Wolf Laurel

from Larry Smith, President/ CEO, WOLF LAUREL ROAD MAINTENANCE & Security HOA (dated August 20, 2019)

Wolf Laurel is a gated community of 5000 acres. It was developed beginning in 1968 and consisted of approximately 1500 lots. By 2012 the developer had sold all but 24 of the 1500 lots and at that point turned the development over to the property owners.  Your annexation puzzles me. The only connection I can make does not seem to fit your description. In 2004 a hedge fund manager purchased about 1300 hundred acres and attempted to link the new development to Wolf Laurel. That effort failed when the real estate market crashed in 2007. By 2011 the developer gave up and that development is now struggling to recover under new ownership. We cooperate with the development known as the Preserve as a neighbor and share our amenities with their owners. They are not however part of our development in that they maintain their own roads and gate.  The 25 lot concept sounds like something known as the Schlitt’s property which is 25 lots that are privately owned and has never been annexed into Wolf Laurel. The owner has requested annexation as they want us to maintain their roads.  We have established a standard and are awaiting owner action.  I am not sure if this helpful. It does sound like someone has less than a clear understanding of the facts.