Kenmure Security Committee (KSC)

The Security Committee is responsible for security, traffic safety and garbage collection. This involves developing new and revised security rules and regulations for board approval and enforcing those currently in existence. The annual budget for these items is almost $500,000, just over two-thirds of the cost of operating our community. In addition to oversight of two major vendors, Allied Universal (AU) and Maybin Trash Service, the Security Committee is also one of the active groups involved in communications if Kenmure were to experience an emergency situation such as a major fire.

For current Rules and Regulations go to the Rules & Regulations/Forms page. This opens a document that contains all KPOA rules and regulations. For a topical list of Security Committee regulations (below), see the Table of Contents of this document. All KSC regulations are contained in this document, in sequence, KSC 01-07. Useful forms for moving, bar code decals, and visitors along with guidelines for garbage collection, moving vans, and large trucks can be found on the Rules & Regulations/Forms page of this website.

Security Reference Manual rev.2020-10-8

The members of the Security Committee spend many hours each year keeping Kenmure a safe, comfortable, and secure place to live.  Listed below are current members of the Security Committee.

Security Committee Members

For Security Committee Members’ contact information, consult the KPOA Members Only page or your Kenmure Directory.