cows, pigs, and other animals until they were put on the plantation, or if were caught illegally transported and sold. Railpen’s were reminiscent of a box canyon in the old west for catching and keeping rustled cattle.  These pens were usually placed in mountain gaps or valleys where the animals had normal movement trails. These mountain gaps were also a secluded path for transporting with low visibility, for making illegal sales of acquired stray animals.

Children and dogs (on a hand-held leash) are always welcome.
Please be sure to bring your bag for your pup’s treasures!

To find Railpen Gap Park, go to the corner of Overlook and Kenmure Drive. You’ll see a sign on Overlook for RAILPEN GAP PARK to lead you to the gravel drive/parking area.

Our park is maintained by volunteers. Please call Donna Robinson at (828) 513-1565 if you have a couple of hours to help. We usually meet on Mondays @ 9 AM, however, many go when it’s best for them.

Railpen Gap Park Trail Map

Walk at Your Own Risk

Rhododendron Trail
Distance: .31 mile
Max Elevation: 2,641  ~  Min Elevation: 2,522
Climb: 91’  ~  Descend: 123’

Click here to download Railpen Walking Brochure & Trail Map – March 2021

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Railpen Gap Park Photos