First, where is this 60-acre parcel?

Currently, Kenmure is 1,400 acres.  If this parcel is annexed, then Kenmure would become a total of 1,460 acres or about an additional 4%.  See area shaded in MAGENTA. The map shows the location in relation to all of Kenmure. The #1 tag is the NC 225 Gate.

Kenmure Map Close Up View:  This 60-acre parcel is south of Pinnacle Mountain Road and adjacent to 13 Kenmure properties on Pinnacle Peak Lane and 8 Chatsworth Court properties. Currently, the 60-acres can be accessed from Mt. Olivet Road.  After annexation and start of first home construction, access to the 60-acre parcel also would be through Chatsworth Court to Pinnacle Peak Lane.


Sketch – Proposed Plat