Emergency Management Committee (EMC)

Kenmure Emergency Management & Crisis Response Committee Members (EMC)
The original emergency action plans, created and prepared by the operating committees, have been integrated to assure overall coherence. EMC will coordinate these plans in the event an Emergency is declared by the KPOA or by the Henderson County Emergency Management Department (as it may apply to Kenmure).

Emergency Management Plan-updated March 29 2024

Emergency Evacuation Areas and Maps-updated March 29 2024

Evacuation/Disaster Preparedness List

Highlights of Emergency Management-Systems in our area to provide residents with specifics to aid in determining which system(s) to join.

EMC strongly recommends that all Kenmure residents

Emergency Management Committee Members

EMC Executive Committee

Nancy Ramp                          Chair

Don Speese                           Vice-Chair

Jim Hutchison                        KPOA Board Liaison

EMC Incident Command Center (ICC):

Nancy Ramp                                   Incident Commander (IC)

Don Speese                                    Deputy IC/Training Coordinator

Vern Dyer                                        UHF Radio Communications Advisor 

Paul Nice                                         Radio Assistant   

Brian McCormick                              KPOA President                          

Incident Command Administrative Team and IC Backup Support Team:    

Angelique Murphy                            ICC Administration Team Leader & Quartermaster

Karen Mair                                        EMC Recording Secretary

Alan Van Ostenbridge                        Emergency Event Announcements

Susan Boland                                      Emergency Event Announcements Backup

Members:    Pete Richards, Al Reams, Tom Hooker, Bill Beacham

Incident Liaison

Margaret Langston                             Incident Liaison Team Leader

Bill Robinson                                        Wildfire Prevention/Firewise Advisor

Members:  Bob Stephenson, Donna Robinson, Frank Algozzini

Evacuation Teams:

Brant Sudderth                               Captain, Evacuation Teams

Broadmoor Gate:                            Bob Balkman, Lieutenant Broadmoor Team

Argyle Gate:                                    Don Stine, Lieutenant Argyle Team

Members:  Jim Herrmann, Annie Lazo, William Fogarty, Allen Griser                 

Security Officers — Gatehouse:

Micah Burroughs (Site Supervisor) and On-Duty Security Officers


Nancy Ramp         Chair

Don Speese           Vice Chair

Jim Hutchison        KPOA Board Liaison

Bill Robinson          Firewise Liaison

Firewise Team Leaders:

Greg Schmidt       Steve Siegel


Frank Algozzini          Jim Hutson            Don Stine

Gary Bouchard          Pam Jastczemski     Brandt Sudderth

Mary Bouchard          Anne Lazo              Paula Tarrant

Ruth Dyer                  Karen Mair

Vern Dyer                  Angelique Murphy

For EMC Committee Members’ contact information, consult the KPOA Members Only page or your printed Kenmure Directory.