KPOA Board’s Role

Board’s Role in the Annexation/Declaration Amendment Process

Starting in May 2019, the KPOA Board investigated KEI’s proposal to annex the 60 acres.  First, the Board met with nearby affected residents, including the opposing Chatsworth Court residents.  Some adjoining homeowners favor, while others oppose, annexation.  The Board met privately with Bill Daleure who is the spokesperson for a group of Chatsworth Court residents (Kenmure Concerned Residents).  Lee King also met privately will Bill.  Bill Daleure and others came to two monthly Board meetings and addressed the Board at one meeting.  The Board also has answered a steady stream of concerns by the Chatsworth Court residents via email which is posted on the KPOA website.  The Board met with the entire Kenmure community 3 times and has addressed concerns by phone and by email from many residents.  The Board consulted with Kenmure property owners throughout this process.  As just one example, the KEI Financial Commitment package was improved after input from many property owners.  So, to say as some have said, that the Board did not welcome suggestions is just not correct.

The elected KPOA Board manages the Kenmure community.  Board members have a wealth of experience which was used to evaluate and refine KEI’s annexation proposal.  The Board also consulted with several Kenmure residents with expertise in budgeting, road engineering and maintenance and traffic patterns.  And, we consulted our long-standing KPOA attorney.  The Board’s overriding goals are to preserve Kenmure’s scenic beauty and all our property values.  The opposition’s spokesperson, Bill Daleure, has experience as a developer in the Charlotte area; he does not have experience managing Kenmure as evidenced by the Chatsworth Court opposition’s flawed budget and traffic projections.

The KPOA Board encourages all Kenmure residents to consider the pluses of annexation (listed below).  The Board has recognized opponents arguments and has provided information to help you evaluate these objections at the KPOA website and in Kenmure Alerts.

Just as the Chatsworth Court residents continue to raise their objections, the Board has a duty to Kenmure to support its proposal to amend the Kenmure Declaration.

Thanks for being an informed Kenmure resident and for voting no later than September 23.  Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Annexation will
  • Ensure the 60-acre parcel is developed with Kenmure’s covenants and restrictions, bylaws and rules — whether developed by KEI or any subsequent owner;
  • Provide a considerably shorter route for vehicles from Green River Fire & Rescue to dozens of Kenmure homes via a new Mt. Olivet Gate;
  • Add up to 39 additional homeowners who may join the Kenmure Country Club to help promote its viability; and
  • Continue Kenmure’s diversity of types of homes single-family and cottage homes which make Kenmure an attractive community.

The cost of the annexation is ZERO to existing Kenmure property owners.  In summary, KEI will give KPOA $30,000 for a reserve account and provide an annual income stream (approx. $14000/yr) to cover any road maintenance expenses.  KPOA also ‘gets’ a brand new Berwick Downs style gate at Mt. Olivet Road paid for by KEI.