Critter Report

As Critters are observed, please send information and photos to KPOA WEBMASTER for addition to our website.

2024 Sightings

Trooping the Colors on Manorwood Court!  Jay & Gayle Schwarz   Posted 6/15/2024








2023 Sightings

Coyotes!  – We have a pack of coyotes on our street. — Pinnacle Peak Lane and Huntmere Court.  Here is one of the pics from last night’s camera. It’s a high straight-down pic – you can see their backs and tails.  The coyote pack came through at 12:30 AM & another pack at 1:30 AM.  Each pic has 5 to 6 coyotes. They came up from my backyard (from the west) heading to cross the street by the corner of Pinnacle Peak and Huntmere.  They didn’t go across the front of our home, because they weren’t on the driveway camera.  Peggy Rodricks-Ponak    Posted 10/28/2023.  

Bear  –  A BIG bear visited Dick & Betty Roemer’s Koi Pond, the week of Aug 7, 2023.   The bear didn’t catch any of the koi!  Dick Roemer    Posted 8/12/2023

Bear  –  We had this HUGE visitor yesterday 6/4. A smaller bear passed through just a few minutes earlier, so we think this might be the momma!   Nancy & Scott Benyon   Posted 6/4/2023
Bear   –   We had this visitor last week (4/2023) in the middle of the afternoon! He ended up on our back deck trying to get to the bird feeder, but ran off when we knocked on the window.  Nancy & Scott Benyon   Posted 5/4/2023 

A (big) Bear – Visited Betty & Dick Roemer’s koi pond on 4/11/2023.  Dick Roemer 4/11/2023.  Posted on 4/12/2023

2022 Sightings

4 Bears – They went from front, to side, to back yard. One climbed a tree and Mom said get down here we are leaving.  Terry Bibleheimer 12/4/2022    Posted on 12/5/2022

Bobcat – We have watched this little guy grow into a very BIG bobcat! Video captured on 7/27/2022. Steve Craine   Posted on 7/28/2022

Fox Kits   –   Spotted at the top of Broadmoor at noon on Monday, June 13.  Two fox kits cavorting in the grass.  One ran home, but one posed nicely for a picture.  Janet Cole  Posted 6/19/2022

Bobcats   –      We have had two bobcats since January 2022 around our house, Horizon Lane.   Diane Spray   Posted 5/29/2022

White Squirrel Sighting on Manorwood Court – The Hollywood Hills ‘Hood was thrilled to welcome this cutie as it hopped through the woods on Wednesday, April 20th.  Gayle & Jay Schwarz   Posted 4/21/2022

Turkey   –   Sighted this large Tom Turkey strutted along side Kenmure Drive recently.  Spring is finally here?   Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland   Posted 3/20/2022



 Lindovskaya Goose    –   Our newest critter!  A goose walked through our back garden at 420 Pinnacle Peak Lane.  Now at the Jan and Dave Powell home on Edgehurst Court.  It is now “honking”!  Did he/she get separated from the flock?!  Or, miss the “landing zone” on the golf course?!   Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland   Posted 2/7/2022


Bobcat – Came to visit this evening!   Hollybrook Dr   Debbie Burke   Posted 1/25/2022

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2021 Sightings

Coyote   We haven’t seen this guy in a couple months. 227 Kenmure Drive this past Wednesday (Dec 8, 2021) morning. 


Coyote at 2:44 pm Oct 16, 2021. Spied this fellow moving from the west woods up our driveway, out to the street and down the Cul-de-sac.  He then turned around and headed east up towards Hollybrook.   Gayle Schwarz   Posted 10/16/2021

Moth  While wandering out to the doggy yard this morning, I noticed with appeared to be a bit of dry leaf on the siding of the house. I took a photo, then gently touched the side of it with a pen point. The leaf suddenly turned into a moth and flew off. It would take a very alert bird to spot one of these guys. It appears to belong to the mothy clan of Geometridae:
Clark Irwin   Posted 9/15/2021

The whole Bear family … 2nd time in 3 days.     Julia Mitchell    Posted 9/12/2021

Vicious vigilante visit –  “This gang of thugs tried to stop me from retrieving my Wall Street Journal today, so I pretended to be a Congressman sent to help them, and they retreated.”     Clark Irwin   Posted 8/26/2021


Mother Bear and cubs     near Manorwood Court   Jay Schwarz   Posted 8/23/2021

Mother Bear and two cubs     Founders Drive – the meadows .. my backyard  Carol Battocchio   Posted 8/15/2021


Copperhead Snake     I recently encountered this well-nourished, 3-foot-long copperhead on our front walk–the first venomous snake I’ve seen on our lot. It or an associate may be the reason our garden toad has gone missing. It was totally calm and nonaggressive, and slithered back under the junipers as I began to slide my snake-snagging tool under its robust tummy. To avoid future surprises, especially for our wee dogs, I sprinkled some Ortho Snake-B-Gone around the area; it uses non-toxic plant oils whose scent snakes allegedly find off putting, and supposedly lasts up to three months. We’ll see.  Clark Irwin   704 Kenmure Drive    Posted 7/30/2021

Two Bear cubs sighted behind home on Holly Brook   Debbie Burke    7/16/2021

Mother Bear sighted behind home on Holly Brook   Debbie Burke    7/16/2021

Turkeys – Turkeys sighted on June 29th at 520 Overlook Dr.   Chuck Batherson   Posted 7/3/2021

Bobcat   –   Bobcat  sighted on June 29th at 520 Overlook Dr   Chuck Batherson   Posted 7/2/2021

Mama and one Cub   –   Spotted in our back, side and front yard. Around June 28, 2021 9:00am   walking around at 105 Greenleaf Dr.   Anthony and Amanda    Posted 6/28/2021


Bear Spotted   –   on Saturday, June 19th crossing Hollybrook.   Gayle Schwarz   Posted 6/23/2021

Mama and 2 small Cubs  playing on the road 717 Kenmure Drive.  Julie Mitchell  Posted 6/20/2021

Bear on our property on Cliffbrook Ct. June 16 @ 7:45!   Sandy Woodcock    Posted 6/20/2021


Bear Playing in Pond – 106 Woodglen Court, May 27 at about 10:45 am.  Video by Bonnie Mangold   Posted 5/28/2021

More Bears   –   This mama bear and her two little bitty cubs were in our driveway, 324 Kenmure Dr., May 26 about 8:00pm. The cubs look like they’re smaller than my cats!!!    Nancy Benyon   Posted 5/28/2021


Black Bears – Mama & Cubs!  –  Videos by Nick & Sandy Rezai, 119 Bellshire on May 26   Posted on 5/28/2021

Black Bear   –   We spotted a large black bear on May 25, 2021 running through our backyard at 105 Greenleaf Drive, around 8 am, he was too fast to take a picture.   Amanda and Anthony Healey   Posted 5/26/2021

Black Bear  – (A big one) sighted crossing Kenmure Drive in 200 block this morning around 11.  Do they hibernate here in the winter?  (NO!  Not cold enough)  Sorry, wasn’t fast enough to get a picture.   Donna and Warren Taylor  Posted 1/2/2021

2020 Sightings

Bobcat   –   We had a bobcat the other day on our trail cam along 520 Overlook. You can only see the top of the head, but the back of the ear is unmistakable.   Chuck Batherson   Posted 10/23/2020

  See top of Head and ears !

Coyote   –   I have also seen a coyote around 122 Pinnacle Peak Lane the last few weeks   –   Heide Doll   –  Posted 10/17/2020

Coyote   –   This large coyote has been prowling around 227 Kenmure Drive for the past few weeks. We have 2 of our adult children that visit with small dogs so we are concerned. Does the KPOA have a varmint plan?  Thanks,  Steve Craine   Answer:  Unfortunately, KPOA does not have any plan in place to deal with wild animals.   Please see information below that may be helpful. I have heard of other instances where coyotes have been spotted in Kenmure and will suggest that an Alert be sent out to all residents letting everyone know of the sightings.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Regards, Sue Gordon, KPOA Concerns Committee   For more information about coyotes in North Carolina, visit the Wildlife Commission’s coyote page on its website, or call the Commission’s N.C. Wildlife Helpline toll-free at 866-318-2401 or by email at The call center is currently open Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  –  Posted  10/16/2020

Bear  –  We were visited by a black bear this afternoon on our back deck by the fish pond.  We had set the racoon cage out to catch some raccoons who have been messing with the pond skimmer.  The raccoons were looking for floating fish food caught by the skimmer.  The bear rolled the racoon cage over trying to get some peanut butter crackers (bait) that were inside.  After the bear left and went around the corner of the house, Betty could not see him but could hear him rustling around and so Betty went out on the deck to see what he was doing.  She started down the steps to get a better look, but I said NO, DON’T GO DOWN THERE.  Betty looked at me and said Why?  I said he can run really fast and you are really slow!  Dick & Betty Roemer   Posted 9/5/2020


Black Snake  –  As Jane was driving into our garage today, she saw a black snake heading away from her bay to find shelter under my car. No photo, but it sounds like a rat snake or racer.  She made the tentative ID from the attached, very handy gallery posted by our friendly state government.  In this warm weather and with more legless critters sliding about, the mugshots might be a good way to reduce needless alarm and injury to harmless and beneficial creatures that can be mistaken for venomous fellows.  Clark Irwin  –  Posted 9/4/2020
see NC Snake Chart – NC-snake-mugshots

Bear  –  We had a smallish bear visit us on 105 Blackstone Ct and lay right down on our back porch yesterday morning about 7:30.  We think he was just trying to get out of the rain as the porch is covered.  Sorry, but no photo since no camera/phone nearby.  It didn’t take but a minute for our dogs to notice it, begin barking and scaring it away.  In late June, 2021, had a bear (much larger) in our backyard and another, maybe the same, walk by in the field next door within two days of each other.   Nancy Ramp   Posted 8/22/2020

Bear –  6:15 p.m.   104 Brookhollow Drive  –  Large bear eating apples off a tree in my yard. Cute, but I had only just come in from working in my backyard, not far from where he was.
Carolyne Day  Posted 7/26/2020

Bears   –   Just hanging out in the backyard up on Scenic Drive.   Michele & Dennis O’Connor   Posted 7/12/2020


Deer  –  Spotted this young doe eyeing our day lilies.  We don’t usually see them before they attack our day lilies.  Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland  Posted 7/3/2020


Bear  –  Seems to be a trend, spotted this bear at 137 Tarhill Drive after dinner at the Club around 7:00 p.m.  From the car, we were able to follow the bear up the street and pull along side for a pretty close up picture.  We were in the car with the windows UP.   Wayne Orchard & Susan Boland    Posted 7/2/2020


Bear  –   Jay and I returned from KCC dinner on the Veranda with our neighbors, Robin and Richard. Five minutes later, Robin is screaming — a bear!  The guys are out walking the dogs and we were able to capture him sauntering through our property.  Jay & Gayle Schwartz  Posted 6/29/2020


Young Buck  –  The Day Lilies are no match for this young buck on Forest View Drive.   Donna and John Crawford  –  Posted 6/19/2020


Bear  –  We saw  our first bear walking on our driveway (182 Old Hillside Ln.) close to our front door. It saw us through our window and slowly walked into the woods. It was a single large adult bear.  Lowry Hobbs   –  Posted 6/18/2020

Bear  –  Crossing end of Manorwood Court  –  Gayle Schwarz  –  Posted 6/16/2020

Turkeys  –  10 feet from golf cart path on golf course. They let us play through  –  Lowry Hobbs  –  Posted 5/16/2020

Shy Bear – Making a dash in our backyard on Pinnacle Peak Lane Thursday morning – Karen Murray  –  Posted 5/12/2020

Bear Sited – On Claymoor Ct trying to maintain “social distance”  – Allen Watkins  Posted 4/18/2020

Deer – On January 6th three deer stopped in the yard on Silent Rise Lane. They appeared to be following three large male turkeys that had earlier passed by. The deer were all females, two adult and one yearling. I shot the scene through my front window and partial reflections can be seen in the photo.  Paul Boudreaux   Posted 1/8/2020


2019 Sightings

Saturday, December 28th, Second Fairway.  Gayle Schwarz  Posted 12/29/2019

Coyote Thief!  – Last week I had three newspapers missing.  The paper delivery person was leaving them at the top of our driveway and so I asked him to leave them in the paper tube on the mailbox, which he has been doing.  Last night, I put my trail camera out along with yesterday’s paper as a bait.  Here is the video (in infrared black & white) showing the coyote walking off with the bait.  (The time and date are wrong as I did not reset them after the batteries had died.)  Dick Roemer  –  Posted 12/4/2019

Bear sighting – At 4:45 PM, the guy sauntered across Kenmure Drive and walked down the driveway at #707. After a leisurely stroll, he walked into the woods.  Joe Pucilowski and Susan Kasper – Posted 12/1/2019


Bears on Manorwood Court – Spotted this family in our backyard yesterday, Sunday 9/15th around 10:20 a.m.  I was up on the deck cleaning up some not-too-successful herb growing when I heard them rustle in the brush.  After calling Jay and finally getting our phone, we watched them go into the neighbor’s yard, around the north side of the house and caught this picture as they crossed Manorwood heading east.  We did not realize until they got to the street that she had 3 cubs with her.  Thanks, Gayle and Jay Schwarz – Posted 9/17/2019

Mother Bear and two cubs joined us this morning on our regular Pinnacle Peak Lane walk. Lisa Raufeisen – Posted 8/23/2019

Turkey with about 8 young ones spotted as I was driving over to the club this afternoon crossing Greenleaf Drive.  Then I saw a momma bear with 3 young ones walking down the driveway at 220 Kenmure Drive. Doug Moe – Posted 8/10/2019

White Squirrels  have always been observed in our yard and considered this “typical” for this area of Western North Carolina. Recently, however, we saw five (5) at once in the yard. This is the most we have seen together at one time.  Paul Boudreaux  312 Silent Rise Posted 8/10/2019


Coyote spotted at 141 Tarnhill Drive on August 7 – I happened to glance out my window around 3:45 pm to see this beautiful young coyote. He sniffed around, then quietly left  –  Margaret Tarrant – Posted 8/7/2019



Bear spotted at 120 Ridge Lane on August 1st – Katie Glockler – Posted  8/5/2019

Two LARGE bears – decided to take their fight into a huge pine in our back yard. I suspect the fight started under our apple tree when one said, “don’t eat under here with me”.  – Marlin & Kim Sanders – 228 Greenleaf Drive – Posted 7/26/2019

see bear videos Sanders_Bear1 Sanders_Bear2

4 Turkeys – peacefully looking for food on the front lawn of house on Chatsworth Court around 4:30 pm July 24 Susan Boland Posted 7/25/2019

Bear – New Family moved in to the Glassy Mountain Upper neighborhood. Visited out backyard around 8 pm July 15th. –
Dennis O’Connor Posted 7/16/2019

Adult doe deer in our backyard  at 499 Overlook Drive.  First deer I’ve seen here.  Slowly walked behind bushes and away before I could get photo. – Stan Christman – Posted 7/14/2019

White Squirrel – sighted on Kenmure Drive, near the Club House Pond –  June 27, 2019, 6:10 pm  –  Kathy Galbraith  Posted 6/27/2019

Bear – behind our house Sunday morning June 16, 2019 at 324 Silent Rise  –  Bob Hager Posted 6/16/2019

Bear – Sighted on Woodglen Court Saturday morning 5/25 at about 8:30 a.m.  Jim Mangold Posted 5/27/2019

Bear – A mother bear and her 3 cubs were at 324 Kenmure Dr. this morning. She foraged in the yard for a while as her cubs waited WAY UP a nearby tree. Then she climbed about halfway up the tree to tell them to come down. They scooted down to where she was, then she proceeded to scoot back down as they followed. The four of them trotted across Kenmure Dr. and into the woods.  Scott & Nancy Benyon Posted 5/22/2019


Bear – Our pup, Watson, alerted us to the fact that something more than dog walking was going on Manorwood off Hollybrook. This is the second of two juveniles which we saw but Mom had probably led them down the east hill across the neighbor’s landscaping project and back down the west hill. Gayle Schwartz – Posted 5/22/2019


Bear – Seen near my home on  Tarhill Dr – Cynthia Vick – Posted 5/10/2019

Mother Bear and three Cubs – spent second night on ground about 150 yards south of Greenleaf water tanks, between 364 Kenmure Drive and 257 Dalhousie Court.  Cubs are playful and alert mother is large.  Off for the day @ 7:30 a.m., headed south.  Brian Johnson (364 Kenmure) – Posted 4/27/2019

Another Bear –  bear sited, good size one, in our back yard this evening at 105 Greenleaf dr. – couldn’t get a picture.  William Garcia – Posted 4/22/2019

First Bear – of the year.  Backyard bird feeder on 261 Dalhousie Ct – Jerry Baur – Posted 4/13/2019

2018 Sightings
Flock of TurkeysLate October, 2018, rainy morning, on the golf course, from Kenmure Drive  – Kathy Galbraith – Posted 10/29/2018

Bob cat sighting – I was driving home on Overlook this evening (Oct 13 @ 10:00 p.m.) and spotted a bobcat.  In the vicinity of 598 Overlook Drive.  Definitely a bobcat, crossing the road and disappearing into the landscaped areas of 598 Overlook.  Mature. – Susan Griffis – Posted 10/15/2018

Video from a “game camera” located in the yard. – Billy Thoelke – 122 Pinnacle Peak Lane – Posted 9/11/2018

Small Bobcat

Larger Male Bobcat

Medium Black Bear


Bears – A mother (very large) and 3 cubs walked through our backyard today around 3:00.  One cub was quite small compared to the other 2. They walked back into Carl Sandburg.  Sharon Patton – 216 Maple Hill Dr. – Posted 9/6/2018

Visit by Bear – This big fella showed up just before noon on Monday (8/20), up the stairs to our deck, over the railing and down the neighbors driveway – Scenic Drive – Dennis O’Connor – 847-778-1055 – Posted 8/22/2018


A Bear visit video –  My name is Billy Thoelke.  My mother and father in law (Heide Doll and Gary Doll) live at 122 Pinnacle Peak Lane.   The first 55 seconds of the video show the bear. The bear  moved through their yard around 10:30 am on 08/21/2018. I am currently looking for some video editing software to shorten the video.  Link to video:   – Posted 8/22/2018
I saw this Racoon on my bridge walk this morning. He/she wasn’t the least bit afraid of me, which gave me pause. Of course, he/she already had paws – Ann Stringfield – 129 Forest View Drive – Posted 8/3/2018


We came out of our garage to walk the dog only to find mama bear and a few cubs – 105 Greenleaf Drive –  William Garcia – Posted 8/2/2018


Sighted our first bear in the backyard, living here full time since May. We heard something heavy walking in the woods and, sure enough, it was a bear. Couldn’t get any photos, but the memory lingers. Last week, we had two adult turkeys and over 20 chicks roaming the yard. Saw them again, yesterday, on Kenmure near Belshire. A good week on Crestgrove Drive – Kathy Galbraith – Posted 7/16/2018


This cute guy (Racoon) interrupted his munching from the feeder to pose for the camera.  We’ve relocated the feeder to a more inaccessible location.  Seen on June 18, 2018 on Fawncrest Court – Pam Van Tassel – Posted 7/10/2018


These two bears walked through our property on Fawncrest Court on the morning of June 30.  It’s our first Kenmure bear sighting since arriving here in September 2017.  The prior owners had told us that once or twice a year bears would walk through along that same line going up or down the hill!  The close up photo (zoomed) is of the bear in the rear, who moved more slowly and seemed older.  We’re hoping they didn’t smell the sunflower seeds in the feeder on the upper deck!  – Pam Van Tassel – Fawncrest Ct. – Posted 7/10/2018



On Wednesday, June 27, a mama bear and her three cubs visited my back yard for about 20 minutes. The cubs climbed a tree beside my back porch. Mama wandered about, out of sight of the cubs, for the most part. They also visited my front bridge walk. Unfortunately, by the time I got my phone back out, only one cub remained on the walk. But when I first went to the front door to see them, all four were on the walkway. It was a bit disconcerting to be less than 20 feet from a 400-pound bear with only a glass storm door between us! As I closed the front door, I reflected that I’d probably had my fill of this National Geographic/Wild Kingdom moment – Ann Stringfield – 129 Forest View Drive – Posted 7/8/2018


Select then press open to view:  Stringfield_bear4


Bear sighting on 25 June at the intersection of Bellshire and Founders.  He also got into my bird feeder by bending the hook straight down and the hummingbird feeder that night while we slept – Bill Manofsky – Posted 7/8/2018


This Bear visited us after leaving the Scott’s. It came up the driveway, prowled on the front porch and then came around and wandered around on the back deck causally slapping at the bird feeder – Pinnacle Peak Lane – Larry Rostetter – Posted 6/16/2018

Elusive neighborhood Bear finally sighted!  Today ~4;00 p.m. – 120 Ridge Lane – Chris Glockler – Posted 6/15/2018

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted it in my front yard around 7:48 pm.  This gorgeous peacock walked around the front of my house, then toured my backyard before wandering off.  This free range peacock must have been someone’s pet.  Just hope this gorgeous creature stays alive, sure is a nice addition to Kenmure – Scenic Drive – Vivian Adams – Posted 6/15/2018

More pictures 6/22/2018 

Da Bears!  Mama Bear and baby cubs seen  at 278 Red Maple Drive – Vicky Boek – Posted 6/14/2018
This magnificent bird, a Peacock, was on our front porch – Debbie Burke – 169 Hollybrook Drive – Posted 5/2/2018

About 1:30 this afternoon Suzanne spotted a BEAR (April 22, 2018) right outside her sewing room window.  By the time we could get a camera it had gone to the edge of our retaining wall.  Then it sauntered off into the woods behind the Boyd estate – Doug & Suzanne Moe – 131 Ridge Lane – Posted 4/22/2018

At 6:40 pm today, 4/10/18, I saw what I believe to be a Mountain Lion walking through our backyard on Founders Drive. We have a grandfathered fence around the perimeter of our backyard, and the mountain lion was walking along the inside of our fence at a steady pace. I tried to grab my phone to take a picture of it, but was too far away. I went to the living room and saw it again, (still walking along the fence inside our backyard) through the windows there. But by the time I got to our sliding glass door to go out on the deck to take a photo, he had disappeared. He was about 3’ – 4’ tall, solid tan colored, with a long tail. I researched online to see if it could be a bobcat, because I have read of numerous bobcat sightings here, but it definitely appears to have been a mountain lion!  I’ve attached a photo from the internet of what the cat I saw looked like, and a comparison chart I found online that also helped me determine that what was in our backyard was most probably a mountain lion – Aral Johnson – posted 4/11/2018

One medium sized Bear 9:30 Saturday night in our yard.  Our son in law reported it was right by his car when he went out to bring in a suitcase.  One way to send a family home quickly!!  Marian Hansen – Posted 3/31/2018

At approximately 12:45 pm today, Friday 3/23/2018, a small Bobcat emerged from the wooded area across the street from our house. It seemed unconcerned that we were out in the front yard and leisurely trotted across the street in our direction. It came within 10-12 feet of where we were standing, then veered off into the wooded area between our house and our next door neighbor’s house. It may have been headed towards the creek that runs behind the two properties. We were not able to get a picture but it looked exactly like the photo in the sighting report submitted by Candace Lewis on 2/28/2018. Our guess is that it could be the very same bobcat – Terry & Eris Allen – 113 Woodglen Ct. – Posted 3/23/2018

For several weeks my dog was finding pieces of what looked like a rabbit outside our porch. Then about a week ago at dusk we saw a Bobcat across the street. He went up Red Maple. Last night Allen saw it again between our house and the Manuel’s. I figured neighbors might want to know especially if they have pets – Lisa Bass – Posted 3/23/2018

At about 10:00 a.m. today, Tuesday, February 27, 2018,  I sighted a Bobcat.  Young cat, probably about 30 pounds.  Came up from the lower yard, paused for what seemed like hours just adjacent to my kitchen door, then sauntered across my driveway to Greenleaf Drive.  From there, the cat proceeded down Old Hillside.  I have seen bobcats before on Greenleaf, so I presume they have a home locally.  Small dog owners beware—this cat can do some damage! – Candace Lewis – Reported 2/28/2018

My husband and I plan to settle on a Crestgrove home in February, 2018. While exploring homes for sale in September, 2017, we came across this Copperhead sitting in the middle of Kenmure Dr near Dalahousie Ct. The day was warm and sunny. The snake looked like it had recently eaten and was sluggish. Sorry for the blurred photo, but I’m sure you understand.  Kathy Galbraith – Reported & Posted 1/11/2018

2017 Sightings

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 9:03 AM, We wanted to alert our neighbors of a bobcat that was in our yard this morning, very close to the house. My concern, of course, is for small pets, as well as humans – Carolyn Robinson – Dalhousie Court – Posted 10/30/2017

At 8:00 pm this evening of 8/26/2017, I opened my front door to go out onto my bridge walk to bring in the hummingbird feeder. A black bear was ambling off the bridge walk onto the driveway, as I walked out. Then, he walked into the street and leisurely strolled away. Ann Stringfield – 129 Forest View Drive – Posted 8/27/2017

During the past week my wife and I have observed a fairly large bobcat in our yard and on the street at Silent Rise Lane. It was observed by us on three separate occasions and by one of our neighbors in their yard. Simultaneously, we have observed about 18 wild turkeys roaming in the same area. I suspect that the bobcat is stalking them since it was seen during the daytime. I checked the web and found this photo of an almost identical bobcat that I used to verify my sightings.  Paul Boudreaux – 312 Silent Rise Lane – Posted 8/7/2017

A large male black bear just walked down our driveway from 131 Ridge Lane to the corner of our house. He then walked down the stairs beside the house to the back yard and then into the woods towards the Boyd property. He was missing a lot of hair on his right hip – Posted 8/3/2017

Out for an afternoon walk on 5/29, our pups stopped to stare at what I first took to be a stick in the neighbors’ drive. Nope. It was a gray rat snake, about 4 feet long, sunning itself. This species was new to me, but NC State University Extension Service notes that they are nonvenomous and not aggressive, and live up to their name by converting rodents and other small critters to snake meat. The snake pictured is in its peculiar “kinked” posture.  They are apparently often and unfortunately mistaken for venomous snakes. Posted by Clark Irwin, Kenmure Drive – 6/1/2017

Arrived home at 6:45 pm to find 2 large bears at home and yard at 227 Maple Hill Dr. They left across Red Maple down to Chestnut. Posted by Dee Dee Gould – 5/30/2017

My husband and I were heading out to dinner when I spotted two bears near Winding Meadows and Overlook Drive. The first one went between two of the condo buildings but this one came towards us. We were in Kenmure working with our construction team for our new home. This was quite a surprise to see them out in the open.  Posted by Gayle and Jay Schwarz – 5/21/2017

Today about 12:20 PM, a baby black bear crossed Kenmure Drive near the lake and strolled into the woods. I didn’t see any sign of Momma Bear. Susan Kasper – Posted 5/5/2017

Returning home at dusk (8:15pm) on Saturday, April 23rd, we rounded the sharp curve on Tarnhill to find a cub sitting in the middle of the road and four others seemingly frolicking beyond. As we tried to get closer to take a photo, they began to head further up the hill and eventually scampered down Tall Oak Lane. In the photo, the fifth cub is obscured by the post box on the left.

So extraordinary a sight, it brought to mind the start of the English nursery rhyme “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”:
If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go out in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise.
For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

Helen & Ben Wright – Posted 4/26/2017

Lookin out the window, I saw a flock(?) of 9 Turkeys moving from my backyard towards the Orchard/Boland sideyard. Reported by John Mayfield 1/21/2017

We were coming up Kenmure Dr. about 10:00 last night (January 16) and a bear ran across the road right in front of our car between 308 and 312 Kenmure (Robins and Ashbeck). Fortunately, we were going very slowly because of the fog, so we did not hit him, but it was CLOSE! I guess this warm weather woke him up. Reported by Scott and Nancy Benyon 1/17/2017

I just saw five deer. They were crossing Greenleaf and moving onto the Peter Haft lot, down by the next driveway along Greenleaf. It was just ten minutes ago at 9:30 a.m. Maybe they were hungry after the snow. Check your azaleas or other shrubs. Reported by Dick Roemer 1/12/2017

2016 Sightings

Bears in our backyard – Mom and her cubs in our yard for dinner. We’ve had many nuts come down in the last few weeks. Stayed for an hour or so and wandered off – Reported by Sharon Patton 10/26/2016 – Patton_Bears

Came across 4 bears (mama and 3 cubs) on Scenic Drive at 6:35 p.m. today while walking our dog. The bears were raiding the trash dumpster in front of a house that is under construction. When they saw me, mama headed back onto the Sandburg land with a “trophy” from the dumpster, while the cubs followed her empty-handed – Reported Reported by Tom Carpenter 8/24/2016

Bobcat on our patio Sunday morning – Alan & Darlene Bush – 108 Pinnacle Peak Lane – Reported 8/21/2016

This guy wanted to join us for coffee this morning. Happily he decided it was too noisy when I hollered at him – Bob & Annette Bonner – 220 Kenmure Drive – Reported 8/19/2016

Bears in driveway on 108 Pinnacle Peak Lane on August 13, 2016 – Alan & Darlene Bush – Reported 8/18/2016

We spotted a lone black bear walking through our back yard at 11:20 this morning at 105 Greenleaf Drive – Willy & Gloria Garcia – Reported 8/18/2016

A young copperhead snake found (approx. 3 feet long) lying on a shelf in our garage this afternoon. The snake was removed by Animal Control Experts from Asheville and will be relocated to a remote area. This is the first poisonous snake we have encountered in Kenmure, so we thought it prudent just to remind everyone that they are known to be in the area – Tom Carpenter – Maple Hill Drive – Reported 8/4/2016

This black bear was up on our top deck looking at our bird feeders around 6:30 p.m. – Bob & Annette Bonner – 220 Kenmure Dr. – Reported 7/30/2016

At about 8:15 p.m. on 7/28/16, a lone bear was spotted crossing Poplar Loop Drive about 40 yards before Overlook Drive – Sandy Bernreuter – Reported 7/28/2016

Just had a large bobcat run through our front and side yard. 8:45 pm – 227 Maple Hill – Dr. Chip Gould – Reported 7/26/2016

Bear in driveway yesterday at 2:00 p.m. at 122 Founders Drive – Neighbor took picture – Terry Stein – Reported 7/23/2016

Yesterday morning @ about 6:30 a.m. my husband was walking the dog down Founders between Hessong’s and Thomas’s. Two large deer were in the road. Just stood there for about 2 minutes before moving on through the Thomas’s yard – Terry Stein – Reported 7/23/2016

Had a deer in my back yard today (7/8) at 12:30PM – 113 Berry Creek Dr. – Kathy Limmiatis – Reported 7/8/2016

Large female bear and 4 cubs sited in our backyard (228 Greenleaf) on July 8, 2016. Cubs were harvesting apples while the mother kept a lookout. Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of the cubs – Marlin Sanders – Reported 7/8/2016

7/5/16 when I looked out on our top deck this morning, this bear was wandering across the deck to the stairs. By the time I could get his picture, he was back down in the yard. Bob and Annette Bonner – 220 Kenmure Dr – Reported 7/5/2016

White Squirrel – …first white squirrel we’ve had – Beth and Jon Couch – Reported 6/16/2016

We had 2 visits by this big guy yesterday! The first was about 3 in the afternoon after he came crashing down with our bird feeder. The second was about 7 pm providing cocktail hour entertainment during the rain with Cynthia and Bryan Vick, Cynthia’s mom Ellen, and Jim and Kitty Olson. Not only is our deck is 2 floors high, but he was fearless with 7 people watching out floor-to-ceiling windows and taking his picture! – Beth and Jon Couch – 175 Old Hillside Lane – Reported 6/16/2016

While walking our collie I ran across a VERY LARGE black bear on Founders – Dr.Mark Kenzik – Reported 6/5/2016

A large mother black bear and her four cubs passed the house at 312 Silent Rise Lane. First seen May 29, 2016 and again on June 4, 2016 The cubs ran up a tree in our back yard when they heard us speaking from our rear deck. The photo shows the mother walking away toward McKay pond and the Clubhouse while three cubs were still up the tree. The fourth cub was significantly smaller than its three siblings, but it looked and acted as it were healthy enough as they all ran into the woods. – Reported 6/5/2016

Bear sighted on driveway at 161 Tarnhill – 1 PM – Reported May/21/2016

White squirrel sighted on Tarnhill Drive near Farwood Ct. Very menacing – Larry Rosetter – Reported 5/7/2016

Raccoon sighting – We called animal control on a raccoon hanging around our garage door. It appeared that he had distemper as he would not move until the animal control officer arrived. It was then that he took off and could not be located. The officer thought he might return and to keep an eye for him – Bob Boek – Red Maple Drive area – 785-3774 – Reported 4/13/2016